I'll pay 1ETH for constructing a transaction

Hey there! I’m noun219.⌐◨-◨

I’m aiming to create a proposal to payout every Noun 0.69 ETH from treasury as a first step of implementing ideas discussed here

I’m not sure if creating 500+ transactions in a proposal is even possible, but I guess there should be some more elegant way to implement it
I’d pay 1ETH to the first one to design such a way for me

Maybe it’s possible to deploy a separate smart contract, that upon receipt of any amount of ETH beyond some threshold would initiate a transaction to every noun that exists at the moment?
I’ll cover contract deployment if needed of course

If you know how to do it, but but want more money - let me know how much

Let’s see how it goes


You could probably call the disperse app contract or similar to avoid insane gas fees.
I personally wouldn’t support a prop like this though, but curious how many others would.

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@Noun219 hey! I think there might be some legal/regulation/tax risks in such a move by the DAO. have you consulted with the foundation on this?

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