Nounish Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Female Fighter


Hi Nouns!

I’m Iris, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu blue belt, French champion, world bronze medalist (M1 light feather), Starknet developer, and early NounsDAO fan!
I’m seeking 17K USD to compete internationally, and I’m thrilled to say that Starknet and Frst have already pledged 13K USD.

To become a DAO-sponsored athlete would be a dream come true, and I would love to wear the nouns colors. Join me and let’s show the world what NounsDAO is all about!

How would that work?

I am looking for 17K USD to support me with travel, accommodation, and competition entry costs for the 2023 season. This includes 8 major competitions with international coverage:

  • 22-23 March: Pan Championships, Kissimmee, Florida, US (GI)
  • 1-3 May: Brasileiro (Brazilian championships), São Paulo, Brazil (GI)
  • 31st May- 2nd June: World’s championships, Los Angeles (GI)
  • 17-18 June: French Championships, Paris (GI)
  • 31st August - 4 Sept: World’s championships Masters, Las Vegas (GI)
  • 1-11 November: AJP World’s championships, Abu Dhabi (GI)
  • European Championships (NoGI), (mid-November, probably Lisbon)
  • Nogi Worlds championships IBJJF (beginning of December, probably in California)

And also other competitions :

  • 1-2 April: Rio Fall, Brazil (Gi/NoGI)
  • Around 29 May: International Masters North America, Los Angeles (GI)
  • 31 August-1 Sept: Jiu-jitsu con, Las Vegas (GI/NoGI)

Not all competitions have been announced yet, and I will join more whenever possible.

Nounish “Gi” :martial_arts_uniform:

In exchange, I propose to wear a striking custom “Gi” (the Brazilian jiu-jitsu kimono) and a custom rash guard featuring the iconic Nouns Glasses. This is guaranteed to capture attention and generate interest among both competitors and fans.

Current Mockup


I am well-connected with the french scene and am looking to expand internationally. GregMMA and Karate Bushido are among my connections. They have a Youtube channel with over 850K subscribers.

I am currently planning an outdoor exhibition featuring pictures in collaboration with Paris 11th district city hall, next to the famous Bastille in August/September 2023.

More about me

I have created the on-chain game Frens Lands and I am contributing to open-source projects, among others Starknet.js, Starknet-react, Kakarot rpc, and sbt & sdk.

I discovered BJJ only 2 years ago but fell in love with the sport and started competing after 6 months of training and got promoted as a blue belt in March 2022.

I currently train in Paris, France.

For more information on my BJJ journey, you can check my Instagram: Iris de Villars (@ritonbjj) • Instagram photos and videos

I work with a photographer and I always have dedicated coverage of my international competitions.

Example of previous fights: Iris de Villars on Instagram: "Paris Open 2022 #ibjjf #cfjjb #bjjbluebelt #bjjcompetitor #bjjcompetition #bjjgi #bjjgirls #bjjgirl #parisopen #paris #parisinternationalopen #jujigatame #armbar #bjjfight #bjjfighter" (27 seconds armbar at IBJJF Paris Open 2022)

More about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

BJJ has grown a lot in recent years along with the rise of MMA.

  • European championships in Paris: 5000 athletes, 2700 spectators

  • 50 million € spent in France to create 1000 new bjj academies by the end of the year (project organized in light of the Paris 2024 Olympics games)

  • ADCC Submission Fighting World Championship, a grappling event happening every 2 years, brought 10,000 spectators last November in Las Vegas. It was the biggest show in professional grappling competition. The next event, in 2024 will be streamed on UFCFightPass.

  • ONE Championship started featuring high-level submission grappling matches with famous BJJ and MMA athletes.

  • In addition to major competitions, there’s a growing number of events that are organized every month and viewable on FloGrappling or UFCFightPass: Polaris, GrappleFest, Eddie Bravo Invitational, Who’s number one…


  • 17K USDC to Iris

Omg yus <3
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