Small Grants: Nouns Interactive Community Map


Scale Nouners in real-life community meet-ups.


Nouns is formed in an attempt to improve the formation of on-chain avatar communities that impacts positively through funding ideas and fostering collaboration. There’s no better way to solidify and enhance this purpose than through in real-life events. As people gather around and have conversations, meaningful connections are formed and their creative potential is unleashed.

We propose the development of an interactive map with token gated access for Nouns and its derivatives. After onboarding, Nouners will be able to chat, share media and interests/ identity on-chain. They will also be able to connect in real life either through organising or finding meet-ups by leveraging on features such as public event discovery, conference portals, fun event planning tools, automated email marketing and social check-in and rewards.

How it will Proliferate Nouns (Examples & Visuals)

Taking Chimpers (an art and lore-based NFT collection consisting of 5,555 pixelated chimp avatars and 100-NFT Genesis Chimpers with 18k ETH worth of partnerships with Paramount & Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles) as an example, we helped them 45x their community meet-ups in just a month — from 2 meet-ups in 10 months, to 9 meet-ups in a month.

How it could potentially look for Nouns


  • Identify all Nouns + derivative projects to include in the token-gated platform
  • Sign off on custom event types + branding for Nouns community events
  • Develop white-labelled platform for Nouns community
  • Produce branded viral marketing video (See Chimpers’ video as example)
  • Work with community to launch and market the platform
  • Coordinate with communities to kick off 10 nouns community events across the world


  • 6 ETH for 1 year of Platform Operations
    • Marketing Spend: 1 ETH
    • Platform Operations + Feature Development/ Improvements: 5 ETH


About Little Atlas

Backed by Balaji S. and Zeneca, Little Atlas is a web3 token-gated meet-up platform that empowers NFT communities and DAOs to become network states by building trust offline and a cryptoeconomy online.

Leveraging contributors to scale in real-life meetups worldwide, we’ve helped communities such as Random Character Collective and Creeps by Overlord increase their in real-life engagements by more than 40x, onboarding 8000+ users in Q1 2023. Most recently, we onboarded ZenAcademy and received an overwhelming support of 1000 members and 11 events planned just in the first week.




  • Nick Tikhonov, Co-Founder & CEO — built novel tools for scaling 20k+ player metaverse experiences; invented best-in-class game distribution infrastructure and Ex-Product Manager at Improbable
  • Victoria Johnston, Co-Founder & CTO — built an AI-powered document organiser acquired by Google Drive; Ex-Senior Software Engineer at Google, Youtube; coordinated infrastructure initiatives at Google Scale
  • Growing team includes but not limited to Full-stack Engineer, Operations Lead and UX/ Designer.