Small Grants: Super Nounish Coders Club

Hi, Nouners — I know there’s already a #developers channel on the Discord, but what do you think about an official club for nounish developers.

There are 2 (up)sides to having this community:

First, I think this will help proliferate Nouns in the sense that the community will be a great place to onboard potential nounish builders.

The second side to the club is also the reason for the “small grants” in the title above.

As an African, I especially know that there are so many people all around the world with passion to learn to code, but are left without means. I personally know probably up to 50 people (and have encountered even more) who want to become developers, but don’t have the means. I believe these people will feel un-repayably blessed to have a club like this help with this, while also admitting them into a community of hardcore builders to help them grow faster.

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We recently updated the Nouncil requirement to include anyone who can ‘demonstrate a track record of Nounish Building’. I’d suggest utilizing that for now and then as Nouncil grows there will probably be opportunities to do things with devs specifically, artists specifically, etc. It’s a wonderful group of people who will be happy to help anyone who wants to genuinely contribute to the ecosystem.


Is this for joining Nouncil, or for getting proposals funded?

Well joining Nouncil gets you in a group with a whole host of nounish builders and they also have delegated Nouns so it can be an avenue to get proposals funded as well. It’s a great group! If you’re interested in applying, you can visit and hit the button on the top. I’m available to chat about it further as well. It’s always good to meet more passionate builders.

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Yeah I checked out a couple days ago, maybe. And also went through the application form. I have several ideas for Nouns proliferation, but there’s an upfront cost to start working on most of them, so I decided to save up for that first, to build up a little substance on my ideas that I can show to the community for illustration and examples, before applying.

How would Nouns help change this? Its not clear to me from your post.

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Hi, Krel. Thanks for replying.
So, my plan was actually to request a grant to purchase a good number of laptops and customize them NOUNishly, and then have them distributed to people who need one to start their tech journey.

As you might or might not know, Africa is currently experiencing a technological awakening and lots of young people are learning programming, UI/UX designs, etc. While a laptop might not seem like much to you, it can really go a long way in helping them. It’s funny, but from, experience, lack of a laptop/inability to get one (due to the state of their environment, economically) has really limited the potentials of a lot of youths in Africa.

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what laptops would you get? how cheap can you go and still have a working machine that does its thing?

realize you might not have all the details, just curious and happy to brainstorm

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Haven’t really done much reasearch on that, just wanted to hear what the community might think of it first, but definitely nothing fancy… especially in order to reach the most people we possibly can

I’d be happy to hear what you think, and get your suggestions

I really dig this idea. It would be cool to have a learning path for community members. You can use preexisting content (web 3 schools, code academy, crypto zombies, etc) and tailor projects to nouns proliferation.

Being a brand new dev myself it’s nice to work with people on specific projects with a goal or outcome.

I’d suggest setting up a nouns project with some curriculum using a pilot group of new devs. Pick a project, maybe from, or by combing through discord for ideas. Find one that can be launched relatively soon, 1-3 months.

The main goal in my mind would be to show how resources from Nouns can be funneled to cultivate future builders, encourage education through experience, to build dev experience, and to develop content for resumes.

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Yes, that exactly is the main goal.

Something I love about the Nouns community is its absolutely hardcore-builder vibes. It was how I caught the syndrome — simply by hanging out in the Discord. I feel we can increase the scale of this effect by having a platform explicitly to onboard other up-and-coming builders. Being in such a community would propel them to be the best they can be.

Not really sure what you mean here

So your original post is the idea of a coders club. I suggest simply starting one and doing a 1 month trial.

find 2-3 other people that are interested, then grab an idea/project and make a general outline of what will be covered, learning objectives, learning resources and then start building.

If you search “beginner level coding projects” you’ll find a ton. You can then put a nounish twist on it.

Think of it as you being facilitator/instructor.

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