Small Grants: The Nounstories - A collection of Nouns Stories


I want to build an app similar to Wikipedia, where the Nouns owner can construct and write the story behind their Nouns, or people can read what interests them. I’m asking 8E to phase 1.

Have you wondered what story is behind that PFP you see? If it has a story, what would it be? If all pfp goes to the same world, what would they tell about their stories?

When I see my Lost Noun with a camera head, I believe he has always wanted to work in Holywood since childhood, and at every opportunity, he records everything that he thinks is unique. He wonders about a day he can film the Nounsvenger movie and tell his family that he made it.

What about your Noun? What about the other Nouns that we see? My Lost Nouns story is a bit poor here, but imagine people that can create stories that are lovely to read. I wondered about it and want to build something that entertains and emotes us.

Phase 1

Each noun owner can tell us about the story behind their Noun. In the future, these stories can be connected or be used to write a book, or other projects can use it. My idea is to use it to let people know more about the Nouns and incentivize creativity.

I’ll create a website with one page for each Noun bornt and the new ones born. Only the current owner can write about their Noun.

The design will be a mix of Wikipedia and the design guidelines of nounish projects. There will be categories like nounspedia, and the user can see what Noun is interesting to read.

The following information will be asked:

  • Name/Nickname
  • Summary
  • About me (my Noun)
  • As a placeholder in this field, I’ll suggest writing about:
    • Define itself in one sentence
    • Hobbies
    • Born/Occupation/Nationality
    • The story
  • Tags

It will be required to have a Noun in the connected wallet to allow the story’s writing.

Timeline: 3-4 weeks (if approved in the next few days).
Costs: 8 ETH

What the costs will cover:

  • Infra for at least 1-2 years
  • Development
  • Design (if needed)
  • Communication, report, and feedback cycle with the community
  • Alpha test for some holders or developers

Subsequent phases are not included in these costs. Instead, they are here to show what we can build in the future if the community likes the project, and each phase should be funded.

Phase 2

  • After any community member connects their wallet, this person will be able to suggest a story for that Noun. It will be visible only to the owner, that can choose what story looks better to their Noun and accept it as a suggestion.
    • Once the suggestion is accepted, the editor’s name will be displayed on the Noun story page.
    • Nice to have: ranking who has more stories accepted by the Nouns owners. Also, a small prize for participating.
  • Report button - when someone posts an inappropriate content
    • Terms of responsibility will be there to the owner of the Noun about what is being written.
  • Feedback from 1st phase.

Phase 3

  • Add other nounish projects to be listed on this website.
  • Permission from owner wallet to other person write the story. It will help cold wallets and let trusted or hired people create better stories.
  • Feedback from other phases.


  • Why is it not on-chain?
    • Once each change is charged, it would be expensive to store texts in a smart contract or IPFS. In addition, it can discourage people from writing what they genuinely want to write.
    • It will help the other phases.
    • It can be changed in the future if we reach out to a good (and cheap) solution to store it there.
  • Why not the 3 phases in one?
    • Products need to be developed incrementally. After you do one phase, the others can change according to the user feedback. We avoid spending money on the entire app without users testing to see if the app is valuable to the community first.
  • … (what do you want to know? Ask below)

Does it sound attractive to the community and Nouns owners? Do you have any idea or feedback to make it better?

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It’s not final, but it helps to imagine it.


this is interesting, you should speak to the taco aka 349 (, they’re serious about building a brand around their noun


Thanks, @krel. I contacted Taco on Twitter. Also, believe the community may use the stories in TV series, animations, HQs… I see a lot of potentials.


This sounds interesting in theory but it would require the already busy nouners to write the content for your page which I don’t see realistically happening apart from maybe few exceptions (but i would be glad if you proved me wrong).
Maybe there is some overlap here with stuff happening in Writers-room and Story-foundation discord channels? I think Joshua was thinking about setting up a fandom page.


Hey Maty, thanks for the feedback. I think phase 2 would be significant for the Nouners that didn’t have time to create their narratives. That’s why I want a feature where any other person can suggest a good story about that noun, and the Nouner can approve it.

I’ll check with Joshua. I took the idea to him as soon I had it. He said it wasn’t the same, but it would be nice if my idea may complement it. So I am going to have a look at these channels and proposals. Thanks again for the suggestion.

I spoke with @Sam, and I’m more excited to build it. He probably will share his thoughts about it, but he liked it and believed this overlap could be good (in short).

We can use this website as a portal to other projects and help each other with stories about the Nouns. Any story created in different projects could be added here and take the user to the other project. I made some images to exemplify it.

Also, I can add a permission feature to allow only those responsible for each story to add there.

Figma version

Maybe there could be an opportunity to add something like Wiki, where others could go in and write something creative about the Noun, and the Noun owner could approve it or not? Would love to do some creative writing on some of this (have already been thinking on it), as a way to preserve the Nouners’ time, but still allow for creativity in the space.

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This is a good idea, thanks for it.

I wrote something similar in phase 2. The owner can select someone to write it but depending on the feedback, I would create something to suggest, and the owner approves the best one. Also, we can create a ranking to incentivize the community to write the stories.

Perhaps there’s even a bounty to be paid for the best writing? Nothing wrong with creating 10 versions, and the winner getting a payout from the Nouns owner. Could absolutely get established fantasy/sci fi authors and comic book writers to write for something like that!

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We can have some options:

  • A writing contest to who writes the best stories, selected by the community
  • Give a trusted writers list to the Nouners to ask and pay them to write a story for their Nouns
  • Hire writers to create basic stories. The Nouners can edit or replace these stories

Also, I believe we don’t need stories for all the Nouns. It should be incremental as the Nouners see value in putting the Noun and the owner stories. This tool is to help each Nouner to increase the value of the Noun they have and build a brand for each Noun. If a Nouner doesn’t want or doesn’t have time to do it, that’s fine.

It becomes more valuable when we have animations, comic books, and projects that will instigate people to know more about the Noun and the Nouner. Exactly like Wikipedia. I don’t have a page there. However, if I become famous or an influencer, people will be interested in my story, and they may write about me on Wikipedia, or I do it to help with my name/brand.

I feel like this could be separated into two projects.

  1. Website - Maybe this format could be used for the full Nouniverse character wiki and include all sorts of Nouns Narrative characters and characteristics. I like this format and feels like you’re on the right path with the various tags you can sort through.

  2. Nouns Character Stories - This feels like a separate idea that could also be really cool. I could see starting with a few characters that you feel really strongly about and creating this type of story and history behind them. These could be shared with the community and hosted on the site as well.

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