Breakdancing to the Olympics ⌐◨-◨ (updated)

TLDR; Be the first Bboy and Bgirl to represent Nouns in the Paris 2024 Olympics


Breaking aka “breakdancing” is the new sport at the 2024 Paris Olympics that everyone is waiting to see. This art/sport that was born in the late 70’s in the Bronx, NY is now officially part of the Olympic league.


We want to be the first Bboy and Bgirl to represent Nouns, Mexico and Latin America at the Paris 2024 Olympics. In order to achieve this dream we need to attend the 5 preliminaries around the world and thus be able to achieve the desired ranking.


We are members of NounsDAOamigos and represent Kadetes del Toke hip hop crew :mexico:

Bgirl Monse @Bgirl_MonseCahue

-2x National Champion CONADE 2022 / Red Bull Bc One South USA

twitter @monsecahue

ig @monsecahue

Bboy Niñonino @Ninonino

-National Champion CONADE 2021 & 2022 / Underpressure Canada

twitter @luisgortiz22g

ig @ninonino_0official

Andrea @Lomelinandrea

-DanceNFT Artist

-Advisor and mentor of Kadetes del Toke crew

twitter @lomelinandrea

Currently we are already selected among the top competitors worldwide :earth_americas:

Unfortunately the Mexican government is not supporting up and coming professional athletes, specially us because this is a “new sport”. We have been working nonstop to raise sufficient funds while studying and training at the same time.

Now thanks to the support of Nouns Amigos we have won 2 props that have taken us to compete in Japan and Brazil. This also gave us more time to focus solely on our professional training.


After our participation in Japan and Brazil, our ranking increased and we managed to climb to a better position, placing ourselves among the best 200 breakers worldwide.

Bgirl Monse in 77th place with 360 points
Bgirl World ranking

Bboy Niñonino in 61th place with 460 points
Bboy World ranking


So far we’ve created more than 100 posts of Breaking x Nouns in different platforms:

~ 82 Twitter/ 17 Instagram/ 3 TikTok/ 9 Facebook ~

A highlight video from Becco for Nounish that can be seen on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter

How Crypto is Helping Breakdancers Get to the Paris 2024 Olympics #shorts


We’ve been blessed with more Nouns community members reaching out and supporting us on this journey. NounsDAOJapan :jp: members came to watch us at the competition in Kitakyushu and even created a prop to support us with other expenses during our stay in Japan.
Nouns Brazil :brazil: community created a prop during hack week to have us judge an amateur breaking jam on the same week we were competing at Breaking for Gold.

We’re grateful for every little twitter connection that suddenly became an IRL Nounish experience and we can’t wait to connect with more of the Nouns family in every country that we travel to.


By traveling to compete around the world, we keep making history in every event by being the first Mexican athletes in this new sport and the first ones to represent Nouns at an Olympic Breaking level.

  • Attend all of the ranking competitions to position ourselves in the best possible places to be able to continue in the Olympic race.

  • Shoot Nounish content at historical and tourist places of each country that we visit.

  • Wear the Nouns branded uniform at global and local competitions.

  • Post and giveaway Nouns stickers on every trip.

  • Use Nouns swag for interviews, press conferences and official photo shoots.


We have a total of 5 competitions left for the year of 2023. The more events we keep attending the more possibilities of higher ranking we get. This is why we took the step to create a bigger proposal to request funding to cover our future travels to compete and stay in the race for the Olympic Games in August 2024.

Road to Paris 2024 WDSF 2023 Breaking calendar

Road to Paris 2024 - WDSF announces 2023 Breaking calendar

We want to thank everyone in the Nouns ecosystem who has reached out, inspired and encouraged us to aim higher and have no limits when doing what we LOVE MOST. We’re grateful for this community and the endless possibilities it facilitates to big dreamers like us! <3


I’ve been happy witness of their journey since we met them through Nouns Amigos. Monse and Niñonino went from knowing nothing of web3 to creating their first wallet, doing their first proposal on Prop House and committing to being nounish (Niñonino even presents himself in the competition wearing noggles) Now they create regular social media content showcasing their abilities, passion and nounish vibes. I for sure think the represent Nouns, inspire other athletes and anyone to pursue their dreams, work hard and have fun in the process.


Thanks for believing in us 🫰🏼 we will keep building nounish :white_heart: