Nounify Korea - stamp collection campaign


A stamp-collecting campaign in collaboration with ten coffee shops to nounify Korea


All nounish communities that are thriving received activation funds. We can see that flywheel works in Brazil, China, Japan, and other communities that received support. We propose to nounify Korea by launching a stamp-collecting campaign. Many people in Korea have already heard about Nouns, and our team firmly believes that we possess the energy and talent required to establish Nouns as a prominent pop culture brand here. The campaign will run for three months, during which people will receive noggle-stamps with their coffee purchases. Once 10 stamps have been collected, a coupon card can be exchanged for a nounish t-shirt.
All coffee shops will feature posters, t-shirt displays, and magazines showcasing on-chain proposals. Additionally, the t-shirts will be available for purchase at retail stores and art galleries. We are going to create high-quality t-shirts using nounish cc0 content, with additional approval from the artists. We kindly request $65,000 to activate nouns community and promote Nouns across 10+ locations, during 3 months.

The stamp collection campaign

The campaign will focus on creating visibility through coffee shop collaborations. Coupon cards will be distributed at the counter, and posters will decorate the facades. NOUNS.WTF magazine will be available on tables for people to learn about Nounish projects and the community.

We anticipate each coffee shop distributing around 30 coupon cards daily, totaling approximately 27,000 cards throughout the campaign. In our focused campaign, we will give out coupon cards that need onnly 2 stamps to people who are interested in blockchain and NFTs. We’ll distribute these cards to enthusiasts through our network of friends.


We’ll use nounish cc0 content to create t-shirts. These t-shirts will be crafted from high-quality materials and tailored in various styles for both men and women. Each label and tag will feature noggles and links to Noun’s homepage and Twitter account. Our goal is to pleasantly surprise everyone with the artwork’s quality and the t-shirts themselves.

NOUNS.WTF magazine

We propose creating a NOUNS.WTF magazine as a powerful marketing and storytelling tool to convey the campaign’s message. Using Canva templates, photos, and nounish CC0 content, the magazine will be cost-effective to design. It will be distributed at partner coffee shops and serve as a NounsDAO guide, showcasing t-shirt collections, stamp campaigns, top on-chain proposals, nounish subdaos, and overview of government clients. We invite individuals and subdaos to contribute to the magazine’s creation. Contact us on Twitter to publish an article (Nouns Seoul).

Coffee shops and other partner locations

We are going to collaborate with authentic coffee shops around Seoul. Here are links to coffee shops located in Jeongno, Itaewon, Sinsa. These are the coffee shops we already onboarded. Additionally, we are going to sell t-shirts at retail stores focusing on Fashion and lifestyle goods and art galleries.
The idea is to get maximum exposure at multiple locations giving coffee shops swag to attract more customers.

Why Korea

Korea is home to cool nounish items like sailboats, resin toys, children’s books, and motorcycles. While we already have a team of dedicated fans, there are still many who have only heard about Nouns without experiencing it firsthand. We believe it’s the perfect time to launch a nounish campaign to showcase the beauty of Nouns’ art, culture, and governance. This initiative will attract more loyal fans, foster the discovery of new nounish memes, and push forward nounish culture.

The team

  1. Fiveoceans_dev t-shirts manufacturing and distribution
  2. Morph - legal matters and work with coffee shops.
  3. Jhee NOUNS.WTF magazine
  4. Duckhead coffee shops decorations


$35,000 - manufacture 2,000 t-shirts
$10,000 - coffee shops’ rental fees (10 coffee shops, 3 months, $200 per month)
$4,000 - NOUNS.WTF magazine design and printing
$2,500 - logistics & storage (Ex. 100 t-shirts weight 22 kg or 48 pounds)
$2,500 - legal, tax, signing contracts with coffee shops, outsourcing company’s fees to conducting business etc
$2,000 - decorations $500 per coffee shop (t-shirt stands, posters, noggle stamps, coupon cards, and others)
$2,000 - photo & video production to document progress and share on SNS
$7,000 - teams compensation. Four people working with coffee shops, designs, and coordinating campaign

Total $65,000

Nouns-Seoul multi-sig

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