Nouns Vacation Summer Brand Campaign 2023

Hi Nouners, we are planning to propose launching a Nouns Vacation Summer Brand for this summer.

We are an experienced team capable of end-to-end operation (design, production, marketing, event-hosting) of the brand. Please find the details below and it would be really helpful if you let us know your opinions before we submit the actual proposal.


  • To launch a vacation-themed Nouns-wear and lifestyle goods brand for 2023 Spring/Summer by an experienced design and production team based in South Korea

  • Proliferation activities with the brand fashion wear and lifestyle goods will happen in Summer 2023, at beach, stores, and festivals around South Korea


  • Beach, sun, and watersports have proven to fit well with the image and vibe of Nouns as Nouns have done successful proliferation through beach cleanups, crypto events in Miami/LA, and sailing competitions in Seoul and soon in NYC. An even more effective way to build upon this is to produce, distribute, and promote Nouns beach-themed wears and products for the public.

  • This is to manufacture summer themed Nouns Vacation (name subject to change) goods for 2023 (10+ type of products), including 4+ wears, 4+ accessories, and 2+ lifestyle items as shown in the initial concept images below

  • Proliferation activities, including beach cleanup, pop-up store, and booth sponsors, for marketing and branding of the manufactured goods will follow.

  • This can also be tied to other Nouns proposals, such as providing the goods to the Nouns Sailing team, Nouns beach clean up volunteers, and other Nouns-related events.

  • The team that would lead this is from a South Korea-based fashion retailer, who produce and distribute 4 clothing brand names, and has the resources, network, and channels built in place to work on this from Day 1 and can confidently execute the products by the proposed deadline of June 2023.

  • Initial concept images (subject to further development):


Proliferation activities

  • Seeding trials with fashion influencers in Korea

    • The team already works with a diverse network of fashion influencers and bloggers in South Korea to promote their existing brands - promotion of Nouns wears can be done easily using this established network.
    • Plans for Nouns Vacation:
      Product seeding through with a list of Tier 1, 2, 3 instagram influencers that the team has worked with in the past:
      • 5~10 Tier 1 influencers: > 70K+ followers in the fashion scene
      • 30 Tier 2 influencers: > 20K+ followers
      • 50 Tier 3 influencers: < 20K+ followers
      • Seeding period will start within 40 days after product launch completion
    • The team’s previous collaboration with influencers (for their swimwear brand Piscess):
  • Beach clean-up promotion event

    • The team will organize a beach clean-up while simultaneously promoting Nouns Vacation items
    • Actual details is to be confirmed but initial discussion is to utilize the venue below:
      • [Reference] Glasshaus Cafe at Gosung Beach:
        • Team has direct connection to execute a cross-promotion collaboration event with this beachside surfer cafe
        • Nouns Vacation products and goods will be showcased through instagrammers and professional photographers recording and posting the event
  • Pop-up store

    • The team will hold a pop-up store to promote and sell the products and goods, and initial ideas of the stores are as follows:
      • Concept 1
        A store that mimics the submerged interior of a swimming pool, where tile patterns are used for walls and items are displayed as floating:
      • Concept 2
        A store that is decorated as an outdoor swimming pool with large palm leaves on the walls, and a small pond that acts as a pool with mascots lying down on sunbeds:
  • Booth sponsor for local summer events:

    • Utilizing the team’s connection with entertainment and marketing agencies, small booth sponsors with Nouns logo as banners can be done for further publicity and engagement.
    • Actual event and venue to be decided depending on the budget and pricing availability:
      • [Reference] Paradise Hotel Pool Party: an upscale weekly hotel pool party
        • Highly likely as team has close connection with organizer
        • Lowest budget required
      • [Reference] Airhouse 2023
      • [Reference] World DJ Festival 2023/Waterbomb 2023
        • Large scale, mainstream music festivals in Seoul during summer
        • May have highest impact due to event’s presence and audience size
        • Expected to cost the most


  • Team
    Do Choi
    Do is brand creative director who can creatively capture and express brand elements in the interior when exhibiting or opening a pop-up store in the future.

    • Former Gentle Monster Space Art Director. As the head of the Quantum Project at Gentle Monster, he contributed to creating the status of Gentle Monster now.
    • Currently working as creative director of CODEMENTS
    • Do and Simon (described below) have been working on creative directing, filming, video, and space design of other brands, including CODEMENTS.
    • Track record (Portfolio):

    Simon Song
    Simon is the CEO of Pillon International, a Korean apparel company that owns 4 brands overseeing full-scale operation from design to distribution. Simon has network with suppliers of low-cost to high-end clothing, marketing agencies and influencers, and the largest online and offline distributors in Korea.

    • Planning & Directing
      • Developing the products and packaging for MADGOAT, PISCESS, WRONGDIRECTION, CODEMENTS, PAWPAW.
    • Production
      • OEM for Hansome (knit garments, leather bags), Shinsegae International (knit garments, knit scarves, woven scarves), ADER ERROR (woven scarves and leather bags), Maison Kitsune (small leather goods), Montblanc (small leather goods), Hyundai Department Store VIP Team (cashmere gift set), Hana Bank VIP Team (leather product set), Volvo Korea Cashmere set, etc.
      • Items available for production: clothing, swimwear, knitwear, denim, hat, leather bag, wallet, belt, tube, camping equipment, etc. Supply channel over 30 Korean factories and 7 Chinese factories for various categories of products.
    • Distribution
      • Online
        • Operation of domestic and overseas own mall
        • Operation of Shilla Online Duty-Free Shop
        • Platform malls: Musinsa, W-Concept, 29CM, SI village, SSG, EQL, LLUD, CJ O Shopping, Kakao Gift, SSF Mall, LF Mall, etc.
      • Offline
        • Department stores: Shinsegae Department Store, Hyundai Department Store, Galleria Department Store, Lotte Department Store
        • Hotels: Grand Hyatt Seoul, Hyatt Jeju, Ananti Busan, Ananti Gapyeong, Paradise City Incheon

    Sarah Park
    Sarah will participate as a product designer, and she knows which designs are best suited and sold for consumers from her previous workplace. Sarah can clearly melt data on the right materials for product design and size specifications

    • Designed a total of 20 seasons of branded products
      • Head Designer at Mischief (2013-2017)
        • Annual brand sales increased 100 fold (from USD 100K to USD 10M)
      • Design Director at Nerdy (2018-2022)
        • Annual brand sales increased 100 fold (from USD 10M to USD 1B)
  • Nouns Advisors - Noun holders that will advise on the direction of the production from concept planning to execution

    Noun #75 Alphanonce

    • Organized Nouns Invasion Event and Nouns Coffee Popup in Seoul during Korea Blockchain Week 2022

    • Video of execution and photos below:

    Noun #261/449 Adrianmcli.eth

    • Proposal sponsor
  • Timeline
    [3/15] Funding, Brand Registration, Create Instagram account, Brand logo design and Brand concept development
    [3/16 - 3/19] Confirm brand concept and Start product design
    [4/10] First sampling
    [4/11] First sample correction and Revise the first sample
    [4/12] Check the final sample, Prepare final works sheet for product design, Plan and confirm minimum order quantity
    [4/13] Order raw materials for products and Prepare factories to produce
    [5/8] Prepare Lookbook concept, Book the team for shooting (photographer contact / stylist contact / hair stylist contact / makeup stylist contact / visual director contact / checking filming location), Build brand mall website (Shopify site and setting, PG company, shipping setting: Fedex, UPS)
    [5/9] Create brand Lookbook and Image Shooting
    [5/10] Retouch images and Create product detail pages, Prepare Brand Introduction pages
    [5/11] Contact all the distributors, Finalize production for seeding and selling, Prepare shipping to warehouse
    [6/1] Start selling at the company mall, Start selling at the distribution channel
    [6/2] Brand exposure through the distribution malls, Start seeding with Tier 1 influencers
    [6/3] Start Tier 2, 3 influencers seeding
    [6/4] Upload seeding contents
    [7/1 - 8/1] Prepare and hold Proliferation events in beach, festival, and pop-up store

  • Expected budget (in USD)

    • Products: 88,000
      • Product samples manufacture costs: 10,000
      • Product actuals manufacture minimum order quantity (MOQ) costs: 50,000
      • Packaging and materials: 7,000
      • Logistics cost: 1,000
      • HR costs (operation staffs, assistant designers etc.): 20,000
    • Proliferation - Branding: 65,000
      • Brand videography and image directing (photographer, stylist, hair, makeup, visual director, photoshoot venues): 20,000
      • Website creation and management: 2,000
      • Product photoshoot costs (photos for websites upload): 3,000
      • Influencer seeding: 20,000
      • HR costs (website designer, photo editor, etc): 20,000
    • Proliferation - Events: 80,000
      • Event venue set up and installation: 50,000
      • Event merchandises production: 10,000
      • Influencer invitation: 10,000
      • HR costs (event staffs): 10,000
    • Total: 233,000
  • Success Metrics:

    • Quantity of products completed by Summer ‘23: complete production of catalog items
    • Sales revenue of products: sales from online channels and pop-up stores
    • Instagram Page Follows & Likes: measure marketing impacts derived from instagrammers and event sponsorships
    • Number of events launched: current target is 1 cleanup, 1 pop-up store, 1 booth sponsor

Sounds amazing! You guys seem to have a lot of experience.

Would there be any % of profit that goes back to the treasury if there is any profit from products selling?

Thanks for your comment!

Our profit allocation plan is as following (in order of priority):

  1. Incentive for core team members (salary of Do, Simon, and Sarah is not included in the budget)
  2. Extra proliferation activities
  3. Brand expansion (launching next season items or other Nouns brand)
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