NOUNS IN RIO - Nouns to be a part of the 1st Brazilian international NFT exhibition


Nouns to be a part of the 1st Brazilian international NFT exhibition in Rio de Janeiro.

30 June until 3 July 2022

22 ETH




The “11 Nouns as part of the exhibition” is already a done deal!

A selection of 11 Nouns will be displayed during the event and on 300+ digital billboards in Rio de Janeiro (6.7 million) and Sao Paulo (12.3 million).


This proposal is for expanding, even more, the exposure that Nouns will have during the event which will be held at Parque Lage.
Parque Lage is a point of reference for artistic experimentation, research and innovation.
In addition, it is an impressive century-old building in the middle of the largest urban forest in the world (image below).


This proposal is a part of the broader Nouns DAO Brazil initiative led by B (Noun #137) to Nounify Brazil and bring the Portuguese language natives into Nouns.

Based on the success of Japan, Nouns in Hong Kong and NounsDAO Amigos, we propose the following:

  1. Pay NFT Rio a sponsorship quota as a way of thanking the event for welcoming Nouns. (Nouns in Rio was their pinned tweet for over 1 week).

The quota will also add:

  • Nouns on their website**
  • Mention in the NFT.Rio’s social media.
  • 20 minutes of Nouns 101 talk in the sponsors’ room (by Leo Clark).
  • Noggles image to be displayed in the institutional video (during the intervals between talks).
  • Tickets for parties (Full PDF with details available).

** As a sign of good faith Nouns have already been added to their website.

  1. Photo and video crew dedicated to Nouns to document the event plus the digital billboards in Rio and Sao Paulo.
    All the footage and photos are to be sent to the Marketing Studio cc0 stock.

  2. Portuguese translation of (Done by Fabio Seva).

  3. 1,000 A2 posters around Rio de Janeiro.
    Like in the Hong Kong example, posters with QR code are to be spread throughout the city during the event.

  4. Art contest on Nouns DAO Brasil Twitter - Portuguese @NounsDaoBrasil.
    During the event, we will be reaching out to Brazilian NFT artists and promoting a #nounish art contest with a 2 ETH prize split between 5 winners.
    We will engage with the NFT community, host Twitter spaces and get them excited to work on Nouns-related art.

And this is JUST THE BEGINNING ⌐◨-◨

The 11 selected Nouns on the link below:


We already have great exposure as part of the exhibition alongside some of the great names in the space**. For a reasonable amount, we can thank them (and get the added bonus of being a part of the sponsors) and gain valuable media, footage/photos, as well as live Noun-pilling the audience and guests.

This will be a defining event for NFTs in Brazil.

We think we got lucky to have been given this opportunity to proliferate Nouns in Rio ahead of the major effort that B and our team are preparing for Brazil.
This will just be one step on a long journey that is starting.

With the potential to reach millions of people and a very diverse art culture, we believe that Nounify Brazil and Nouns DAO Brazil will have a great impact on inspiring and helping local communities and at the same time bring valuable #nounish builders to Nouns.

** Including artworks from Justin Aversano, XCopy, WoW and others (see image below)


Event dates: 30 June until 3 July

The organizers agreed to add us as sponsors even before the proposal is approved. Like good Brazilians, they have faith it will pass.


  1. Sponsorship (Bronze - Cheaper option): 7 ETH (The organizers agreed to the ETH amount independent of the conversion rate to fiat)
    Air ticket from NZ to Brazil for one (Leo Clark): 4 ETH
  2. 2x film and photo crews for 1 week (Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo) - 4 ETH
  3. Portuguese translation of - 0.5 ETH
  4. 1,000 A2 posters (Printing and placement) - 1.5 ETH
  5. Art contest on Nouns DAO Brasil Twitter: 2 ETH
  6. Team: Leo Clark + Fabio Seva: 3 ETH



B | Noun #137: @beautyandpunk, Discord: thebeautyandthepunk#8285

Leo Clark: @leoclark, Discord: leoclark.eth ⌐◨-◨#2267
Nouns Filmmaker (Proposal #71 and Nouns News creator).
Will deliver the Noun 101 talk as well as coordinate the film and photo crew.

fabioseva: @fabioseva, Discord: fabioseva#2655
Nouns + cc0 evangelist | LilNoun#125
Creator of Nouns fork QueenE (in test right now):
And responsible for the Lil Nouns POAP done with @messhup and @worthalter
Will coordinate the printing and placement of posters.

Event website:

Crypto team (NFT Rio creators / curators):

Creative Studio (responsible for the physical event):


I wish I had a chance to visit this event in Brazil! I wish you a speedy proposal approval!!

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Thanks again for your kind words and support!

Hello again,
Since last week, there has been a couple of updates.

1 - Their website now has been updated to include Nouns on the main page.

2 - We are working on a press release in Portuguese for the main Sunday night show in the country, called “Fantastico”.
They are interested in the Superbowl story.
Fantastico is the most-watched show on Brazilian television on Sunday since its debut in 1973.
Website (Portuguese):

3 - Some media:

Cozomo on the main Brazilian Newspaper, O Globo:

And Justin Aversano more recently:

From Wikipedia:

O Globo is the most prominent print publication in the Grupo Globo media conglomerate.

4 - They proposed that Nouns could be a part of the immersive space where the works are projected on walls with video + audio instead of stills.
We have added the #nounish video from Goldy to the start of the video loop file and sent it to them.


Thank you for your attention :pray: