🇧🇷 NFT.Brasil - Celebrating nounstory and fueling the future

NFT.Brasil - Celebrating nounstory and fueling the future


NFT.Brasil is a pioneering conference celebrating the cutting-edge advancements and possibilities of the NFT world that is set to take place in Sao Paulo city, Brazil on June 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, 2023.

We want to bring Nouns to NFT.Brasil. The event is expected to attract over 30,000 individuals. The venue is the iconic Bienal, which is a true masterpiece of contemporary design, and is a premier cultural destination in Brazil.

The Brazilian Genesis

What is NFT.Brasil?

Get ready to witness an exciting fusion of art, technology, and innovation at NFT.Brasil, a pioneering conference that is all set to take place in the heart of Sao Paulo. Hosted at the iconic Bienal, the event promises to be a one-of-a-kind experience that brings together digital artists and web3 builders from across Brazil.

The mockup video gives you a sneak peek of what’s to come: click here to watch.

The Bienal, also known as the Biennial Pavilion, is a landmark cultural institution located in the heart of São Paulo, Brazil. It was designed by the legendary Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer and was first opened in 1951 to host the São Paulo Art Biennial, which is one of the world’s most prestigious art exhibitions.

Hosting the NFT.Brasil conference at the Bienal is a testament to the venue’s reputation as a premier cultural destination, and it promises to be an ideal setting for the fusion of art and technology that is at the heart of the NFT movement.

The event will be held on June 2nd, 3rd, and 4th and will be divided into two areas. The NFT exhibition will showcase Brazilian and international artists, collections, projects, and DAOs. The second area will host talks and lectures, bringing the community together to discuss the technology and its impact on our present and future. With a combination of NFT art exhibitions and speaker sessions, the event expects to attract over 30,000 individuals seeking knowledge, connections, and business opportunities in the field.

With a population of over 12 million residents, São Paulo is one of the largest and most vibrant cities in the world, making it the perfect backdrop for this exciting event. Our goal is to achieve a massive and innovative onboarding experience for all attendees, and to do so, we will be present in five strategic areas throughout the event journey. These include the NFT Exhibition, Speaker Sessions, Stands, Metaverse, and Eletromedia.

What does Nouns gets by funding this proposal?

Besides being a huge celebration of the Nouns community in Brazil and what we’ve been building for 9 months after NFT.Rio, and also being a great chance to bring new people on board, Nouns DAO will get:

Nouns Booth

The 25m² booth will be designed as a community hub, providing a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for attendees to gather. The space will feature puffs, chairs, and tables strategically arranged to showcase the websites, auctions, and content from the five major projects: Nouns, Foodnouns, Gnars, Lil Nouns, and Nouns BR. The booth is sure to be a must-visit destination for event-goers seeking the latest information and updates on Nouns and its innovative projects.

The decision to locate the booth right beside the speakers is a badass choice for several reasons. It puts Nouns at the heart of the event, giving unrivaled visibility and exposure. Attendees will be drawn to the dynamic atmosphere around the speakers, and we will be perfectly positioned to engage with them as they move in and out of the area. Such special location will enable Nouns to build the brand and network. Three members of Nouns BR (JP, Guiriba and Debussy) will be there to welcome and onboard people who pass by the booth.

Main Stage

Aubtoshi is an exciting addition to the lineup of main stage speakers at the upcoming NFT.Brasil event. As a highly influential figure in the Nouns community, Aubtoshi’s presentation is sure to be a highlight of the event. Her expertise and experience within the Nouns ecosystem will provide valuable insights for attendees, while her engaging speaking style and natural charisma are sure to captivate the audience.

We’ll also have a builders panel with Nouns BR members such as JP, Guiriba, Debussy, Vlad and others. They will tell their stories within the ecosystem and invite the audience to join the Nouns community.

NFT.Brasil Exhibition

NFT.Brasil is excited to announce that the upcoming exhibition will feature an exclusive art display by The Nouns, alongside other highly respected collections such as Crypto Punks, and Doodles, BAYC and of course innovative navite brazilian collections. As one of the featured collections, Nouns will have a prominent position in the exhibition, offering visitors a chance to explore the ecosystem and engage with Nouns team.


NFT.Brasil is also counting with Cryptovoxels and Spatial by activating the NFT.Brasil branded district in both metaverses during and after the event for at least three months. Nouns will have its own building and will be free to promote any kind of activity inside it. The team aims 25,000 individuals visiting both activations during the period and a digital legacy for community use.

Make sure to watch the full video!

Open-air NFT exhibition - Eletromedia

For 20 days, NFT.Brasil will host the largest open-air NFT exhibition in the world. In partnership with Eletromedia, Brazil’s leading Out of Home media company, NFT.Brasil will showcase artists’ works at over 40,000 media spots throughout the cities of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, and Fortaleza. We want Nouns to be a part of this activation. Last year at NFT.Rio, the same exhibition setup led the Nouns 367 sale bought by Sanuxo for 113.22 ETH.

Distribution of Eletromidia Presence in Sao Paulo

Budget Breakout

  • NFT.Brasil Sponsorship

  • Sponsorship Package T - $ 30.000,00

    • Exhibition entry granted for Nouns holders and sub-DAOs holders
    • 20 passports for 3-day event access (raffled off to the Brazilian community)
    • Main stage speaker (Aubtoshi)
    • Secondary stage talk (Builders panel)
    • Brand exposure on social media and website
    • Brand exposure within the event
    • 25m² booth
    • 1 Twitter Spaces
  • Metaverse Construction - $ 10.000,00

    • Exclusive Nouns building in the NFT.Brasil District on Spatial
    • Nouns activation in the NFT.Brasil building on Cryptovoxels
  • Upsell - Street Galery - $ 25.000,00

    • Eletromedia (OOH media in 4 capitals)
    • 20 days, NFT.Brasil will host the largest open-air NFT exhibition in the world
    • 40,000 media spots throughout the cities of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, and Fortaleza


  • Nouns Activation

  • Booth Construction - $ 12.000,00

    • 25m² Booth - $ 11.000,00
    • Ilustradora (Will create an exclusive artwork for the stand) - $ 1.000,00
  • Booth activation during the 3-day event - $ 8.000,00

    • JP - $ 2.000,00
    • Guiriba - $ 2.000,00
    • Debussy - $ 2.000,00
    • Retro Pool - $ 2.000,00 (for community members who may help during the event)
  • Merch - $ 5.000,00

    . 250 shirts
    . 100 socks
    . 2000 stickers
    . 300 pins
    . 300 paper noggles

Total Ask

$ 90.000,00


:fire: I need a picture on that booth wearing noogles. Will be great to meet other Nounish projects in there, love that you guys are including sub-daos in the project.

Bienal is one of the most relevant places for cultural events in Brazil, thank you for bringing Nouns to it :slight_smile:


Hi, Vlad
I really like this proposal. The time line visuall is really cool. IRL and Metaverse exhibision wii be standard of NFT event.


This event promises to be the biggest in Sao Paulo. I’m really excited about what they are building. It would be amazing to have a nounish space there. I believe we will have a lot of web3 and web2 people there once the location is very known, accessible, and with a high flow of people. LFG!


I support this project, and will be there!
If that happend I will try to bring Sunny Pires!!

That crew Vlad, JP, Debussy and Guiriba are totallyrally nounish!


This is huge. A beautiful project and crafted by nounish frens who have been building many nounish stuff and always achieving a high level in both execution and proliferation of the Nouns ecosystem. Another great opportunity to expand the brand name and the purposes that make Nouns so wonderful. !vibe ⌐◨-◨


Some Gifs that didn’t went through the discourse UI




This event is going to be a milestone for the nft scene in Brazil, and for NounsDAO. Reasonable investment for such a huge impact


The idea is amazing and very well detailed :100:
Having a Nounish booth at the event will be Epic, because both experienced Web3 people and newcomers to the crypto world can experience, even if only a little, what the Nouniverse we love so much is all about, thus bringing more and more members to the community! :star_struck:


Seems like an excellent chance to water the seeds that have been previously planted by Nouns participation during NFT events in Brazil and within the local community. With the expected attendance, this has the potential to reverberate Nouns vibes exponentially!

All 5 of the Nouns projects represented in this proposal have been busy developing exceptional things on the Nouns protocol. And with the exposure that NFT.Brasil will bring, they will no doubt be able to attract a network of aligned individuals to keep building the awesomeness that will perpetuate the virtuous cycle.

Imo, Nouns presence at this event is a no-brainer.


I love Nouns, I love Brazil and I really love the team :heart:
Looking forward to it.
Best of luck :metal:


Always a pleasure to see such an informative and solid prop. Let’s go NFT Brasil!


Great team involved.
Guys that are leading this already built great things on nounsniverse!

This will be a huge event with great engament possibilities!
Nouns have to be there and the team involved have all the expertise to represent Nouns very well on NFT.Brasil!


Love the team behind it, and it will be awesome to see Nouns making a strong presence at NFT.Brasil. The fusion of art and technology at the Bienal will undoubtedly inspire creativity and innovation, while introducing new folks to Nouns. Just brilliant ⌐◨-◨


gm Nouns community!

i’m one of NFT.Brasil founders and really excited about the upcoming event. The goal is celebrate NounStore. Our team has been working hard to bring together a engaging lineup of speakers, artists, and innovators who are at the frontline of the NFT and web3 space.

I believe that Nouns is movement empowering creators and changing the way we think about art and technology. I’m glad to be part of this community and look forward to connecting with all of you at the event.

Thank you for your support and let’s continue to fuel the future of Nouns together!


Strong team :skateboard: and I think Brazil :brazil: will help etch Nouns deep into the culture there and really show how Nouns DAO and company are elevating their community. :desktop_computer:


Agree with all of the above sentiment. Looks like a fantastic project to spread Nouns love in Brazil.


I hope this prop passes, that will be the perfect excuse to visit Brasil and hang out with the Nounish homies! Looks really solid and the team has already done something like this in the past :saluting_face: :heart_on_fire:


Nouns and Brazil, yes, it needs to be done!


This proposal looks epic. I remember the huge electronic billboards over there for the last one, makes sense to me to step it up and get more involved. The Brasil crew seem to always pull things off well and there’s a huge crowd there.
I think the potential to onboard 2 new nouners during this event is high, which would cover the entire prop.