Funding Request for Large Nouns Glasses Sculpture to be Exhibited at SCOPE, Miami Art Week


I’m requesting at cost funding of a 8 foot by 4 foot sculpture of Nouns glasses to be displayed at SCOPE during Miami Art week.

My name is Mark Graeffe. I am the founder and artist of GMI Studio, located in Allentown, Pennsylvania. I create physical sculptures from NFT’s. The sculptures are made from aluminum cubes and finished with a powder coat. Each pixel is an individual cube that is machine squared to perfection before being powder coated. Materials were carefully chosen to be of the highest quality and provide maximum endurance to the elements.

I’ve been invited by BitBasel to exhibit at SCOPE during Miami Art Week. I’ll be showing sculptures in their indoor exhibit hall, however, BitBasel is the only vendor with an outdoor space to go along with their inside exhibit. This presents an opportunity to display a large scale sculpture.

I started my journey with large scale sculpture in mind. I would be absolutely honored and thrilled if funded. I can can picture it being one of the wildest and most talked about NFT related works during Miami Art Week.

8 foot Nouns glasses! I’d love to build and exhibit a large sculpture of Noggles to be displayed on the beach at SCOPE.

During the show, BitBasel is hosting live auctions. I intend on auctioning off the sculpture during the show. 20% of hammer price goes to the house. Of the remaining 80%, I propose 50% back to the Nouns Dao to be used as you see fit (funding other projects, charity etc…) and the remaining 30% to GMI Studio to help offset travel expenses.

Funding request:
Raw aluminum: $3685
Machining: $1000
Hardware, paint, base: $650
Total request: $5985

In order to comfortably make the travel deadline of November 25th, I would need a decision by Monday, October 24th.

If you’ve gotten this far, thank you for your time and consideration. Have a wonderful day!


This sounds awesome. Would you be willing to share any of your other work that you’ll be showing as well? I’d just love to see more of your stuff. :slight_smile:

I’m mostly just commenting to give this a bump to get seen by someone with more power to get this funding moving. I wish you the best!

Keep building.

Appreciate all of that!

Sure, I’m planning on taking the following sculptures

  1. The Cryptopunk ROBNESS burned last year as performance art… I resurrected him as my own performance :laughing:.
  2. The commissioned sculpture of Snoop Doggs Cryptopunk
  3. A bookshelf sized pair of Nouns glasses
  4. A pipe and 3d glasses from the Cryptopunks collection
  5. 3 bookshelf sized dancing pepe’s