Small Grants: Translation to Brazilian Portuguese (Retroactive)

TLDR: 0.5eth to reimburse translation that was already submitted as a pull request.

Project Overview

Translate to Brazilian Portuguese.


Brazilian population is about 200 million people, most do not speak english. There are also many other countries an territories that have portuguese as an official language, such as Portugal, Angola, Cabo Verde, Mozambique, Macau and others.

Also, the translation file can be reused in future (or existing) forks/derivative projects.


I started building β€œhOur Nouns” a Nouns fork with auctions every hour. I submitted a proposal to prop house about it. After that, I started translating to Brazilian Portuguese and the translation can be seen here (still on rinkeby)

Another reference to the translation was made in another proposal by @thebeautyandthepunk

Current Status

The translation is mostly done and a pull request was already made to the nouns repository a week ago. From a list of 229 items/expressions, 216 were translated. There are only 13 items still missing.


1 - Finish the translation. There is not much left to do. I just need some help figuring out where the remaining 13 items are used so that I can confirm that the translation is correct for the context where the expression/sentence/word is used. And that is it.
2 - It would be good if someone else could review the translation. As stated above, the translation can be seen in the following url:
3 - And the final step would be to accept the existing pull request.


  • 0.5eth to reimburse the work done.

About the Author

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I would be extremely happy to see this done. All languages really. 0.5 eth seems quite fair. please reach out to me in discord. I would be happy to help you track down where the words are used. I am sure that @thebeautyandthepunk can help find someone to review the translations.

Let’s gooooo!

discord: @!πš‘πšŠπš›πšπšœ | βŒβ—¨-β—¨s4Teachers!