Nouns: Road to World Cup Game

Football, The lovable Passion
When it comes to sports, the passion and love of football shine, big stadiums, supportive fans, unions of all races for supporting teams, there is no such thing in the world except in football, our lovable sport.
These excitement and passions are great opportunities to show community and nation unions and love.
As for our beloved Nouns and all other Nounish communities, Qatar 2022 world cup is an excellent opportunity to show and grow our community worldwide, so why not make a Nounish story football game?
Football entertainment products have always been one of the most successful entertainment products among others. Why? Because it’s in people’s hearts :heart::soccer:.

So what are we going to make?
We’re making a Nounish football game called Nouns: Road to world cup.

What is Nouns: Road to world cup
It’s a football game using your own Nounish NFT, where you can pick your national team, dress up and start kicking the ball and make your national team champion of the world🏆!

What’s the game about?
It’s about your Nounish NFT 3D Character, the superstar of your national team, and their story of becoming a world Champion. The game also has a cute and fun story using artboards, soft animations, and professional voice narration of characters.

Game mechanics

Game mechanics are pretty simple; you can shoot, pass, tackle the ball, sprint, and walk. There will be a group of 3 Nounish characters on teams based on your Nounish character. Each level is about defeating the opponent and reaching the final, and some dramatic events happen to your character.

Project Roadmap

  • Full Game Design Document (Middle of October)
  • Making customizable assets for your team banner (late October)
  • Smart Contracts and blockchain integrations to the game and server (late October)
  • Story Narration (late October)
  • Game Logic Development (Early November)
  • Animations preparations (Middle of November)

Required Budget


Nouns: Road to world cup requires at least 25 ETH to finish:

  • 1 Game Designer: 2 ETH
  • 2 Game Developers: 4 ETH
  • 2 Unity Engine Technical Artists: 4 ETH
  • 1 Project Manager: 2 ETH
  • 1 3D modeler: 2 ETH
  • 1 Backend Developer: 2 ETH
  • 1 Story Writer: 1 ETH
  • 2 Voice Narrators: 1 ETH
  • 1 Digital Artist: 2 ETH
  • 1 Solidity Developer: 1 ETH
  • FIFA World Cup trademark copyrights: 4 ETH estimated

But the project can start with 10 ETH, and the rest will be followed after our first project delivery.

What are our future plans for the project?

We’re planning more Features and challenges in the near future for the project, which all require funding, so we are not going to tend to them right now. But we also want to focus on adding other football events to the project. For example:

  • Adding Clubs leagues
  • UEFA Champions league
  • Euro League
  • Europa Cup
  • Asian Cup
  • Africa Cup
  • ETC.

I would love to hear from you about our project, and please understand the time limit until the world cup. The sooner we raise funds, the more we can be on our timeline. Thanks.

Great idea man, Since the World cup Qatar is near, We can shine the Nouns a** in front of everyone!!!

Seems like a great team is behind this idea. Great 3D models based on Nouns avatars. Nice animations, modeling, and beautiful game environment. Can’t wait to see the game design.

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You’re gonna make a full game in 6 weeks for 25eth? Pass

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fun idea! do you guys wanna team up with our team?

we’re building a similar game for nouns & the world cup too. there is still some work to be done, but we have built the core of the game. i think we can get it done before the world cup.

here is the current prototype on mobile (it’s also available on the web)

This is just the first version of the game, we need to be fast to reach the deadline. We’re a team of 13 - 15 professional developers and have worked with Nouns DAO and Gnars DAO members. My other 15 people team is now working on one of Nouns DAO Proposals which is still private, but I’m sure you’ve seen it, and we have an in-progress project with them. One of our other games for Nouns DAO is Grinderz which you can find in

Thanks for context.

You’re confident you can launch a quality game (more than a novelty) in 6 weeks?

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We try our best, and with my team, I think it’s a reachable Goal. We don’t work 8 hours a day. We will assemble a Bootcamp for this project, and the working hours will be 12 hours a day, six days a week.
When it comes to reaching out big goals, we have to change our mindsets. So I think yes. We can achieve this deadline.

Our team is interested in collaborations, please send me a way so we can communicate more.