The Noun Square spend = 495.98 eth @ $1 116,99. Transparency needed?

Here’s an example of the Nouns Atm pumping out cash to a project for 5 months worth of operational costs which is a SUBSTANTIAL amount for ANY project to receive in the ecosystem. You can break this down to 99.12 eth per month = 495.98 eth @ $1 116,99.

Transparency is key as to how much each team member has received and how much has been spent on giveaways etc.

Why is transparency needed: when a majority of new projects are scrutinised for asking for too much money to execute their project, double standards cannot be at play in the ecosystem. This is only fair to the community. More can be read below.

Link: The-Noun-Square-at-Noun-O-Clock-Post-Pilot-Extension

Maty (Accounts) = 5.5 ETH/month for 7 months = 38.5 ETH = $42780,05 @ $1 111,17 per month.
I would debate that providing transparency for the The Noun Square spend should be headed up by Maty with the ask that he is requesting to manage the Nouns financial information.

To put things into context a chartered accountant earns $102,659 to $130,100 per annum. This amounts to 91,80 eth per year, 7.6 per month.

Qualifying as a Chartered Accountant (SA) usually takes 7 years (3-year degree; 1-year honours and 3-years internship) provided you are able to complete the undergraduate qualification; postgraduate qualification and board exams in the minimum time.

Are core team members being overpaid or underpaid for their time spent on building the Nouns brands and is it unfair when new projects request over 100 to 150 eth and are shut down?

We’re heading into 2023 and the brand is no longer in its teething phase. Transparency is key.

*Once again, it does not matter to me who gets paid what, but new comers need to be treated fairly. My calculations are up for debate.


Look at the wallet address in the proposal, yesterday Toady Hawk paid himself: $3,502.45 USDC

@tracybcarpenter got paid $2,786.85 USDC

@joshuafisher got paid $2,408.51 USDC

The blockchain shows more than 20 people get free USDC every 2 weeks by the Noun Square wallet. Did you know all these people are paid to be on show? Is everyone paid to listen to the show? Anybody listen for free, or just me? (or just trying to win free ETH prizes)

Transparency is key as to how much each team member has received and how much has been spent on giveaways etc. Why is transparency needed: when a majority of new projects are scrutinised for asking for too much money to execute their project, double standards cannot be at play in the ecosystem. This is only fair to the community.

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Toady didn’t pay himself. :sweat_smile: The TNS multisig paid him.

Those 3 are all on the core team, which looks like funding that just went out from their coordinape round. It looks like 19 team members were paid this time. Pretty incredible really. They also run contests all the time including a retweet picker every single day for a prize to someone listening which would account for a lot of smaller transactions. It’s one of the many giveaways and contests they do.


Just to be clear, they received 300 ETH in funding for 5 months. I actually agree that it’s quite high and I voiced that when the prop was first put up for discussion. But it passed, so that’s a moot point now.

When this proposal passed, they did have 10 core team members and they are also continuing to grow and expand all the time, changing out team members based on who is actually doing the most work each month. They decide each payment by coordinape, so nobody is ever just sitting back collecting ETH.

It also feels like there is a disconnect in our thought process. There are no core team members for Nouns DAO that I know of. I’ve never looked at it as anyone getting a salary, other than the Nouners, who receive 1 Noun as payment from the DAO every 10 days. I’ve never looked at this process as the DAO paying anyone at all. The DAO simply funds the proposals that get the votes to pass. Those proposals then pay the people. If you want transparency, I think you need to look to individual projects to provide that. If they don’t or won’t, then that should definitely be factored in to whether they should receive funding again.

Also, if you feel you can add to the TNS team or make an improvement to their process somehow, you should totally jump in the discord and get to work doing it. I know of a couple people who are now receiving retro funding for their work who weren’t on that original core team who started TNS. There is so much opportunity around here, it’s actually quite amazing.


Free USDC :joy:

At this point I’m convinced you’re trolling. Especially if you actually listen to any of the shows we’ve been doing EVERY DAY since June. There’s now like 22 nounish extensions featured on The Noun Square Twitter account with their own shows and it’s been growing quite rapidly.
As mentioned, there’s a lot of people making it all happen and there’s a lot of eth allocated to prizes and giveaways.

If you’ve been paying attention, you’d know the kinds of things we’ve done from finding and funding artists to cleaning up cities around the world, all proliferating nouns. All this at the same time as coming together daily to celebrate the nouns dao auctions and embrace a culture around that.

And as Andrew mentioned, feel free to come and help rather than complain. There’s a lot of opportunity.

@Benbodhi How do you respond to this? Many shows, but no listeners, and $500k budget?

where an account with 4k subscribers receives 500k$ for six months. And yes, the name @toadyhawk appears there again.
It looks “amazing”, or rather, it looks like money laundering from the Treasury. I try to find these daily shows on twitter and youtube, but instead I see accounts with 100 followers.

Great, finally someone got in touch.
Please show the metrics of your online twitter show. I tried to find something through twitter, but I found only accounts with 150 and 4128 followers. I’m sure I’m wrong, so show how much reach your shows have received, the number of subscribers and accounts with these subscribers. You got $550k - let’s calculate how much it costs to attract one user to our community through your show. Just please, don’t evade the answer, as absolutely everyone from the team does

@ponti @ProfessorSamovar
I don’t know who either of you are.
If you’ve been around a while and are just using anon accounts or if you’re new and going on a wild goose chase for whatever reason. Either way, in this case the onus is on you to do your research. Since this is a protocol, if you don’t like the way the funds have been used, vote no on future proposals, simple.

Also, before you go around telling people to do work for you, please please please, do this work yourself and be helpful rather than demanding.

I think your angle on metrics is not actually a good one btw. Twitter followers have been growing steadily during the saltiest part of the cycle, but it’s not a great metric to go by imo. Pretty sure the goal was like 5k followers by the end of the year.

Maybe you could find out how many nouns were purchased due to the show or the people on the show.

Look up the definition of laundering and get back to me. How can I take you seriously when you say stuff like this?

I am extremely disappointed if you are one of the leaders of the community (if so). instead of discussion, you pounce on users - lol.
I already wrote here on the forum that I only recently joined the community and first of all noticed that the use of treasure is no good. dao has spent more than 1/4 of the budget (fact), has no third party funding sources (fact) + weak fan base (my subjective value judgment based on the analysis of references in social networks). in trying to figure out why this happened, I stumbled upon expensive grants like daily tweet show (yes, I did the job, as you wrote). not only are these broadcasts hard to find, but besides, you write that don’t keep metrics, and 5k subscribers is a goal for $550k. I don’t know how you have the audacity to write this - it’s just a scam for those who work in SMM. I agree that followers are only one metric (not the best but it’s good that now there are many tools for analyzing work with the audience), as there are many others besides this. but you didn’t give any figures even though you are doing this show. what is the difficulty?
it’s a shame to see a community where delegates sponsored for their projects and refuse to provide any metrics of their activities. of course it looks like a scam through the withdrawal of money from treasury - what other reaction do you expect?
I am a member of many DAOs, and in response to a request to provide proofs (numbers, metrics), I encounter such ignorance or rudeness for the first time. it’s incredible

For me TNS is the big or biggest asset of nouns dao as for now and one of the reason of nouns dao growth and their projects inside is revolutionary. Everyone keep an eye of TNS also their proliferators are hardworking. Me as normal crypto guy. I didnt know about nounsdao before. TNS is the reason why attached into the project. TNS teach us more what nouns dao really is. Maybe you can see that they are not that big as you want to expect but they already show to the world what nounsdao is and already notice by thousands of people around web also IRL. they also have alot of extension and those extensions have different ways of proliferating nouns. As for my knowledge follows is not the actual result of nouns dao. But representing it via different social media flatform using different types of contest even in cities or remote areas people knows about nouns dao and people learn more about nfts. Those glasses made by artist in different arts or projects launched by TNS will continue to reach people day by day. And TNS adopting more and more people that will help Nouns dao to get bigger and bigger and better. The reward distribution is live and public also their proliferators are hardworking. Mostly the most hardworking in the space they always launched spaces everyday. Sometimes multiple in a day. Interviewing different people making/helping other projects to get bigger. To sell their nouns NFTs using Dao technique and proposals.

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I am literally discussing, not pouncing on users. The only one here pouncing seems to be you because after a little bit of looking around, you aren’t happy with what you see. Your opinion about how the treasury is spent is not relevant. The only way to spend the treasury is via voting on chain using nouns - that is relevant at the protocol level.

Please read the proposals for The Noun Square for the exact details proposed.
After the first month, there was a proposal to work for another month trial: Nouns DAO
Then after that one, there was another one to extend for 5 months: Nouns DAO

So I’m sorry if you weren’t around to air your concerns when these were created and went to vote, but the goals and previous results are there. Trying to change the process of builders because you personally want different data might be a waste of time. Should TNS look for further funding, you’ll be sure to find this and more in any subsequent proposals and are welcome to vote against if you are not happy with any proposal.

Also please note that the community is actually quite small, because there is only one noun per day, sometimes bought by existing owners, so not even a new owner per day onboarded. We’ve been entertaining, educating and onboarding builders, devs, artists, all sorts of people during the time running TNS since you don’t need to own a noun to be involved. If you expect it to be bigger and be doing better, feel free to contribute and offer your services to the DAO as well. I feel like a whole lot of nitpicking is much less valuable than actually contributing.

but you didn’t give any figures even though you are doing this show. what is the difficulty?

The proposals are on-chain and public, the tracking docs are public too, but you know that.

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Ok, I understand. You are offended that your brainchild is being attacked - I’m sorry if I offended you.

This is a prime example of how the DAO works now. It allocates grants, but absolutely does not monitor their future fate. If I want to know how many unique listeners the daily shows have, their social engagement, or the average listener budget based on their social media profile analysis, then the only thing I can get is a “go and find out” response from the show’s creator. You don’t have any links and reports since August - what can I find out? Sorry, maybe this is normal in the NFT, but in the financial environment it sounds exactly like I described in the previous post.

I don’t care if there are any fans of your unique show or not. I just want to see visible results and the value of all the grants awarded. But there is no reporting. Moreover, the DAO still continues to receive proposals like “I will include an image of nounces in my game for XX Eth” or “I will open a coffee house under your brand, but I’ll take all the profits for myself”, although everything should work the other way around if the audience of the product tends to zero. Ok, the phase “receive income / share in the product from grants”, apparently, is not close and for now let’s focus on the current one. The DAO needs to keep track of its marketing grants in order to manage product promotion in a balanced way. And reporting should not be like “you can see the results in the next proposal and vote against”, but should be monthly (or X months) in order to make decisions on any other proposals based on this information. If your show is useful, ok, let’s take a look and invest in other twitter spaces. And if not, then ok, you have six months to work, but we will save money on other similar proposals. All this should become standard in every future proposals.

Why does it need to be mentioned at all? And why did this happen? I’m still looking around and have to make an excursion to the first proposals, but so far it looks unique in a bad way. No defi dao treats their treasury so disgustingly, and there must be intentional reasons for this, so the first thought is always about fraud and abuse ($15+ million has already been successfully “spent” and there is nothing but an archive of pictures and foto - I may be wrong, but you have an incredibly confusing infrastructure in which it is impossible to find the information you need). Once again: it’s not about this twitter show (it can be useful, but I have no idea how to find out about it, because the participants refuse to show user engagement, social analysis and other metrics), but in the absence of any reporting on most of the allocated grants . From the outside, it is impossible to conduct any analysis on the topic “where to go next?”, “This promotion channel does not work” and so on. The DAO treats treasuries like candy wrappers, although this is the main value that nounses now have.

What can be done now:
a) carry out due diligence of all previous grants (on the subject of their final achievements in order to draw conclusions about the effectiveness);
b) introduce a new reporting standard for all future proposals (it’s not so difficult to send reports on your work once a month), which will be accumulated in a single center;
c) start analyzing the numbers and start thinking about investments.

Or do not change anything and calmly withdraw the treasury to your salary for several years.

The fact you call it my brainchild and think that I’m actually offended by you is amusing.

Again, a ton of opinion in your post. Users of the protocol don’t have to engage with or follow your opinion no matter how loud you say something.

While I agree on better metrics being needed across the board and some sort of post funding reporting process, this isn’t something that exists beyond Maty’s work with and his now funded proposal to get down to tracking proposals more.

Your desire to get the noun square team to present you personally with anything may be met with hesitancy because it isn’t a simple “here’s a link”. Someone has to pull data and compile it which has so far been happening when the team allocates time to do so.

Nothing I’ve seen is funded several years in advance. So you’ll have plenty of opportunity to vote against future proposals.

Part of what TNS does is foster nounish culture. I think this aspect is something you’re clearly missing, both in analysis and attitude.