Storytelling Strategy Proposal - Would Love Your Feedback

Hi All,

Wanted to share some initial thinking that’s come to me as I’ve started to follow this amazing community and think of ways I may contribute. Would love some feedback on a proposal I’ve been thinking through to help with community building efforts. Here’s what I’ve started to put together (I have a full project in mind but thought I’d share this first for just any gut reactions to it):

What does it mean to be “Nounish”? Using a collaborative/co-creation process to establish flexible story foundations to help build consistent comms, community building and education efforts for the DAO. As narrative and community building projects pick up, this is an opportunity to get clear on what we we’re trying to build together.

A 2-3 month storytelling strategy process to help establish clear understanding of what it means to be Nounish to help folks proposing marketing, communications, and community building or education projects have a clear sense of how to continue to build and grow the NounsDao reputation in the web3 community and beyond. This about digging into who we are as a community and articulating it in a simple way so we can continue to grow with consistency and impact. It’ll leave us with a flexible cheat sheet that quickly and easily answers who are we, what are we doing, and what’s our intended impact? Establishing the necessary foundations for impactful awareness and community building projects.

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Would love to connect on this. Let me know how.

Hey @rekola that’d be awesome. Let me know what’s easiest for you (video, chat, other) and we can connect.

Hey @Chantaie want to connect on discord? I’m at byRekola#1740 and then maybe set a meeting!

Perfect. Friend request sent on Discord. I’m chantaie#4581