Nouns Tea Proposal

Nouns Tea

tl;dr: Making a Nouns Tea brand and distribute it online, in cafes, restaurants and Crypto/NFT events for everyone to learn about NounsDAO!

Hi Nounish friends! We are Damien & Ben, 2 good friends working in F&B and web3! As we’ve witnessed awesome partnerships being built with the NounsDAO over the last months, we’ve decided to propose our personal project: Nouns Tea I could tell you that the tea global market represent $200 billions a year and that the tea consumption have growth by 20% the last year…. But who cares? With Nouns Tea, we want to make a fun and Nounish tea brand that everyone can enjoy. From your grandma to your grand daughter, everyone is invited to drink our delicious beverage and to discover the NounsDAO at the same time. Having worked in F&B for over a decade and in web3 for a couple of years, our team is enthusiastic to launch an awesome nounish product and have it widely distributed. Making a fun and delicious tea is not enough, that’s why Nouns Tea will be produced organically and respectful to the environment. Partnering with Kodama (acclaimed french bespoke tea house), we’ll have the opportunity to produce an exclusive Nouns Tea with the best quality products. 1% of every sales will also be donated to One Percent for the Planet, an international organisation that is committed to protect the environment.

Our projects is divided into 4 independent phases:
1 - Tea production & e-commerce
2 - Advertisement & distribution
3 - Nouns Tea Pop-up store
4- Completing the Nounish gourmet marketplace with many more products

Nouns Tea: “Just like your wallet, you can have it hot or cold

Tea production

For Phase One of Nouns Tea, Kodama and us will co-fabricate a Nounish recipe of a bespoke tea. Kodama is an acclaimed tea house in France, they’ve been producing tea since 2015.
We care about Earth! The tea will be made from organic and natural components, that means no conservatives and GMO will be used. Most of the products will be sourced in France in order to emit minimal carbon print and 1% of the income will be dedicated to an organisation committed to ecology (1% for the planet).


  • An e-commerce platform will be built so that everyone can get their hands on the delicious Nounish Tea.
  • The website will aesthetically embody the identity of Nouns by incorporating the Nouns graphic chart to effectively exemplify the nounish vibe to our customers.
  • For security purposes, we will be adopting shopify for the payment system. Eventually, we will explore crypto payment possibilities so clients wouldn’t have to spend fiat if they don’t wish to.
  • A free & limited edition tea will be claimable for the Nouns owners through a web3 integration on our website.


  • Targeting web3 is nice but people that are not in this ecosystem need to learn about Nouns! Ben and I will use our connections in F&B industry to source suitable locations to sell the Nouns Tea such as stores, restaurants, cafes including Kodama’s two parisian tea outlets. We’re also planning to open a Nouns Tea pop-up store in Paris to welcome people and educate them of Nouns DAO.
  • We will also be targeting different web3 institutions such as NFTfactory, NFT Paris, Non Fungible Conference etc… In order to promote Nouns DAO through our product.
  • Partnering with web3 event is also one of our mission. Imagine having a Nouns tea spot at the Blockchain Summit or at the Paris Blockchain Week?! We will of course generate a QR code banner directing people to in order for them to (re)discover the NounsDAO.
  • Who doesn’t love a good merch? Everybody loves themselves a merch!!! The Nouns Tea will be making merchs such as stickers, tote bags, mugs, t-shirts and pins for our customers. That way our customers will have a Nouns Tea friend that will follow them everywhere as they go about their daily life.

Project Timeline

Phase One

Elaborating the recipe : 1 to 2 weeks

Brand Identity : 1 to 2 weeks

Packaging Production : 2 to 3 weeks

Website Design : 2 to 3 weeks

Tea Production : 2 to 4 weeks

Phase Two

  • After completing phase 1, we will commence several partnerships with restaurants, stores etc… We already have 3 different locations who are keen such as: Kodama (2 outlets), Ake (highest rated restaurant on, Restaurant ERH (1 michelin star) located in Paris.
  • Partnering with web3 events will also be one of our main tasks. As a member of the NFT factory, we will sponsor every events they organize. We will also aim to participate in most NFT events in France to effectively spread the presence of Nouns.
  • Official campaign posters will also be in the making. Parisians are very attentive to their surroundings. By spreading Nouns posters in the streets, it will pick the curiosity of non WEB3 individuals and create a gateway for them to discover this universe through a QR code that will lead them to

Phase Three

  • We will open an ephermal tea house and organize tasting events, welcoming web3 and non web3 individuals who are passionate in tea. We already have a list of potential locations that accommodate our mission.

Next Phase

  • Kickoff a Nouns Gourmet e-commerce. If everything goes as planned, we will be able to source and design variable Noun products. We are well connected to the F&B manufacturers in France such as wine, cognac, saké, as well as watch and fashion industries. Our main goal is to create a marketplace where we could partner with well established brands in order to collaborate and produce Nouns exclusive products. The purpose here is for Nouns to globally infuse into the quotidien of people through various exclusive products. There would also be limited editions products catered exclusively to Nouns owners.


Damien - Project Manager | He has been working in F&B industry for over 5 years and in Web3 for 2 years. He co-founded the project The Lost Donkeys, a free mint pfp collection with a video game in development. He is experienced in project leadership and management, assuring smooth partnerships and timely execution for the team.

Ben - Project Development & Web Design | Ben has been working in F&B for over a decade. He was responsible in kickstarting and managing restaurants, one of which has earned a Michelin star. Alternatively, he is well connected with renowned wineries in France. He provides sourcing services and composes refined wine lists for Parisian restaurants. Ben is also passionate in art and design, which he has executed a few solo exhibitions in Paris in the past.

Kodama - Tea Production Partner | Kodama is an acclaimed Tea House established in 2015. They have a large production capacity, with their products distributed to over 100 cafes and restaurants in France. The founders, Vincent & Martin, have left their corporate jobs and spent over a year of sourcing globally to formulate the finest tea composition in accordance to their definitive tastes. In effect, savory and high quality teas are composed in ecological means.

Project Fee

Phase One - 10 ETH

6 ETH | Production

  • 2 ETH for Recipe elaboration
  • 0.8 ETH per 100 tea boxes x 5

0 ETH | Brand Identity and Design

  • In house! :slightly_smiling_face:

1 ETH | Web and E-commerce

  • 1 ETH | Web Design and Development

1 ETH | Packaging Production

  • 0.2 ETH per 100 tea boxes x 5

2 ETH | Project Management and Marketing

  • 1 ETH | Project Management
  • 1 ETH | Marketing + Social Media

Phase Two - 3.2 ETH

2.6 ETH | Partnerships

  • 0.2 ETH | Stickers production
  • 1 ETH | Social Media ads
  • 2 ETH | Posters production + billstickers

Phase three - 14 ETH

14 ETH | Pop-up tea spot + More Tea

  • 5 ETH | Location rental for the pop-up
  • 5 ETH | Hiring extra barista to help
  • 3 ETH | Social media ads + merch production
  • 1 ETH | Merch production

Next Phase - For another grant submission

  • x ETH | More Nounish Tea
  • x ETH | Nounish French Wine
  • x ETH | Nounish Chocolate
  • x ETH | Nounish Saké
  • x ETH | Nounish Cognac
  • x ETH | Many more Nounish things

Thanks for reading our proposal :blush: Bye guys!

Damien & Ben

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