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We want to launch a stamp-collection-loyalty program with 10+ authentic coffee shops. When a customer buys a coffee cup he/she will receive one stamp. When a customer collects 10 stamps he/she can exchange a coupon card for a free nounish t-shirt or a nouns branded drip-bag coffee. The goal of this proposal is to create a sustainable proliferation machine in the form of Nouns Coffee and T-shirt brands.

A cool collaboration where:

  • Nouns would provide t-shirts and drip-bag coffee
  • Coffee shops provide access to popular locations and distribution channels
  • Nouns would get visibility and continuous proliferation
  • Coffee shops get more sales, more customers, and more competitive hence even better proliferation location

After the loyalty program, we will sell drip-bag coffee and pay a royalty from each sale to the coffee shops.
The earned money will be used to:

  • compensate work of the team
  • make project self-sustaining
  • slowly expand to other geographical locations (Japan, and Singapore)
  • payback to NounsDAO by acquiring some nouns (hopefully in a year)


We put together a very korean way to promote NounsDAO. We want to launch a stamp-collection-loyalty program with 20+ authentic coffee shops. When a customer buys a coffee cup he/she will receive one stamp. When a customer collects 10 stamps he/she can exchange a coupon card for a free nounish t-shirt or a noun’s branded drip-bag coffee.
The goal of this proposal is to create a sustainable proliferation machine in the form of Nouns Coffee and T-shirt brands. Stamp-collection-loyalty program is a tool that would help quickly create visibility and promote Nouns in a short period of time. After the loyalty program we would offer to coffee shops to continue working with us and sell nouns drip-bag-coffee. We are going to pay a royalty fee from each sale. This would create a unique distribution channel. The coffee shops would be able to make extra money. The NounsDAO would get constant visibility at 10+ coffee shops.

The Plan

  • Launch a stamp-collection-loyalty program at 10+ authentic coffee shops in Korea
  • Make a delicious drip-bag coffee (available online worldwide)
  • Make collection of cool nounish t-shirts (available online worldwide)
  • Give one stamp each time a person buys a coffee cup at a coffee shop
  • Give a free t-shirt or a drip-bag coffee to people who collect 10 stamps
  • Additionally, sell t-shirts and drip-bag coffee at coffee shops and online
  • Introduce more nounish products such as caps, mugs, tumblers, noggles etc
  • Invite other brands and companies to join stamp-collection-loyalty program for a fee (Example, nouns would provide coffee, Mercedes Benz would provide golf balls etc)
  • Strive towards sustainable business that can scale-up
  • Reinvest money into making and distributing more nounish stuff!

The Value - Proliferation for 6 months

  • Nounish posters on windows at 10+ coffee shop locations
  • Nounish t-shirts and drip-bag coffee stands at 10+ coffee shop locations
  • The stamp-collection-coupons will feature randomly selected noun-head-traits. It will be effective way to introduce people to nounish pixel art
  • People will wear nounish t-shirts and spread nounish vibe among their friends
  • People will enjoy nounish coffee while working at home and might join twitter spaces and follow sns
  • A link to a korean version of ThisIsNouns will be featured on all products.

Screen Shot 2023-04-03 at 4.08.48 AM


First, we want to create high-quality 100% cotton nounish t-shirts. We are planning to design around ten different t-shirt designs that would appeal to different demographics. About 2,000 t-shirts will be manufactured and available for free via a stamp-collection-loyalty program at 20+ coffee shops. Each time a customer buys a coffee he will get a noggles-stamp on a card. A coupon card with 10 stamps can be exchanged for a free nounish t-shirt or a drip-bag coffee.

Image 1. the key to success is a high quality t-shirts. We are going to make custom cut t-shirts made from 100% cotton. The t-shirt/polo cost around $15-$18 to manufacture including labels, artwork printing, and packaging. The fabric is available in various colors to match mood of spring and summer.

Drip-bag coffee

Drip-bag coffee is the best coffee when you consider preparation time and freshness and will attract a lot of loyal customers. We want to roast two types of coffee: a classic black coffee and a vanilla flavored coffee. The coffee will be packed into a drip-bag filters and the whole package will feature noun head-traits for example an ape with red noggles. We are going to include links to korean version of ThisIsNouns and other sns accounts on the package.

Image 2. Nouns Coffee - a classic black or a vanilla flavored drip-bag coffee.

The coffee shops

We want to partner with small coffee shops around Korea and give them access to run a stamp-collection-loyalty program. The authentic coffee shops would be able to use a loyalty program to attract more customers and compete with franchise coffee shops. We are going to set a display with t-shirts and drip-bag coffee. People will be able to check the quality of t-shirts while waiting for coffee and get one right at the counter after collecting enough stamps. After the end of loyalty program we will keep selling drip-bag coffee at coffee shops and pay a royalty from each sale.

Image 3. A coffee shop counter with coupons for nouns stamp-collection-loyalty program

Image 4. When people buy a coffee cup they will be given a coupon card featuring nouns heads. Each time a person buys a coffee he will receive a stamp. A coupon with 10 stamps can be used to redeem a nounish t-shirt.

Image 5. Authentic coffee shops with beautiful scenery and interiors. The coffee shops are run by individual owners and have a unique interior style, beautiful scenery, and best locations in town.

Value for Nouns

The NounsDAO will have constant exposure at 10+ authentic coffee shops, The front windows will be decorated with nounish posters and information about loyalty program.
In order to guarantee a sustainable proliferation of Nouns we would also sell some nouns branded t-shirts and drip-bag coffee online.

The team

  1. jhee and duckhead will be responsible for coffee shop decorations, posters, toys, and creating nounish vibes

  2. fiveoceans_dev and friends from Morph will take responsibility to design, manufacture, and distribute t-shirts

  3. Buena retailing will be responsible to make a delicious drip-bag coffee, and apply for export license. Buena is a good friend of fiveoceans.


$15,000 - commission 10 artworks for t-shirt
$35,000 - manufacture 2,000 t-shirts (worldwide online sales)
$50,000 - start Nouns drip-bag coffee brand (worldwide online sales)
$10,000 - decorations $1k per location (furniture for t-shirt stands, posters, toys, noggle stamps, coupon cards, and others)
$10,000 - photo & video; documenting project progress to share on sns
$10,000 - minimum operations cost for fiirst 2 months
$20,000 - logistics & storage

Total $150,000

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Coupon cards and stamps look really nice


Anything with @duckhead is a win!!

This look good! I like the idea

oh, i’d love that! I’d be so hooked on drinking my coffee from a nouns mug

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interesting idea! have you already discussed with coffee shops interested in participating?

If $30,000 is minimum operation cost for 6 months, are these costs + the t shirts, ect need to be repeat costs to continue? Any thoughts or discussion on collaboration with existing nouns coffee?

Thanks for comments.

T-shirts and coffee are two most simple items that everyone consumes. You can make really cool t-shirts and very delicious coffee that stands out on the shelves with small investments.

Our vision is to make a sustainable business but we need that first push to be on everyone’s radar. We have a three coffee shops owned by friends that would run the loyalty program first. We do want to give coffee shops access to t-shirts and drip bag coffee. We do not want to pay coffee shops to run a loyalty program because once you pay the whole concept won’t be sustainable. We believe we can make t-shirts that everyone loves. We want coffee shops to come to us by offering them items to attract customers and make extra money. It might be difficult at first but we believe will get there. We start with first three coffee shops and use it as an example to bring another seven. Ten locations would put us on radar and we will be able to create enough buzz on sns.

At first, there will be a lot of leg work. Someone needs to sign the coffee shops. We need to place some paper work. A 100 t-shirts weight around 23 kg, moving t-shirts and coffee around would require us to use some services.

After 6 months, we will sell t-shirts and coffee online that would reduce operational cost and help us to earn money.

The value here is that Nouns logos will be at 10 locations for 6 months. We also hope that it could attract other famous brand to launch similar loyalty programs with us. Then we have an opportunity to display nouns t-shirts next to products of other brands. That also would be interesting proliferation model.

Hi, fiveoceans_dev
I like this idea ”Coffee and Tshits" very much. But I feel that the runnig cost and starting cost for dripping bag brand is too big and expensive. If I do same plan, I would probably set the price under $100,000. I think that after reviewing the budget, the proposal would be more satisfactory.



Thank you for stopping by! The team set a goal to establish a sustainable proliferation model for Nouns by bringing to market nounish t-shirts and coffee. We feel it doesn’t make sense to run a campaign only for a specific period of time… It is much better to invest money into something that would last years. $170,000 is a lot of money but brings visibility at many locations and would allow us to scale globally. We actually think our next country would be Japan where we can create visibility for Nouns with same t-shirts and coffee.

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love this and Coffee culture in Seoul is quite cool. Would love to supply our noggles to the shops as well as our toys should the prop pass =)

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Updates. We reduced Basic operational cost to $10,000

The goal of the team is to establish a self-sufficient way to produce nounish t-shirts and coffee hence we must be able to achieve this goal without asking for support from NounsDAO.

Thanks to @hirohirohiro and @Oni for stopping by and leaving comments!


I think that it is fair to say that there needs to be a better understanding that every single one of these projects is a promotional effort to build awareness about nouns and that has a cost associated with it. To expect builders to be self sustaining when there is still no awareness is an unrealistic goal this early. perhaps a two year roadmap to this is more realistic ? I think that the products you made compliment your prop perfectly