Proposal: Nouns Sailing Boat - Brazil

Nouns Sailing boat – Brazil

The Idea:
Why not bring the Web3 to real Ocean life?

A Nouns sailing Boat customized throw the coast of Brazil and participating on big nautical events throw our more than 8.000 Km (4.000 Nautical miles) of coast.

Nouns Sailinng Boat in Brazil is to deliver the Nouns culture throw the Brazilian Coast. Imagine the Impact that we can do.

Brazil is going big and fast with Nouns!

  1. Nouns in Rio proposal with leoclark.eth approved via Prop House kickstarting NounsDAO activities in Brazil
  2. NounsDAO and LilNounsDAO translation into Portuguese
  3. Co-founded a pioneer Nouns fork recognized by Punk4156 and Giancarlo Buy Tokens
  4. The very first POAPs for LilNouns


Imagine a Nouns sailing boat, named as “Nouns Sailor” with custom sails, and customized interior cruising and stopping in each city with a lot of people seeing a sail with the glasses of nouns coming in…

Imagine the boat participating on the big nautical events in the country, Big medias, Charters, sailing classes, and all the interior customized for Nouns, a real boat for noun’s culture.

The nautical community is so big in our country, so connected and supportive with the media these days. We see each other constantly by the sea, and especially at the marinas, if you have a sailboat, you are a friend.

Base Location

In Brazil we have the culture to go to the beach constantly, vacations, holidays, weekends, if we have an opportunity, we go find the ocean to have some peace. On these occasions, I’ll offer rental charters and sailing classes, everybody will see the Nouns customized boat and learn about it.

I live in Búzios, Rio de Janeiro, the city will be the base for the boat, and all the cruising will go from here, is a good location, TOP 5 INTERNATIONAL TOURISM IN BRAZIL. Just in New year’s week, Búzios receive more than 300 thousand tourist, and our summer is more than 3 month, its start in December and ends in march after the carnival, 1,5 million tourist all around the world come visit Búzios during the summer.

In the summer, Nouns Sailor will be there for charters, sailing classes and have partnership with the big hotel for top costumers.

Here is what TripAdvisor say:


Nautical Event to be In

We have 4 Big nautical Events / year

For all events I will need to navigate to get there, I will charter sailing classes / Ocean Experience on the way, it is more than 10 days at sea stopping in different cities. People will live for a few days in Nouns Sailor, get deep in sailing and nouns culture.

1 - REFENO - THE BIGGEST EVENT IN LATIN AMERICA, a regatta from Recife to Fernando de Noronha Island, 2 days sailing to the Island with more than 100 boat participating, all of them full of people, and families waiting for the arrival at the island, the paradise for Brazilian’s people.

Every year is expected 4 thousand people on the Island for the event.

At departure have a boat parade for everyone on land to know the boats.

2- BRALLY AMAZON - Expedition of 500 NM (900 km) going In Amazon River until Santarém city, a tourism place. It is a 20 days expedition, with 30 boats all around the world, and Navy leading the way, stopping on small villages and big cities.

3 – SAILING WEEK ILHABELA - the Biggest event for Regattas in Brazil, differently from Refeno that is a Crossing for few days. This is a week of events with regattas every day for all kind of boats, there is boats that is seriously racing and others want to participate to be in the middle of the biggest event of all.

Every boat want to participate, even if that is just for fun. One of the biggest Media because is too close to land, everyone can see the race until the end. Ilhabela in São Paulo is the Mecca for Brazilian Sailors.

Uploading: image.png(1)…

4- RIO BOAT SHOW - Worldwide event, every year we have one in Rio de Janeiro, most of all for new boat and experience at sea, there is a lot of new projects shown at the event. Imagine First NFT/WTF boat case in Brazil Boat Show. We can be on it like this photo, arrange lectures from NOUNSDAO partners or Nouners owners.



5 – NFT RIO - the Nouns Sailor can be there for making the boat as visiting place, sailing for Nouners fan, or can even Be the Place to present the NounsDAO of the Event.



The Nouns Sailor will have it’s own Instagram and YouTube Channel, show a life boat day by day, and all the experience that will happened. I will work for building the channels for the max visualization Nouns glasses will show with the boat and explained in some part of the videos and media.

The channel will have a Media team to keep editing and posting when I set sail from city to city.

The Boat

40 to 45 Feet sailing boat

The Nouns glasses on both sides of the hull

The boom with @ media name


The name on the bow

Spinaker and Genoa Sail with Nouns glasses

Cushions, cups, T-shirts with Nouns characters

Uploading: image.png(3)…

When can start?

Right after the proposal accepted.

Who Am I

I’m a professional Skipper/Captain for 5 years with all the licenses for boating with years of Sailing experience and been at the sea all my life, I worked in all kind of sailing boat and yacht, for Deliverys and Charters. Already visit and participate for all the events mentioned above. Know the coast of Brazil by sea and land, know-how of seasonality of the country to be in best place at the right moment.

Graduated in Business

Instagram @richard.nautica

Step by Step and Grants Request

I have already a few 40 to 45 feet sailing boat in mind that would be perfect for the project.

  1. A month travelling the coast to visit those boats, find the perfect one, and bring to Búzios: ~ 2.5 ETH
  2. The “Nouns Sailor” Boat ~ 115 ETH
  3. Documentation bureaucracy ~ 0.4 ETH
  4. Start previous maintenance ~ 4.6 ETH
  5. Order the customized sail ~ 3.5 ETH
  6. Getting a Marina as Base in Búzios (12 month) ~ 4.4 ETH
  7. Customized with Cushions plates, cups, and T-shirts for crew for the inside and outside ~ 0.8 ETH
  8. Registration Refeno September 2023 ~ 0.9 ETH
  9. Brally Amazon October 2023 ~ 2 ETH
  10. Sailing Week IlhaBela July 2023 ~1 ETH
  11. Rio Boat Show (week spot for the event) No data yet, Value estimated from last year ~ 6 ETH

Total 141,1 ETH

The Project will go one after 2023, it is a ideia that will last for years and possibility to go to others international events outside Brazil. Or, can participate again with the same events, depending on feedback in 2023. Always trying to show the Nouns culture to the biggest crowd.

Hey Ricky! Great stuff. Sailing is definitely nounish, and as a keen sailor myself I love the idea of nouns boats around the world.
I will just say that I feel that the ETH ask is quite large compared to the proliferation factor. You might want to think of Nouns as a “sponsor” rather than a fund to build a relatively unrelated business - even though it will be dressed with nouns, it can function without it. Maybe try and find more ways to relate it to the nouns project on top of sails and hulls having stickers.
I love the idea but I think the proposal needs a bit more work. You should keep on, maybe work with a designer to create some photoshop work that would make us dream. For example I would love to see the hull covered with this:

It would pop a bit more, dont you think?

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Hey, Thanks for the Feedback!
I’m a Skipper, but work on other’s boat, don’t have my own yet. Yes, I know the amount is quite large, that is just because of the boat, for the project to happen I need the sponsoring for buying the boat and than the rest can happen.

But, shure! About the desing, doing some nice art on the Hull and sails (this art in particular it would be amazing) I can managed to have some good designer friend helping me with the art.
I’ll Try to work more to show that having the boat I can travel and expand the nouns in Brazil.
The Event That I would be in have a lot of potential people to be in Nouns world.

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I like the idea, but you’re going to run into inevitable comparisons with this prop:

They did 5 boats in Korea for 25ETH when ETH was significantly lower than it is now. I don’t think the DAO is going to want to own a boat, so this ask will come across as ‘Nouns buys me a boat and I thank them by putting noggles on the sail’, which will be difficult to get through.

This has good proliferation potential just like the other one, but I think you’ll need to find a boat to nounify rather than buying one outright. One man’s opinion.

Thanks for the feedback!

Yes, I understand. But if I had a boat for my self I wouldn’t go in all those event, like Rio Boat show or Sailing week, but for the project is super vailable to disseminate the nouns culture, to much people in it.

I tried partnerships first, with ho had a boat, but is dificult have a good impact just givind sails customized and they have already their own agenda, with the project going on, a lot of people would be interested.

All those event, and traveling for more than a year to disseminate the culture at the best events is how I’m going work. The customized boat and sails is just detail for what I can achive with this, bu I know it is hard to pass the ideia with the price to high for the boat, I was afraid that would hapenned.

I’m reforming the proposal to be more nounish already with some feedbacks that I had.

I saw the Korea Project, amazing the Ideia.

I’m just waiting for a partnership to happen to have a better proposal.

Thanks for the feed back apreciate it

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Looking forward to seeing the next iteration!

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Just for you all to know.

I team up with a partner to get this project better, reform the Idea, and be really useful for the comunity of Nouns DAO

We are reforming everything to get the price asking for the project to be really lower than this one,

Just a little more patience, in a week or two we will post again here for feedback!

Agree. This prop would come across as NounsDAO buying you @Rickyday a boat for you to sail around in it. Like @AndrewLaddusaw suggested, maybe you can find/rent a boat or organize a sailing trip like what was done in Korea.

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Yes, that why I’m doing some changes and new research for the new proposal. The boat is not the principal, but what can achieve with it.

When I posted I will send here the link.