Small Grants: NounsDAO in Blockbooster HKU Web3.0 Hackathon Hong Kong

NounsDAO in Blockbooster HKU Web3.0 Hackathon Hong Kong
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Application Form: Blockbooster HKU Web3.0 Hackathon - Into the Socialverse

Date & Venue: 7-9 April 2023, Hong Kong University


  • The hackathon is co-hosted by BlockBooster (proposer of this proposal), OKX, Gitcoin and Hong Kong University

  • The hackathon is supported by seasoned speakers, guests and advisors, some of whom are Nouners, to incubate and discuss the future of SocialFi and DAO’s application

  • Speakers: Notable figures in the Web3 industry such as

    • 0xMinion- GBV
    • Azeem - Gitcoin
    • Chess - Quest3
    • Chris- Conflux
    • Duan Wei - NextID
    • Jeff Hu &Jupiter Zheng- Hashkey
    • Jenny - Animoca
    • Johnson &KC - Hooga Gaming
    • Joshua - RSS3
    • Jun Hao & Yaoqi- Altlayer
    • Mark - DODO
    • Meow - Cavis
    • Mike - Go+
    • O - SCB10x
    • Outprog / XiaoJay - EverFinance / AR
    • Sam&Li Ni - Avalanche
    • Wenqing - KNN3
    • Xin - EthSign
    • Yajin - Blocksec
    • Yisi & Taylor - Mask

*The images shown are rendered for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the final layout, which will be subject to production and venue. Please note the final venue will be suitable to host 300+ people.

Why Hong Kong

  • Hong Kong has recently opened up to crypto-friendly legislations and welcoming global builders development, led by financial chief
  • Hong Kong government allocated 50million HKD from 2023 Financial Plan to support Web3
  • Among the Best 20 universities for Blockchain 2022, Hong Kong has 4 universities ranked in the top 20 and the best of the best around the world

Why Hackathon

  • BlockBooster aims to continuously empower and boost more buidlers, developers and innovators in the Web3 space in every way we can. With our network of founders, VCs, angel investors, builders, and more.
  • A building friendly environment is also necessary to convince developers to stay and build in Hong Kong. Blockbooster HKU Web3.0 Hackathon is here for the builders to experience Hong Kong and get to know each other.

Deliverables to NounsDAO

  • Add NounsDAO as one of our Diamond Builders in the following marketing campaign. Target reach: 500+ offline visitors, 100k+ global reach with media coverages
  • Nouner on panel with other DAOers to discuss SocialFi
  • Event booth and souvenirs with NounsDAO branded items
  • NounsDAO exposure in event backdrop and promotional initiatives
  • Nouns photo props for participants’ commemorate photo booth
  • Nouns photo booth with Hong Kong flavour
  • Noggles for staff or attendees to wear at the event
  • 3D nouns models at the venue with large printout


  • Booth and Branded souvenirs design and production: $3000
  • 3D Nouns print out: $3000
  • Speaker/panel spot: $6000
  • Air fair/accommodation for nouner to attend: $3000
  • Total: $14000 ~ 9.8 ETH

About BlockBooster

BlockBooster is a web3 incubator that aims to nurture and incubate top-tier blockchain projects as a product-first incubator. Our goal is to utilise web3 research skill set, attach to industry leading ecosystems, along with the advice and support from top degens and communities, to continuously incubate top web3 DApps. We hope to support the growth of the blockchain and crypto industry and foster a new wave of entrepreneurs that will drive innovation and change in the years to come.

IMPORTANT: Due to the lead time for the production and logistics, this proposal requires your approval on or before 20 March, 2023 (HKT) to remain valid. Your understanding and support is much appreciated.

A good way to expand the Nouns footprint during the most crowded events in HK this year. The border has been fully opened and welcoming all visitors globally to HK.

Expanding the Nouns footprint to universities and the city that connects the east and the west in the greater China region.


Thanks a lot for the feedback. Moreover, it`s our honor to have Nouners like you to participate in our hackathon. We are looking forward to seeing more Nouners on site :grin:

Hi Nouners and the core team, we are writing to check if you have any questions and feedbacks - we are ready to answer and discuss anytime!

Pls kindly note that due to the lead time for the production and logistics, this proposal requires your approval on or before 20 March, 2023 (HKT) to remain valid. Thanks a lot for the understanding and support!

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Hi Nouners,

Since we have failed to get your approval by 20 March, 2023, we hereby confirm that this proposal is no longer valid from now on. Many thanks for your attention and looking forward to our future collaboration!