Proposal: Nouns Coffee

Nouns Coffee

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Nounders. Nouners. And Nounish Friends.

As Nouns continues to strive to be a household name throughout the world, our team began to think, let us not lose our tie to our everyday life. We are not necessarily here to use our digital space as a means to escape the real world, but rather, as a means to improve it. An ethos and belief that we know many Nouners also feel.

With this in mind and our team’s love and experience in the international coffee industry, we come to the DAO and the Nouns Community with a proposal for Nouns Coffee, the first ever Nounish consumable brand. With hopes of being on the shelves of your favorite cafe, local market, or frequented grocery store. With the potential of someday having special real world locations at the corner of your favorite neighborhood to meet up and sip a cup with some of your closest nounish friends.

Nouns Coffee Brand

Below you will find key details on how our team plans to bring this prolific coffee brand to life.

Phase One


  • For Phase One of Nouns Coffee, the team will be sourcing a high-quality roaster in order to whitelabel for the brand. (read more about the potential plans for phase 2 and 3 later in this proposal)
  • Our team will use their connections within the coffee industry to find the right partner to roast our coffee. We will work diligently to ensure the highest quality coffee. This includes virtually hosted cupping sessions where we will send the roasts around to members of the community so we can all decide on the roasts together.
  • All coffee will be fair trade and organic. We care deeply about not only who drinks our coffee, but the hands that were instrumental in the planting, growing, harvesting, and roasting of our coffee.
  • Phase One will include a variety of different single origins as well as a variety of blends so that all of our nounish palettes are satisfied and caffeinated (and decaffeinated for you weirdos).


  • In order to get Nouns Coffee into as many cups as possible, we will build an ecommerce site in order to streamline operations and provide trustworthy purchasing and shipping of Nouns Coffee.
  • This will be inclusive of a custom web experience reflective of the existing Nouns brand, to ensure a cohesive experience.
  • We will most likely use Shopify along with an integration of Coinbase Commerce in order to accept payments in crypto as well.
  • The team will work on Web3 integration to enable all Nounders and Nouners to access and claim certain coffees/roasts for free as part of their participation in the DAO.


  • Beyond just caffeinating you, we will provide you with vessels to sip from as you listen to hosted noun o’clock spaces by CDT, while at work, or out for your morning walk.
  • We will create custom cards to place in each order with QR codes (or similar) sending people to so they can check out the daily auction while brewing their morning coffee.
  • Phase One will also include the creation of other nounish collateral like tote bags to carry around your coffee, your mug, your books, your HW, you name it. We’ll work with the community to decide what pieces of collateral will be best used to show off your love for the community and your love for coffee. Proliferation is the name of the game.

By Nouns for Nouns

  • Being a Nounder/Nouner will open the door for monthly perks from Nouns Coffee. This may come in the form of monthly coffee deliveries, custom mugs and totes, and even “Noun of the Month” featured roasts where Nouners can have their Nouns featured on the packaging etc.
  • Beyond being a Nounder or a Nouner, if you hold a Nouns Bidder POAP (brkfstsndwch’s first project for the DAO), you will also have the chance for added features and perks from Nouns Coffee.

(If prop is approved by June 9th) Soft Launch at Korea Blockchain Week 2022 in August

  • In collaboration with alphanonce, holders of Noun 75, we will be the Coffee Break Sponsers of Korea Blockchain Week in 2022.
  • Being the Coffee Break Sponsors of the event means:
    • Possibly the greatest branding exposure at KBW2022 as attendees are
      constantly searching for their next cup of coffee. Branding will include
      full-colored signage at all coffee stations, and on branded napkins and
      coffee sleeves.
  • Thousands of eyes, and mouths, witnessing the glory of Nouns and Nouns Coffee.

Project Timeline

Phase One Accelerated for Korea Blockchain Week

Branding and Coffee Ready for KBW | 8-10 Weeks from Approval of Proposal

Phase One (if not approved by June 9th)

4-8 Weeks | Roaster Sourcing for Whitelabel

4-8 Weeks | Brand Identity

6-8 Weeks | Packaging Design

4-6 Weeks | Packaging Production

6-8 Weeks | Collateral Design

6-8 Weeks | Collateral Production

6-8 Weeks | Website Design + Development

2-4 Weeks | Coffee Production (begins after roaster is sourced)

Site is Live and First Bags Shipped | 12-18 Weeks from Approval of Proposal

Phase Two

Sourcing/Roastery | Warehouse Leasing and Hiring Head Roaster

  • Upon the successful adoption of Phase One and dependent on the demand for more coffee, we will submit a second proposal to lease our own warehouse and roaster, while also hiring a head roaster to roast and produce our own coffee.
  • The pros to this are the eventuality of bringing down costs, allowing us to keep our quality high, and giving us the opportunity to produce at scale.
  • A successful Phase Two will also set us up with a better position to execute on Phase Three (read below).
  • More details will of course be shared with the Nouns Community throughout Phase One as we begin thinking towards a Phase Two.

Phase Three

Nouns Cafe

  • A real world cafe, bringing the meme to life. Imagine you are walking down the cobblestone streets of soho and you look to your right to see a bright red figure appear, to realize it’s a pair of noggles. The sweet aroma of nougat, chamomile, and chocolate fill the air. It pulls you in. Taking a step through the door, you see a few patrons sporting Salvino Armati’s noggles, clinking their Nounish mugs, and bidding on the auction for the day.


Brkfstsndwch | Producer and Project Manager, Liaison to Nouns Community
Experience: Builder in the Nouns Community since inception, executing Nouns Bidder POAPs as their first major project with the DAO. Brkfstsndwch has also developed and produced their own coffee brand for Brkfst World and has assisted half a dozen local coffee shops and cafes in branding and operations over the years.

Kettlez | Web Design and Development
Experience: Proven track record developing the brand for Brkfst World, as well as a design director and partner for a leading B2B Marketing Firm.

Brand Designer | Coffee Brand Design and Development (packaging, collateral, etc.)
Experience: Over half a decade of specialty coffee design experience for the likes of Blue Bottle Coffee, Stumptown, and others.

Coffee Partner | TKTKTK (based on sourcing phase)

Project Fee

Phase One | 70.5 ETH

20 ETH | Coffee Sourcing and Production (inclusive of 3-4 roasts/blends or roughly 6 months of operations)

  • 5 ETH | Roaster Sourcing for Whitelabel
  • 15 ETH | Coffee Production

12 ETH | Brand Identity and Design

  • 5 ETH | Brand Identity
  • 3 ETH | Packaging Design
  • 4 ETH | Collateral Design

10 ETH | Web and Ecommerce

  • 10 ETH | Web Design and Development

11 ETH | Packaging and Collateral Production

  • 5.5 ETH | Packaging Production
  • 5.5 ETH | Collateral Production

17.5 ETH | Project Management and Marketing

  • 10 ETH | Project Management
  • 7.5 ETH | Marketing + Social Media

If Approved No Later Than June 9th

35 ETH | Soft Launch of Coffee at Korea Blockchain Week


sounds like a homerun to me

coffee seems like a great fit for experimenting with putting nouns on store shelves

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Thanks, Krel! Really excited that you’re excited. Our hope is that this will lead to incredibly fast proliferation, even amongst the non-crypto native crowd.

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This just makes so much sense from a branding perspective. If you pair the first order with these mugs, I’d buy it right now.


We’re so excited to show you what we have up our sleeves! ⌐◨-◨

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This is amazing @brkfstsndwch! And the Nouns mug photo @AndrewLaddusaw shared feels iconic.

How are you thinking about the coffee sourcing @brkfstsndwch? Met some people working directly with local growers - would be happy to introduce if helpful.

I handle the real estate and some wholesale coffee sales for the roaster which is owned by the head judge of the specialty coffee roasters association of America. I’d be happy to put you in touch with this family roaster. Their roast is all single origin and, as such, fruit-forward. Ultimo, the best coffee, in my opinion.

Imagine some Nouns Nespresso capsules! Need that…