Macro Hackathons: Web3 Social x Nouns

gm Nouns Community, Nich here from 1kx (++Public Nouns!). I am leading our efforts for the next edition of Macro Hackathons, a hackathons series focusing on nascent verticals in web3. The theme of the upcoming edition is web3 social and are looking for co-presenters to help with developer engagement. With all the activity and innovation happening in the Nouns community we’d love to see if you would be interested in getting involved here.

Unlike sponsors, this wouldn’t be a monetary commitment but instead community activation and co-marketing, as we want to increase the conversion rate for builders who sign up and submit a project.

About Macro Hackathons

Macro Hackathons is an initiative by 1kx and Macro DAO with the goal to bring together a community of builders to innovate on emerging verticals in web3. We launched the first edition with NFT Finance, and our next edition will be focused on web3 social. We hope this hackathon series could seed some of the most impactful projects and primitives in the space. This is a virtual event that takes place entirely on Discord, Zoom, and

Some stats from the first edition of Macro Hackathons (NFT Finance edition):


(Tentative) November 7th - 21st. A 2-week long virtual hack.

What can be built?

Nouns-specific: tooling for Nouns sub-DAOs and forks (e.g. Nouns Builder), bots, artwork libraries, Nounish games, ecosystem dashboards, AR filters, Nouns clients, explorers, privacy integrations.

General web3 social: social coordination games, affinity-based matching and discovery platforms, interest and social graph primitives, IRL and on-chain proof connections, visual block explorers, social wallets, multiplayer chat products, manual and algorithmic content curation, digital treasure hunts.

In the coming weeks before the hackathon, we will also crowdsource a list of hack ideas from the community to inspire builders before we kick off.

What’s in it for you as a co-presenter?

  • First look at new projects and exposure to devs interested in web3 social for integrations, partnerships
  • Hackers solving specific problems that you are facing, and potential new projects that build on top of yours
  • Increased visibility with dashboards and analytic tools
  • Judging slot, and the opportunity to give feedback to teams building in the space
  • Unlimited bounties funded by you
  • Your logo on our marketing materials (website, blog posts, decks)

What’s expected from you as a co-presenter?

We (1kx) will run hackathon operations and logistics on our end (agenda, communications, sponsor, judge, mentor management etc.). We are looking for co-presenters who are leaders in web3 social and can help market this to their communities: on Twitter, newsletters, Discord channels etc.

With Macro Hackathons: Web3 Social edition, we want to improve our reach and conversion rate of submitted projects to 400 developers and 40% conversion to submitted projects. As a strong voice in web3 social, we believe your help in co-promotion and involvement in the hackathon will help us to reach this goal.

Along with initial co-promotion, we’re looking for co-presenters to:

  • Appear on an AMA session or panel to share your past learnings, trends, what you’re excited about, current opportunities and challenges in web3 social
  • Do periodic announcements on your channels to highlight the hackathon progress and bounties (can exclusively be your own)
  • Have a representative from your project on the judging panel

Who is Involved?

  1. 1kx - a cryptonative early stage venture fund with experience organizing hackathons such as Untitled, ETH Lisbon, ETH Berlin, NFT Berlin (Finance Track), Alliance Summit (Crypto Gaming Conference at ETH Amsterdam), Macro Hackathons: NFT Finance Edition. We have also bootstrapped and built communities like Goblin Sax, Metacartel Ventures, and Metaportal DAO
  2. Macro DAO - developer community onboarding senior engineers to web3 development. They also provide audit services
  3. Collab Currency (Co-Presenter). Amanda Young as judge
  4. The Symmetrical (Co-Presenter). Jakub Rusiecki as judge

Looking forward to hear your thoughts!