Nouns in world cup 2⚽22 ⌐◨-◨

“Spooky Club” is a project containing 3200 items that is going to be Run by Multiple “Lil Nounsers “ .


The Project is related to the

QATAR WORLD CUP 2022 :trophy::soccer:

Our cute 3D ,Nouns/themed/ Items are each a representative of a participant country in the world cup and are Free to mint for nounsers.

The Holders of The Spooky Items will have the chance of receiving Amazing Rewards ; those who Own Items of any country that is participating in the world cup will be able to use these rewards.

The Rarity and Ranks of these Items are Interrelated with the Performances of the Teams during the World cup Matches.

For example If Your Spooky is wearing the U.K flag and The United Kingdom Wins the World cup Final Match !

You as a Holder of a Champion Item become one of the 100 Winners of the biggest Reward and same goes on for the Semi finalists, Second and third country.

The amount of the reward depends on your prediction and your team’s performance during the Games.

-In this project a total number of 800 items will win more than 50% of the gathered budget after the mint.

-All the Process will be Decentralized and transparent by a Smart contract.

After the world cup and Claiming the rewards, Holders will be able to use their Vote for the Next projects!

Step 1:

Website , our 3D designs and the Smart contract will be Ready within a month

Step 2 :

Meanwhile Our Twitter and Discord members will be Growing , members will get WL’ed based on their Activities and answering Soccer related Questions and registering their wallets.

Step 3 :

The Secondary Market will be available throughout the world cup.

Holders will be able to trade their Items on the Spooky club’s official website.

The Swapping process will be done by our fully decentralized mechanism .

Step 4:

The winner Item Holders will be able to Claim their rewards “One day “ After the final Match !

Step 5 :

Holders can Receive 1 New Item from the new project by Burning 2 of their existing items.

any item can be burned except for the 3 first winning countries items !

Allocation of rewards :

:gift: Total prize fund


50% 100 Champion team :trophy:

20% 100 The runner-up team :2nd_place_medal:

15% 100 The third team :3rd_place_medal:

15% 500 Losing teams :dart:


Our Spooky’s Are Symbols Of

The QATAR WORLD CUP 2022 :trophy::soccer:

Each one represents a Flag of participant countries and is wearing Lil Nouns’s Glasses which makes them The First Cutes, Coolest Characters of the upcoming World cup !

The Item’s Designs can be inspired from the Nouns But we Believe that Nouns will be more promoted In a Creative Combination with other characters.


We all Know that

World Cup matches are one of the biggest ,Hottest Events that Has had a Huge Active Community and Fans with a Heart full of Strong Love and passion for Soccer , combined with the Sense of Honor and support for their International Team and Countries throughout the past few Years and QATAR WORLD CUP 2022 Is not going to be any Less if Not More !!

So Creating aWorld cup Themed Soccer based

NFT ‘’ Community with Amazing Rewards and Prizes for the Fans ; with the Help of Nouns’s Coffer , will Introduce This DAO to a Bigger Audience and Can attract and add Sport Lovers and Soccer Fans to our Community.


•Mint Date for Whitelists (nounser) :

November 5th.

•Public Sell/Mint Date : 10 Days before the World Cup on November 10th.

•Reward Giving : 1 Day after the Final match !

i’m sepi, lilnoun #1222

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Thank you for reading. :pray:
What do you think about this? :slightly_smiling_face:

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This sounds very interesting! How many can you mint per wallet if you own a Nouns?

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nothing is bigger than the World Cup!

thank you :pray:.Each owner can freemint as many nouns as he owns.

exactly, it’s can be a big promote for nouns.