Small Grants - Retro Funding: Sticker/Prints for Nouns event in Korea

Project Overview
Nouns/Lil Nouns sticker/postcard for Nouns event in Korea

Last week (from August 2nd), Korea Blockchain week/BuidlAsia/EthSeoul was held in Korea.
And from August 6-9, Noun 75 leads two Nouns events: Nouns Invasion and Nouns Brand Experience Day.

I displayed 200 pieces of goods in three locations in Seoul. People put stickers on shirts, and used print for catering. Other reviews also are found at !

As a fan of nouns, I made and gave out two stickers and a small postcard so that people can remember nouns after the event. ⌐◨-◨
Stickers are goods that people can enjoy. It can be stuck on a laptop and anywhere people want, and it can be a natural promotional effect.

Noggles Stickers, cards, and QR card

0.42 ETH. (Based on 1700USD)
or 0.045 ETH (Based on 1200USD considering price volatility)

Each budget is written below:

Description USD ETH($1700)
Sticker printing (including shipping): 2 types, 200 each $250 0.149 ETH
Postcard printing (including shipping): 2 types, 200 each $20 0.011 ETH
QR card printing (including shipping): 1 type, 200 $10 0.005 ETH
Designing stickers and postcards $150 0.087 ETH
Transportation $70 0.041 ETH
Manpower(Packaging): 2 people, 4 hours $140 0.082 ETH
Manpower(Distribution): 1 people, 4 hours $80 0.047 ETH

Any questions or suggestions would be appreciated!
Thanks for reading.

These are other pictures of the event!

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This looks like a job for @noun22. Nice stickers btw!

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awesome! happy to fund this… please reach out on discord

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