Small Grants: Nouns Jigsaw Puzzle ⌐◨-◨

Project Overview

Create a Nouns jigsaw puzzle for kids and adults ⌐◨-◨


A high-quality Nouns based jigsaw puzzle for kids and adults. The idea is to tell a creative story about Nouns with every puzzle. With this amount, we will be able to create prototypes and design multiple jigsaw puzzles.

We are thinking of starting with a 100, 250, and 500 pieces puzzle.

Current Idea:

Here are some puzzle ideas inspired by Danny Schlitz. We are thinking of the same ways to make a creative puzzle by making similar designs that are fun and convey a story. Designs that define Nouns Mission.

High-Level Plan

  • Work on making compelling designs that convey a Nouns story. The designs are for prototyping and manufacturing at scale.
  • Design & manufacture the jigsaw box/packaging.
  • Create & manufacture a few designs for testing. Prepare high-level mockups.
  • Determine a storage/distribution facility for packaging and shipping.
  • While prototypes are being designed and built, focus to create a community of nouners interested in acquiring a jigsaw puzzle to solve.
  • Finalize, design and build a crypto-native purchasing process

Tentative Timeline:

April: Work on initial designs for jigsaw puzzles (both for kids and adults) + select a manufacturing company to produce high-quality puzzles

  1. Design and manufacture the prototypes for the puzzle and the box
  2. Create marketing materials + promotion

July: Work on creating a website + collect orders
August: Ship initial puzzles


  • 1.5 eth — Jigsaw Puzzle Design Labor costs
  • 2 eth — Prototyping cost
    • will need to order 3+ different puzzles for each 100, 250, and 500 pieces jigsaw puzzle.
  • 1.5 eth — Website Design + Implementation
  • 1 eth — Marketing
    • to create promotional content like videos, imagery, mockups, etc.

In total, we are requesting 6 ETH through the small grants fund to help kickstart this project.

Project Ethos

  • Nouns are a cultural movement, one of the things that drew us to the Nouns was the open, internet-native ethos of the Creative Commons License.
  • It gives a feeling of happiness and joy. This jigsaw puzzle will bring joy to people once they are able to match all the pieces to reveal a beautiful story. We will create easy for kids (fewer pieces) and difficult puzzles for adults (more pieces).
  • It’s perfect for new people who want to understand Nouns. They can simply solve it and understand Nouns through the design giving them a feeling of accomplishment. We will also be sending a frame with the puzzle to keep it safe and the owner can hang the puzzle on any wall.
  • Future idea- Make a customised puzzle for each Noun holder to unlock a beautiful story of their Noun.