Small Grants: NounsDAO Chinese



“A different language is a different vision of life.” — Federico Fellini

Requesting 2.5ETH or USD3,500 to create and manage Nouns Chinese’s Twitter (@NounsDAOChinese) for 2 months.

For friends from all over the world that speak and read in Chinese.

Translation is extremely important to bring people together, and spread information, knowledge, and ideas across the world. We need translation to achieve effective communication between different cultures.

Not only we will have access to the Chinese community in the space, but we can understand their needs and wants better, in their culture.

From statistics, we know that there is a large, already existing community in the NFT space that just needs a little bit of love in their own language to know more about the friendly community in Nouns, so that one day, they will become a Noun.

FUNDS BREAKDOWN (For first 2 months)

  • Daily Account Safety & Management (0.4ETH)
  • Content Strategy & Content Calendar (0.5ETH)
  • Translation, Copywriting & Custom Creative Artwork (1.2ETH)
  • Host 1-hour Twitter Spaces with Translation every 2 weeks (0.4ETH)

Upon receiving funds:

Week 1: Start on the month’s content strategy and content calendar.
Week 2: Translation, copywriting, and creating custom Noun artworks.
Week 3: Inaugural 1-hour Twitter Spaces with Translation (possibly on-going collaboration with different Noun communities)
Week 4: Continue building and gathering people to know about NounsDAO Chinese.
Week 5-8: Repeat the above again and again, with lots of love and conviction. ⌐◨-◨

A minimum of 3-hours per day will be used to manage the account to post content, interact, retweet/like, and reply to any comments or mentions.


  • Hire more translators, and builders to support the @/NounsDAOChinese community initiative.
  • Help to translate content from proliferated Nouns communities, such as Lil Nouns, Gnars, Nounish Labs, The Nouns Square, etc.

TOTAL ASK: 2.5ETH or USD3,500

Suzie 思棋 (@LaughAndBelly)
Role: Translate and copywrite, create artwork for tweet’s content, gather the community together.

Everything Else (for the stalkers):


Also, happy Halloween! 万圣节快乐!


(I made this for a Lil Nouns contest ahahaha.)

Feel free to ping me if you have any questions! I’ll answer as soon as possible.

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Here are some updates on the Twitter account for NounsDAO Chinese.

I have started translating and copywriting tweets for:

We also received some encouragement and praises from fellow Nouns such as Oyesigye Davin (from Gnars & Nouns Athlete) and Chinese NFT artists/collectors such as Zif (from Taiwan/in Singapore), Ryan (in Singapore), Eric (in Beijing), Foodmasku (in New York)

I really enjoy translating the tweets! More updates and proof of work to come~

Follow the NounsDAO Chinese Twitter Account:

Currently, we have 10 followers, so, follow us!


Laugh & Belly is a fabulous creator and I recently Noun pilled her with all the amazing opportunities to participate within the ecosystem. She is a polyglot that has taken it upon herself to improve communications in her various dialects starting with Chinese. Please consider this proposal, I believe it will open the doors to an under served community.


Thank you Symbiotech for being so supportive! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Wow, Great proposal! If it’s accepted, I’d like to join LaughAndBelly and co-build Nouns Chinese community :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’m PingFeng from HangZhou, China, and used to be a crypto news editor and do a lot of translation jobs. Actually, I’ve made 3 episodes of podcasts(in Chinese) with my friends talking about Nouns and Lilnouns. Web3随意门 | Podcast on Spotify Love Nouns/Lilnouns, keep building~ 喜爱Nouns,日拱一卒做小贡献


Thank you PingFeng for your support! Hope to be able to co-build with you soon!

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26 October 2022 Update

I have just created some branding designs and artwork for NounsDAO Chinese.

  • Icons/Logo:

  • Banner:

NounsDAO Chinese @ Physical Events

To reach out to more people, I will be printing and making stickers of the 3rd variation of the logo icon to gift to the Chinese community in Singapore at various NFT events.

Funds Breakdown:

  1. 1,000 2" x 2" Good Quality Waterproof Stickers from Stickermule (USD$200)

    We can always print a bulk more in the future. For now, 1,000 stickers is a good start.

  2. Shipping and delivery (USD$25)

  3. Full Branding Guidelines & Artwork (1.5ETH)
    I will be posting the branding guidelines on a public Google Slide.

Total Ask: 1.7 ETH or USD$2,600

Suzie 思棋 (@LaughAndBelly)
Role: Translate and copywrite, create/direct artwork, and gather the community together.

Everything Else (for the stalkers):

Social Proof & Recognition

NounsDAO Chinese has been featured on The Nouns Square’s Twitter Spaces where @Symbiotech helped to introduce about the project. I was unfortunately asleep at that moment because it was 3AM/4AM for me. :rofl:

Here is the full summary of the Twitter Spaces:

Thank you for reading and considering this small grant/NSFW which I hope can potentially grow into a Prop House and then, a full-blown Noun Proposal.

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@LaughAndBelly is an amazing creator and a fantastic personality to onboard the Chinese speaking global community. There are so many huge opportunities and this would be a great way to start

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Suzie is a successful NFT artist and thought leader in the space. Since Chinese is the world’s second most spoken language, this proposal makes a lot of sense.


Thank you Klim :heart_hands: :heart_decoration:

Thaaaaank youuuuuu Mr Brian! :pray:

27 October 2022 Updates

Pulling my string of connections to good use!

Here is a list of physical events I will be attending to spread the word about Nouns.

Physical Events to spread about Nouns/Nouns Chinese:

  1. APEHOUSE at Mandala Club
    Date: 29th October 2022
    Time: 6pm - Midnight (Singapore GMT+8)
    Hosted by Bored Ape Yacht Club Singapore

  2. Web 5.0 Conference
    Date: 1st November 2022
    Time: 11am - 6pm (Singapore GMT+8)

I will be connecting with other like-minded individuals who are in the NFT space or are keen to know more about NFTs.

After receiving my order of 1,000 stickers of the original Red Noggle and 1,000 round stickers of the NounsDAOChinese logo, I will be passing the stickers to them.



More recognition & social proof on NounsDAO Chinese:

Just in 3 days, we grew to 25 followers on Twitter. Yay! Slow and steady! It is pure organic growth and word-of-mouth, which is the most powerful and influential way to spread the word.

I was also referred to seek @noun22 / @AndrewLaddusaw to get some views on this entire thread for NounsDAO Chinese. If you need me to pitch this through a video call to verify my identity, I’m down for it. I’m all about building more for the public good using my skills.

Thank you~

You have listed “retroactive” but have these events taken place yet?
Retroactive means after they have happened.

I have already bought the stickers because they take time to come. (I think we discussed this on Discord already but yeah, replying here just for the records.) :innocent:

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Yup, brought this to the attention of the NSFW team.

Hi @LaughAndBelly, If I remember correctly, we’ve interacted during SG NFT FEST.
Glad to see more fellow SGP building on Nouns.

USD503 for 2,000 stickers is kinda steep. If in future you are looking to create more stickers you can reach out to me, would love to help source for cheaper supplier. I’ll be at APEHOUSE on the 29th Oct as well, hope to see you then!

Good luck on your prop!

Hello Wideeyekarl,

Yes, we did meet during SG NFT Fest.

The stickers I am printing are from Stickermule, which, is high-quality outdoor vinyl stickers, not paper stickers. I’ve printed with them many times. Their stickers last forever (I have a sticker from 2015 on my water bottle and it still looks brand new).

Sure. See you! :blush: :pray:

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Always good to be able to deliver/execute while keeping prop cost low, a plus point imo.
If you ever need help do reach out, would love to help or even co-execute prop.

See you at APEHOUSE!

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High quality stickers are not always the cheapest. anyone getting product with nouns branding on them should always get the bet possible quality. Sticker Mule is a reasonable price and decent quality. I like using Sticker Robot which has the absolute best quality screen printed stickers but come at a premium price

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