NounsDAO Brazil

[this is a draft - please share your feedback]


Build a community to nounify Brazil ⌐◨-◨


Create NounsDAO Brazil to connect to local artists and builders, aiming to create and proliferate Nouns in the country.
Also to be able to include those who might not be able to overcome language barriers by distributing content and organising events in the native language, Portuguese.


Translation: is already being independently translated by Eduardo Cruz, who I “met” at a Prop House “shark tank”. He could be retroactively paid, and this is something I’d like to ask the community about your opinion.


  1. Nounify Brazil: start a contest on Twitter to nounify Brazilian symbols (such as Christ the redeemer, Neymar etc), offering 0.1 ETH reward to the image with most like by the contest deadline (deadline tbd).

  2. Nouns chalk graffiti: similarly to what will be done in Basel, have the noggles sprayed around the country, photographed and uploaded to Twitter. Also reward the user with most likes to foster engagement.

  3. Posters with Nouns and QR code: Similar to what has been done in HK and what will be done in Basel, place posters in cities such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, Belo Horizonte e Recife. QR code will direct to Final budget for this will also include image and video capture for use on social media.

  4. Twitter spaces held in both Portuguese (to spread awareness) and English (to give this community access to guests that don’t speak Portuguese).

  5. Nouns graffiti: we are already in talks with professional graffiti artists to have noggles containing art done in São Paulo (12.33 million) and Porto Alegre (4.4 million). We are now scouting for ideal locations. Final budget for this will also include image and video capture for use on social media.


We are asking for 13 ETH, not counting the graffiti.

Budget breakdown:

  1. Image contest: 0.5 ETH (0.1 ETH each, to be repeated 5 times)
  2. Chalk graffiti contest: 0.5 ETH (0.25 ETH each, to be repeated 2 times)
  3. Posters: 6 ETH for poster print and distribution (print: R$400/100 posters or USD80/100 posters or 0.06 ETH/100 posters)
  4. Twitter spaces will be held once a week in Portuguese. Special spaces in English will be less frequent.
  5. Graffiti: prices for the graffiti itself are ca R$400/m2 (ca USD 80/10sq ft or 0.06 ETH/m2). We will have to add the prices for the location (tbd). This will be a separate proposal once we have all the details (curating artist, art, location and media capture - hello Marketing Studio for Nouns-funded Projects :slight_smile: :wave: ).
  6. Administration of DAO’s projects and community management: 6 ETH. 1 ETH per person per month. We will have 2 people on this and the budget is for 3 months of work.

B, yours truly.
Kome, co-founder of RiseDAO.
QuijoteHorizon, co-founder of @ccZero2022, the largest Brazilian web3 community on discord with almost 1000 members.



Hi B!

I am also a nounish brazilian from Sao Paulo. This is an amazing project!!! I do not see anything like that here so I think all the nouns community have a great opportunity of growth here which can help to increase the nouns concepts, visibility and the real DAO values.

I am also a developer from a long time so anything you all need, I will be glad to help.

always nounish :slight_smile: ⌐◨-◨


Hi! Thanks for reaching out! Let’s keep in touch.

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hi B, i absolutely love this idea and support it.

one idea - if we wanted to get the ball rolling and do some of the twitter contests before an on-chain goes on chain, Small Grants would cover the costs… then if successful it could inform what a larger on-chain proposal looks like


Thank you so much!!! This would be great, it would definitely help both with community engagement and would help us write a better proposal :purple_heart:


Also, after a long and nice talk, I’ll be adding @leoclark as part of the founders team. He proposed and got funded for Prop#71, as well as Nouns News on Prop House. We believe he’s a great addition to the team :purple_heart:


We love B. We love NounsDAO Brazil. Cant wait to see what’s next! :blush:


That’s great! Thanks, B. Let’s Nounify Brazil :brazil: