Death Wish Retro Funding

Hello! My name is WG, I’m an independent developer in the crypto space.

Question: what will happen to your Nouns when you die? What is your death contingency plan for your crypto and NFTs?

I addressed this with a free service I call Death Wish. It’s the first trustless digital asset inheritance mechanism by which you can name a benefactor to your Noun upon death.

Documentation can be found at (with links to dapp and audit)
Mainnet Etherscan: DeathWish | Address 0x673864a06746b66bcb1b6932108082a37909c145 | Etherscan

I’m writing for access to Nouns DAO funding for this unique use case as well as to encourage Noun holders to use Death Wish to secure their Nouns. I would also appreciate any Tweets in support of my project.

Requested funding is $15,000 (or 10 ETH) for funding the audit and development time.

Benefit to Nouns DAO is that it would emphasize the importance of small and large contributions to the crypto/NFT space in the view of the DAO.

The free service is open regardless of funding, and I encourage Noun holders to use Death Wish with discretion.

Thanks the for consideration!

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im already undead so this is not a concern for me


I love this hehehe

Thanks for reading anyways <3

If it’s already built, I’m not sure I understand what the funding is for. Can you explain in more detail?

Hi Andrew, I’m seeking retroactive funding for the Audit + development time for this public good. A collaborator and I have spent approx 1-2 months and a CertiK audit on this project. We think Nouns DAO could demonstrate interest by partnering.

Oh ok. So was this a Nouns project form the start or more of a public good? I do think it’s going to be a definite problem in the space over time.

It isn’t a Nouns project, just a public good I dropped for free. I’m now suggesting a partnership with Nouns DAO for retro funding. In return I would give a major shoutout to Nouns DAO on the website.

Thanks for the compliment.

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