Small Grants: Nouns Vietnam x the 30,000- Person Festival!

*Hi Nouns, *

We have joined the crypto market for 5 years. Seeing both many crazy special things and challenges in this market, we decide that “Crypto” is our growth path. Hence, we have never stopped learning and striving for new opportunities in this field. Fortunately, we meet you, Nouns! “It is an extremely outstanding, potential, and unique project”- We talked to each other last 2 months- which was the first day we discovered Nouns. Then, we researched in terms of your format, operation, marketing, and so on… Having a strong belief in Nouns, now, we want to introduce Nouns to Vietnamese people. We understand that single marketing action is meaningless so that we create a long-run marketing campaign with 3 phases for Nouns Vietnam.

Although we only called for the Phase 1 activities in this Small Grants round, we demonstrate the whole marketing campaign for you to explore our marketing idea of Nouns Vietnam consistently.

But, Firstly, WHY VIETNAM?
Nouns community encourages individuals to raise their own voices by creating a platform for participants to express themselves and their ideas. This is what younger Vietnamese people are looking for! In fact, most parents force their children to learn or work in the field that they want. They always want to do their own way and be where their voice is listened to. According to Triple-a, more than 75% of cryptocurrency owners is about 18-34 years old. With the fun feature and community orientation of Nouns, it surely fits with the desire of young Vietnamese.

The list of macro reasons below further proves that Vietnam is advantageous for Nouns.

  • Vietnam ranked the 1st of Chainanalysis’s 2022 Global Crypto Adoption Index. In 2019, it only ranked 10th (Chainanalysis, 2022). This dramatic adoption can prove that Vietnamese people regard crypto as an opportunity. Nouns can be the next Great Opportunity in Vietnamese’s view.
  • Google searches for “cryptocurrency” increased sharply in recent years as Vietnamese sought investment channels. In May 2021, the number of searches for “cryptocurrency” was around four times higher than in mid-2019 (Vietnamplus, 2022). In fact, anything relating to “crypto” topics easily gets attention from the mass. With the unique format of Nouns, it is promising to be viral in Vietnam as we can take advantage of the existing curiosity.
  • Nearly 19% of Vietnamese own cryptocurrency (Triple-a, 2022). Besides, the people here witness the success of Vietnamese- based crypto projects called Axie Infinity and Coin98 (Vietnamnet, 2021). It encouraged the belief that crypto would be the way to be wealthier and more prosperous. Nouns can appear as the “totally new but potential” way for their desire.
  • There are some big names of crypto coming to Vietnam as Binance… that demonstrated the potential of Vietnam market. However, they are all about fintech or financial-related services. Nouns could be the pioneer in the field of NFT for this market.

Let’s start with Phase 1:
Trigger the Curiosity !
Trigger The Biggest Festival of the Year!

Summary: Vietnam has ranked the 1st crypto adoption over the world with about 19% of Vietnamese people owning cryptocurrency. Utilizing a positive attitude toward crypto, many crypto projects have done several branding activities in this country. It is suggested for Nouns to do a media campaign here; especially when the most important festival of Vietnam- the Lunar New Year Festival is coming very soon. Here, we present the idea to attract the attention of more than 30 thousand people including both locals and foreigners. All the activities would be posted on Twitter and Instagram Nouns Vietnam!


  • Where?
  • When?
  • How?
  • Budget?

1. Where?
The series of marketing activities will be conducted in the walking zone and the nearby streets of Hoan Kiem Lake, which is the center of the capital city of Vietnam – Hanoi. It is also the most attractive tourist destination. In short, for a normal weekend, the walking zone draws more than 15,000 -20,000locals and foreigners. On New Year’s Day, this number is 4th to 5th times as the normal one.

Why Hoan Kiem Lake?

  • Hoan Kiem Lake is regarded as the 1st place to go when visiting Vietnam. Located in the center of the capital, any event organized here can attract huge number of both Vietnamese and tourists.

  • The walking street has become a magnet, a cultural attraction for both domestic and foreign visitors with some 3,000-5,000 arrivals during daytime, and 15,000-20,000 at nights.

  • Picture1

  • On New Year Day, this number can be 4th to 5th as the normal day. This is the annually traditional activities for Vietnamese people to go to Hoan Kiem Lake to share the first moment of New Year together. This traditional trait attracts many foreigners.

2. When?
This marketing campaign is planned to be held on the New Year’s Day and the previous weekend due to the mass popularity attending this time, which is 13th – 15th and 20th -22st, January 2023.

3. How?
This campaign included 2 main parts

  • The Billboard is placed in the high-traffic areas straight to Hoan Kiem Lake.
  • The People wearing Nouns T-shirts going around walking zone.

3.1. The Billboard
6 Billboards on Hang Giay Street

  • It is straight to Hoan Kiem Lake
  • In the weekend, there is a Night Market occurring here with more than 10 thousand people
  • The iconic of Hanoi- Dong Xuan Market is located here. The billboard can attract both Vietnamese and tourism
  • It is one of the most high-traffic and busy streets in Hanoi

2 Billboards on Lan Ong Street

  • It is near to Hoan Kiem Lake
  • There are many famous local street foods in this street. The Billboards surely catch their attention during dinner time.
  • It is one of the most high-traffic and busy streets in Hanoi

3.2. The People
To continue increasing the level of curiosity, we organize 5 top of young Vietnamese (each top have 6-10 people) to wear Nouns T-shirt and walk around Hoan Kiem Lake. They will pick up the trash on the street and talk with each other happily. They will invite others to join this activity together. The participant will receive Nouns T-Shirts. The slogan here is “Clean up to welcome new things in the new year!”. We implied that Nouns are coming with the New Year.
All these activities would be posted on Twitter and Instagram Nouns Vietnam.

4. Budget:
We need Small grants of 4eth and Retro funding for 14eth. This budget includes:
• The Rental Fee to place 8 Billboards:
• 8 printed Billboard with average size 6m x 6m:
• Labor Fee to measure the different sizes of each house
• Construction Fee to do Billboard
• 100 Nouns T-shirts
*** In this “clean up the street” event, we call our friends and, ask them to call their friends so that we can save the cost for cleaners.

We think that you will have some questions over this phase. So, we make this part.

Question 1: Why do we choose to do 8 billboards on the same street? Why 1 per 1?
Answer 1: Our purpose for this Phase is to catch the mass attention and trigger people’s curiosity. If we do 1 per 1, it cannot be different from other billboards. Imagining that there is one road with full of Nouns feature, how impressive it could be.

Question 2: There are also other streets being straight to Hoan Kiem Lake, why do we choose Hang Giay street and Lan Ong Street?
Answer 2: Besides all the reasons I mentioned above, my house is located at Lan Ong Street so I can do it for free. The other one is my neighbor so that I can ask for a cheaper price. Besides, my family has a close relationship with house owners on Hang Giay Street. I can deal to have the most reasonable price to put up a Billboard.

Question 3: Why do we just put a Billboard on the weekend instead of the whole week?
Answer 3: On a normal day, people living on this street do traditional work and their age is around 40 years old. It is not our target audience, while the younger just go to this street for Night Market and the Walking Zone- only on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Because of the high traffic and busy street, the rental fee here is the most expensive in Vietnam. Full-week billboards would cost 4th times as only on the weekend. After evaluating the cost and the benefit, we recommend doing the Billboard only on the weekend.

Question 4: Why do we choose the voluntary activity “pick up the trash on the streets?”
Answer 4: This action easily catches the attention of Vietnamese people and sometimes, earn the free media.

Our marketing campaign has 3 phases. The remained part you can view more here: Nouns Vietnam: Phase 2 + 3 - Google Docs


Are you connected into any other communities within Nouns yet? There are so many international communities popping up and I keep suggesting they all try to connect and share ideas in the InternatioNouns discord: internatioNouns

Your ideas are very ambitious. Given the lack of response, you may want to consider how you can start smaller and try to prove the concept in a some way to justify larger asks. If you need any help or want to bounce some ideas back and forth, please let me know.

I wish you the best of luck and a Happy New Year!

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Hi thank for your response,

We appreciate your suggestion, and we would like to think about the smaller one. I have joined InternatioNouns discord that I found some good ideas we can learn. For the smaller-scale plan, we will send you back in a week.

Thank you and Happy New Year!


I love this proposal… perhaps it would be far more powerful if it were in support of a base layer movement which doesn’t chase “attention” but builds “care”.

The main concern I have for most international ( and local ) efforts in general is chasing “views” before creating context and meaning.

Takashimaya gets far fewer “eyeballs” than Vincom, but being found there creates more context and cuts through the attention membrane with the public vs fighting the marketing noise found in most “foot traffic” areas.

Do you see any opportunity to have shirts made available at such points of retail and then the above program to be in support of such?

What if this exact program you recommend here was in support of a first effort in points of pop culture which give more meaning found in places which serve as a sort of “breath of fresh air” away from the marketing most are accustomed to seeing… which otherwise sort of “goes in one eye, out the other.” That way, nouns is laying a foundation upon which several activations as you’ve outlined so well here can hold more meaning VS just being “seen”, given being seen and being cared about are two very different things.


Thank you for your feedbacks. The example of the Vincom and Takashimaya is really helpful. It triggers my idea of creating more meaningful activities in the special days in Vietnam. For example, we can wearing Nouns T-shirt and give free flowers to the female workers on the International Women day. (the cleaners on the street, the old one selling lottery… ). To make it effectively and thoughtfully, I would keep your suggestion in mind, while modifying the plan.

By the way, the reason why we want to make the Big Attention, because we can earn the free media. Vietnamese people always share “what they see differently” on their social media and then, catches attention from other public relations. This would save further cost of marketing. Understanding that the important of “being listened, being cared”, we creates the booth near there, to share about Nouns information and invite them to do the volunteer work together with us. By this way, we show our care, Nouns care for Vietnamese, and then, linked Nouns brand with the positive feeling.

Thank you so much for your reply. Are there any cases where a brand new character gained long-term awareness and favor with culture in Vietnam through such a program, or have you had luck running a program like this in the past with other properties based on characters?

Or was there any case in the past where a new fashion label or other previously unknown brand found success through such programs as you outline here.

Is there some benefit you see in taking this route versus growing a character brand in specialty retail over a longer period of time, for example.

Vietnam has a rich retail-based underground pop culture, curious if you believe what you were proposing is a preferred entry to the market versus something like that.
Thank you again.