NOUNS have been becoming better known every day and Brazil has an important role in this growth. Many events that are responsible for promoting the WEB 3 industry have happened in the country. With that in mind, we have the pleasure to present to the community the first NOUNISH physical space.


We have the opportunity to reach thousands of people by building a physical area entirely focused on NOUNS. Not only does nothing like this exist yet, it’s something that, if executed in the right way, it’s easily replicated, helping to spread Noun’s name exponentially.

Coffee Shops are places where thousands of people come together to share experience and close deals. When associating this fact with the opportunity to make the first physical space which will be entirely focused on spreading Noun’s name, we have the pleasure to introduce Noun’s Coffee Shop

People will sit at a noun-themed table, drink coffee from a themed mug, and their orders will be personalized as well. It’s important to add we can use decentralized concept in our Menu, which means, besides we offer brazilian dishes, we are able to, from time to time, update and add dishes from all over the globe, showing our commitment to bring new people to the NOUNIVERSE, independent who these people are, what they do or where they are form, they’ll be part of our community.

It’s also important to say that all things we’re going to do will be shared with the community, so if some people in someplace want to do the same they’ll have everything we used.


Renovate a coffee shop which already exists and has been operating for 20 years in the heart of São Paulo next to Paulista avenue, located at Frei Caneca Mall. The main idea is to turn it into a place where all customers who come to visit feel comfortable and realize that they are in a unique place. This establishment will become the first meeting place for people who like NFT, WEB3, CRYPTO. It’ll help build a local community which will use the NOUNIVERSE as a basis to grow. By the time people feel how special the environment is, they’ll want to share with the rest of the world, using their social networks, pushing Noun’s name in a huge way.


1) Renovate a coffee shop

We’re going to use a coffee shop we already own and make a renovation. All visuals will be updated to a nourish themed model. An architecture firm that works with renovating Mall’s stores will be hired. The choice of professionals aims to deliver the best quality to the community. Nouns coffee shop will be an immersive experience that will also bring thousands of people to know NOUNS.

2) Nounish Products

In addition to the themed space, the crockery and uniforms will also be themed.

We’re planning to buy and offer to the customers Noun’s Coffee (Prop#84)

3) 100 giveaways for the 100 first customers who complete a task.

We’ll create a specific area with some references from the NOUN’s world for people to take pictures.

By doing this and tagging us, the first 100 customers will receive a themed-noun mug. Besides pushing the Nouninverse sharings pics and videos, we’ll also give a personalized item from our community, bringing people closer to us.

4) Opening event

After the renovation is completed, we’ll be promoting an opening event. Influent people are going to be invited.


Build a physical spot where people can gather to discuss WEB3/NFT/CRYPTO using Noun’s concept as the basis. Being validated, we’d like to help other people around the world to replicate it, showing we have no barriers.


Iagosnew - Project Lead/Influencer/LiLNouner#5997 (Coffee Shop Owner)
Ramon - Advisor/Nouncillor
Tato - Prop Writer/Translator
Dudonha - Dev
Roberta - Talent manager

We’ll create a website to explain everything, step by step, and it’ll be used for promoting our nounish space.


Work Project + Execution = 87 ETH

  1. Architecture Firm - 22 ETH
  2. Engineer - 12 ETH
  3. Woodwork - 7 ETH
  4. Equipments - 4 ETH
  5. appliances - 7 ETH
  6. metals - 2 ETH
  7. covering - 7 ETH
  8. detailed engineering design - 10 ETH
  9. detailed 3D models - 6 ETH
  10. Work Monitoring - 10 ETH


Management = 23 ETH

Business consulting = 15ETH

Menu (new cheff) = 14ETH

Team = 15ETH

Brand Desing = 10ETH

Marketing = 10ETH

Opening = 7ETH

total = 181ETH

*due to volatility we’ve calculated the price based on eth = $1300,00


Rough Business Calculations:

181 ETH x $1300 = $235300

Divided by 12 months = $19608

Avg Item Purchase = $2.50

$19608 divided by $2.50 = 7843 items per month

7843 items divided by 31 days = 253 items per day

253 items need to be sold per day at an average cost of $2.50 to make up the $19608 per month that could be seen as a loan to the coffee shop from the DAO, if the 181 ETH was paid back over a span of 12 months.

Question 1: How many items are currently being sold per day?

Question 2: Is the monthly rental fee of the shop included in this proposal?

Question 3: How many days is the coffee shop open per week, 7 days a week?

Question 4: How many hours is the coffee shop open for in a day?

Question 5: How many days is the coffee shop closed for in a year?

Question 6: How much income tax needs to be paid on a gross revenue of $19608 per month? This would need to be determined to see how much of the ‘loan’ per month can actually be repaid?

Question 7: If 253 items need to be sold per month to generate a gross revenue of $19608, what is the average cost of a $2.50 item?

Questions 8: How much Nouns Coffee would need to be imported to Brazil per month to make the shop operational? Might make more sense to brand local coffee with the Nouns Coffee assets?

I put a whisky proposal together and it is totally understandable that these high-end proposals won’t gain a lot of traction for various reasons. So I’m jumping in here to see if we can further break things down to continue the conversation.

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Before I answer all your questions, it’s important to emphasize the main goal is to promote NAUN’s name in a way no one did before, using a physical space and people’s social networks. We want as many people as possible to know our community.

That said, let’s start:

1- We already have consumable items being sold in our cafe like pies, cakes, juices, coffee, etc! We plan to add products like shirts and mugs!

2- yes it’s. we pay a monthly fee = USD3800

3- 7 days a week

4 - 10AM - 10PM (12H per day)

5 - it changes, depending on how many days the mall closes. so we can’t open the establishment

6 - we pay 15-19% tax, it depends on how the monthly income was. if we always put 19%, so 19608 x 0,81= USD3725,52.

7 - I think you meant 235 items per day.

Our average price is USD3.83 and its cost is about USD1.6. We have 6000 customers per month in our coffee shop, if each of these people buy just one piece of pie it’d be USD3.83 x 6000 = USD22.980.

1.6 x 6000 = USD9600 (cost)

22.980x0,81(tax included) - 9600 = USD9013,8

9013 - 3800 (shop fee) = USD5213

5213 - 4320 (employees) = USD893

which means that if our customers would buy just one consumable item we’d have profit. You know, for an establishment which is runned for 20 years, it is impossible! people come to our place to spend some time, they order all kinds of stuff! Juice + salt pie then Coffee + Cake for desert. Each person comes and spends USD12(average).

12x6000 = USD 72000

72000 - 19% = 58320

1,6 x 3 (number of items people buy in average) = USD 4.8

4.8 X 6000 = USD 28800 (total cost)

58320 - 28800 (cost) - 3800 (shop fee) - 4320 (employees) = USD 21402 (profit)

By the time we start selling other kinds of products and become an important place to a specific community we’ll grow more.

8 - Nowadays we buy 15KG of coffee per week. 15 x 4 = 60KG monthly. To be sincere we need to sit and talk with the team to see how we can make that operational, that’s why we said we’re still planning in the topic above. As we presented in our Prop we want to use a decentralized concept in our menu, so we can use local coffee + Nouns Coffee + some other coffee if it’s more profitable and calculate the possibility.

With the money we asked for, we can operate with local coffee without problems.

Just to explain one more thing:

as you can see we asked for 23ETH for management!

23x1300 = 29900

3800 x 3 = 11.400

4320 x 3 = 12.960

11400 + 12960 = 24360

29900-24360 = USD 5540

We want funds to run the business only for 3 months after that we’ll pay for our total cost and keep improving the Noun’s name. The USD5540 we want to promote some events we’re planning in this period and hire a new employee.

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Is the proposal for a loan that has to be paid back? If not, I don’t see how trying to balance the ledger like this really applies.

This proposal is not for a loan, at 181 Eth it isn’t going to get approved as no one with voting power has taken any interest in the prop. So with that being said, I decided to be the first person to open up the conversation with a scenario: if it was a loan, what would that roughly look like and I think Royale did a fantastic job breaking the business model down even further to get a better operational perspective.

Personally I don’t have an issue with the amount asked, maybe it can be refined and I think that the DAO needs more case studies if Nouns is going to proliferate in more countries via the consumables marketplaces. In my experience at today’s price, with 181 Eth you could fund 2 coffee shops as such in South Africa and still have a small war chest left over, but things differ from country to country.


Hi Royale,
First, just want to say that the concept and the art mockups are outstanding! The noggle tables and the overall feel and vibe, the merch all seem like if you could pull this off every Nounish person in the world would want to come there.

Second, in theory, I love the idea of an IRL place, in particular, a coffee shop seems very Nounish.

As for the cost and prop, it does seem quite ambitious. Not that the price is too high or wrong (I can’t really evaluate that), but that kind of commitment from the DAO up front seems like an uphill climb especially in the current market and the current vibe of what the DAO is supporting in props. Normally, I would suggest is there a way to do a smaller ask and prove the concept, but it seems with renovating a coffee shop that’s not really an option. So, I’m not sure what to suggest at the moment. Maybe we can help you think a bit more about it. Is there any thing that comes to mind for you that you could make this smaller of a project to prove the concept and move in phases? I know it may be an all or nothing idea, but think about it and happy to hear any thoughts and try to help you think it through. I appreciate the ambition here and what looks like a lot of passion for the idea.

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First of all, thank you for your feedback!
I talked to the team and we decided to change the prop to 143 eth. We are planning to remodel everything first and after everything is ready we can think about a business consultant and management we’ll take care of.
The big point is, it’s a business that has been running for 20 years. 5-6k monthly customers. We want to share our passion with nouns. We think it really worth it to the community to have an IRL place 100% thematic. After the remodeling is over the establishment will become marketing forever for NOUNS and all kinds of nounish events can be promoted in our space.

Hi bradq, I really appreciate your feedback and thoughts.
As you said it’s hard to do a smaller ask, because we are talking about remodeling and changing an establishment. I talked to the architect who will be responsible and he told me it isn’t possible to divide it into phases. different from an apartment/house which has some rooms and it’d be viable to remodel each room and divide it into phases, we are working with a store. So I talked to the team and we decided to change the amount we asked. We don’t want the funds for management and business consultants anymore, we’ll stick to the business how we’ve done till now. With that said, now we’re asking for 143eth. it’ll be for everything i explained before and it’ll be as good as you realize. The big point is Nouns are gonna have marketing forever and all kinds of nounish events can be promoted in our space. Think how good it’ll be for the community knowing we already have 5-6k monthly customers. They are real people who can be taught about Noun’s world.
it’s a win-win

IF you think the ask is too big to do at once, accept a Milestone based ask, so if team doesn’t deliver, DAO isn’t on the hook for the entire ask.

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