Small Grants : SK8rDAO Seed Money Featuring NOUNS.WTF


Request: 10 ETH

Date: x8.18.2x23

James Lefey


My name is James Lefey. I’ve been in cryptocurrency since 2018. Once I discovered the cryptosphere; It very quickly overtook my life. I became enamored; realizing how powerful the solutions crypto-ecosystems can be to the ends of social change and community building. I invested purely based on values and I have received a lot of love for how I’ve spent my time in the space. Since 2020 have been 100% all in with all of my time and energy, searching for ways to make the world a better place for everyone by implementing web3 based solutions. In 2019 I earned my associates degree in 3D modeling and Manufacturing Programming and since have studied Full-Stack Web Development through the University of California at Davis. My personal mission in this world is to bridge gaps between real world experiences and the tools web3 provides. I’ve been following Nouns.WTF for about a year, and I’m ready to don my noggles!


SK8rDAO is a nounish project that seeks to create a community of skateboarders, skate shops, and media creators IRL. Promoting and empowering individuals in the skate community to learn about and use defi, embrace democratic efforts using web3 solutions, and be financially literate and free.

How does SK8rDAO work?

On the Interweb?

SK8rDAO is a nounish community of NFT owners who can vote on proposals for skating related projects from a treasury of money collected from NFT sales. Much like Nouns or Gnars DAO’s. However, SK8rDAO aims to take 1 step further and allow NFT holders to stake their NFT’s and in return be rewarded with an ERC20 Token. This will introduce passive income and defi into the skateboarding community at large.

SK8rDAO NFT’s will be ERC1155 tokens. This means drops of SK8NFT’s can take place anytime for new seasons, special events, artist or brand collaborations, or for any reason really. There will be no ultimate cap on NFT’s, but SK8rDAO NFT drops can contain a limited number of each SK8NFT design. This allows for infinite growth within the DAO, and unlimited opportunities for collaboration, while keeping each specific SK8NFT design a scarce asset.

Hodlrs will be able to stake their SK8NFT’s in a DAO-led staking Dapp. Stakers will receive a governance token to be used to vote within the DAO, as well as periodic ERC20 rewards. This is an opportunity for members of the community to earn passive income for hodling their SK8rDAO NFT’s. A small sale tax will be levied on the ERC20 tokens to keep the coffers of the DAO topped off.


SK8rDAO is about acknowledging and rewarding the people who are out there, working hard, constantly bettering themselves, and building a supportive community around skating, defi, and decentralized governance. A number of SK8NFT’s from every drop will be given out to Skate Shops within the community to be gifted to dedicated SK8rs and community members.

The SK8rDAO Ecosystem Overview

SK8NFT’s and IRL Decks


This is a skateboarding themed community with an emphasis on expression and freedom. Our NFT’s will be 3D skateboard parts or complete set ups. Attributes will include: custom art on decks, stickers representing artists, shops, or other contributors to the project, custom wheels, custom trucks, and custom backgrounds.

Each NFT will be stakeable for a governance token and periodic ERC20 rewards. This is to encourage hodling and participation, as well as reward members of our community.

Some possible NOUNS.WTF + SK8rDAO NFT Design Ideas. All final NFT’s will be animated 3D objects.

IRL Decks

I started buidling SK8rDAO at the beginning of 2020. SK8rDAO was born out of my curiosity and amazement with the idea of attaching ownership to real world assets to NFT’s. At the time I created a test batch of IRL Skateboards and NFT’s to see what was possible. My method for making the most excellent of custom decks is to laser engrave the overall design and epoxy inlay the colours until they are flush with the wood, and finally clear coat over the designs. This produces high quality, scratch resistant, brilliant decks, allowing for metallic and glow in the dark options.

If SK8rDAO receives the funding requested from Nouns, 10 IRL decks will be made representing Nouns and Gnars DAO’s and gifted to the community. The DAO’s can subsequently stake the NFT portion of the skateboards and display and proliferate the success of Nouns with the others. Below is an example of a deck I made early in 2020. Regrettably I didn’t document the process as much as I should have. Nouns + Sk8rDAO decks will be nothing less than FIRE!

SK8rDAO will inevitably host thousands of NFT’s. Only a few will be made into IRL decks, and NFT’s for IRL designs will be 1 of pieces of art. Making them highly valuable and extremely scarce. They will have the same function, granting 1 governance token and regular ERC20 rewards when staked; as they will be minted from the same ERC1155 contract.

Here are examples of some decks I’ve made in the past. No expense or detail will be overlooked when making decks for SK8rDAO. They will be the best in the world!


Some Doggy Themed Decks

These were still rough on the fine details, but closer to what I want to IRL decks to be for representing SK8rDAO


Elements of Success for SK8rDAO

I’ve broken down the elements of successfully launching SK8rDAO into three main categories with a number of sub-objectives.

Funding Breakdown: How we achieve our Elements of Success

  1. 2 ETH = Initial Cost and Skate Shop onboarding:

Pre-Launch we will reach out, in person, to every skate shop around Sacramento, the San Francisco Bay area, as well as other areas in Northern California, where we are located. We will also gladly partner with any entity that reaches out to us for small sponsorships, or for proliferating SK8rDAO and Nouns through their shops.

We will offer advertisement in the form of dedicated attributes on NFT’s, opportunities to submit designs for early NFT drops, and potential 1 off custom decks represented by NFT’s, and gifted NFT’s to stake or be given out to skaters within their communities.

During this time we will also collect art from and collaborate with the people we meet to come up with the first line of decks to be minted. NFT’s will be minted in limited batches. At launch we would like to have a number of different SK8NFT’s to choose from with various amounts of rarity.

This funding will also go towards manufacturing the first 10 IRL Boards. Which will be distributed between Nouns DAO, Gnars DAO, and a few Skate Shops that show early support for SK8rDAO.

  1. 4 ETH = Smart Contract Development:

SK8rDAO’s mission is to bring the skateboarding community into defi, and have defi help grow the skateboarding community. Our approach to empowering hodlrs of SK8NFT’s is to pay ERC20 token rewards to anyone who stakes their NFT. Whenever these ERC20 tokens are sold, a small transaction fee is taken and added to the SK8rDAO treasury. The same hodlrs receive 1 governance token per NFT staked, and can vote on how to allocate funds from the treasury.

To achieve this functionality and have the modular structure to move forward we need to develop and audit a proprietary:

  1. Locking and Minting Contract for Staking NFT’s and receiving Governance Tokens
  2. A Distribution Contract from the total supply of our ERC20 Token to Governance Token Hodlrs
  3. A Governance Contract
  4. Our ERC20 Token with a sell tax that pays into the SK8rDAO Treasury
  5. Our ERC1155 Token for our NFT’s

A large portion of the ETH requested for Smart Contract Development will go directly to the gas fees. We’re anticipating 2-3 ETH potentially to deploy the contracts.

  1. 2 ETH = Front End Development:

Having an attractive and intuitive front end for our online ecosystem is critical to the success and proliferation of SK8rDAO and Nouns through SK8rDAO.

This is personally my area of weakness when it comes to working on project development. I would like to pull in some help on designing and implementing the smart contract infrastructure in the form of a lucid online experience. Many of the people joining SK8rDAO may be using crypto, defi, and decentralized governance for the first time.

Here is the order in which we’ll approach developing our online ecosystem:

-the past recipients page displays grant awardees of SK8rDAO.

  1. 2 ETH = Safety Equipment + Filming and Editing Gear

Just as it says, Safety equipment like pads, helmets, and mats could be necessary at any time.

This will be a community building effort IRL to bring people into defi and DAO governance. It could also be cool to document this process via go pro and/or in conjunction with some Nouns related media team. In the face of adventure and while buidling a new type of IRL and web3 hybrid ecosystem. I would like to purchase 2 go-pro cameras with microphone upgrades, and make sure we have access to good editing software. So we can document our foray into IRL crypto-community building.

In total, I am requesting 10 ETH to build out SK8rDAO to a self-sustainable and impactful scale.

Conclusion and Metrics of Success

Our timeline goal for having a minimal viable ecosystem deployed is Dec 4th, 2023. I would like to achieve the stated outcomes within the next 3 months. My whole life is in this project right now, and I am passionate about seeing it into fruition. SK8rDAO has 3 areas of measurable success. This 10 ETH will be divided between the 3 areas and we will work through milestones in each area simultaneously.

Area 1: Onboarding success can first be measured by the amount of Skate Shops, Skaters, Artists, and Defi Community Members we can partner with prior to launching our NFT’s

Secondly, we can measure our onboarding success by the amount of NFT sales we are able to achieve in the initial time after launch, and prior to staking and governance

Finally we will measure our onboarding success by the amount of Hodlrs that are willing to stake their NFT’s and participate in governance.

Area 2: Smart Contract Development Success. This will be measured in steps, starting with the deployment of :

  1. ERC1155 NFT’s

  2. ERC20 Reward Tokens

  3. A Staking Dapp that Emits Governance Tokens

  4. A Distribution Protocol for ERC20 Rewards

  5. Establishment of the DAO Voting System

Area 3: Front end web development, and community facing media development. As the smart contracts are deployed the corresponding interactive elements will have to be ready for the community to interact with and benefit from, and growth of the community has to happen along with the development of the platform.

Wallet Address: 0xCe7547557ce6F99997c7b3898e39Ac24a4E9d797