Nouns x Romário Fanfest FIFA world Cup 2022


Hello! Ramon here!!

Nouns through me was invited by Crypto sports and former soccer player Romário (striker and champion for Brazil in the 1994 FIFA world cup) to participate in the Fanfest do Baixinho, a social/festive event to promote an environment of gastronomic experience, business networking, immersive technology experiences, web3 knowledge sharing and to follow the 3rd game of Brazil in the FIFA world cup.


We will Nounify the Fanfest of one of the greatest former soccer players in Brazilian history.

We will have 8 people using Noggles personalized with the colors of Brazil with LED lights flashing throughout the event explaining to the public the importance of the Nouns DAO experiment in the web3 scenario as well as the actions performed in Brazil and around the world and there will also be the distribution of gifts for the guests (Ecobag, Botton, Stickers and key chains).
In addition, we will have a filmmaker documenting the whole action.

*thank you Awen fut for the keychain model.


The event is a unique opportunity for the proliferation of Nouns, since the target audience are people and sponsors interested in the great market that is web3, and it is an event that unites the biggest passion of the country that is soccer with technology.

In addition, it will be an event of great media repercussion in Brazil, because it will be covered by the main channels, blogs and news portals about sports and technology.

The Nouns DAO will be displayed in the backdrops of the event, and there will be signs all over the venue.

We will have Nominal Shirt for NOUNS DAO autographed by former athlete Romário that we intend to make available to the community.


December 2nd at Romário’s Residence located in Barra da Tijuca - Rio de Janeiro


The amount requested in the budget is mainly to cover the sponsorship quota of 5k DOLLARS.
2k DOLLARS - gifts Ecobag, Botton, Stickers and Keychain.
700 $ for Led Noggles
2k DOLLARS for Team, Filmaker and collaborators.

Total: 9700$ Dolars


On the day of the event we will count on a qualified team to present and talk about the Nouns experiment to the attending press, telling about the actions carried out in Brazil and around the world.

Ramon ⌐◨-◨#6247 - Prop creator and executor, Nouncillor and prop builder at NounsBr, Gnars DAO, Lilnouns DAO. and avising in more projects like the nouns rap battle, Nouns School and more.
#JP - Nouns in Rio, Treasure hunt, Internationouns.



This sounds really fun. I was trying to search for the event and see more of what it was all about, but I couldn’t really find anything. How many people are supposed to attend? How does the interaction between crypto and the world cup games happen? Is it like a watch party with sponsorships mixed in? What are the immersive technology experiences? I have so many questions!

The event, for the time being, is only being advertised to invited guests, which is why you haven’t found any published information. It is a closed event for 300 invited people, sponsors and press. It is a face-to-face event promoting the Crypto sports brand, among the immersive experiences there will be some interactive screens, metaverse experiences with virtual reality glasses among other activations from other brands.
There is not so much information about activation because it is still in the phase of closing contract with sponsors.


Sounds like a pretty amazing opportunity for you all. I know when they do events in our area with professional athletes, it’s always a big deal. To do something with a legend like Romario, that’s just off the charts. Would love to hear more as the details come together and would love to see the results! Best of luck!

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my first Nouns event in Brazil (nounify skatepark maracanã) I managed to attract Bob burniquist to the DAO and who knows now we may bring Romário


Add a ‘Golden Ball’ head if he joins? :grinning:

Being a soccer nerd this is interesting !

I just wanted to understand more on the sponsorship quota, are there other packages we can potentially elect (lower or higher) or is this the base standard ?

And I would love to know what the sponsorships would include ? (nouns on display? etc.)

  • I just wanted to understand more on the sponsorship quota, are there other packages we can potentially elect (lower or higher) or is this the base standard ?

This is the smallest quota with activation at the event, quotas less than $5,000 only guarantee up to 2 admission tickets and brand exposure on the shirt of the guests sent by the sponsor to the event.

  • And I would love to know what the sponsorships would include ? (nouns on display? etc.)

Sponsorship includes:

  • Brand exposure on the backdrop of the event.
  • Brand exposure signs
  • Photo with Romário together with the brand
  • Shirt made for the brand and autographed by Romário
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Interesting Ramon ! Seems like a really professional and gated event - do you think there could possibly be an alteration with some of the gift items (ie. buttons, keychain) ? maybe like a wrist-band potentially ?!

Yes, any change with the intention of improving project delivery is possible.