Small Grants: Nouns mobile Drawing App

Hey nouns,

What is the project?

Nouns Drawing App for children (android and iOS). The bigger picture is to create a series of mobile learning games for children and a drawing app is the first one down the road as not only children play these types of games. The ultimate goal is to create a series of educational games for kids

How it will proliferate Nouns?

There are many parents that face the same issue when they give their phones to their kids, ads.
Nouns Drawer is gonna be a game like the good old time (2010) when advertisements weren’t a thing

Another big plus is that children are a great marketing space. We all grew up with cartoons and games like Super Mario, Dragonball, pokemon, or Simpsons. Our childhood is full many memories from this gaming era and imagine now being able to own Bullbasar or Luigi in your 20-30s.

So younger generations are going to carry nouns on their phone, playing a simple game and after 10 years when they gonna encounter nouns again they are gonna be familiar with them. Parents also are getting aware of them.

Last but not least, games will be designed to help kids learn colors, and numbers and not be just time wasters. We also think that there is a huge lack in the kids’ game market at the moment

So main advantages:

  • No ads
  • Youth Engagement
  • Learning Experience
  • Plenty room to work with


We are a team of 4 people, 3 ,game developers and a digital artist
We are going to need around 6-8 weeks to complete the first game (due to other stuff going on at the moment)
We need to create a responsive, minimal, and simple UI, kids-friendly, with 100 assets (100 drawing levels)

Here’s a preview of what we have established already




We would like to ask for a total payment of 10E
We’d need 3E up front and the rest once the game is built and deployed


  • 8E for the team (6 for the game development and 2 for all the asset design)
  • 2E for a year of maintenance (bug fixes, updates, and advertisement)
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  • What is the game here? Like a coloring book? It sort of looked like Picross to me, which would be exciting
  • Im guessing you have app dev experience in the team? What else have you shipped?
  • How does it help proliferate nouns today though? I would love for my daughter to play around w this, but its not really gonna make a dent in nouns proliferation honestly. Can you elaborate on this?

(Btw, 10 ETH is usually low enough to get this funded via Small Grants and avoid the onchain proposal cycle.)

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Hey, krel thanks for the feedback.

  • Yes that’s exactly it. A coloring book game like
  • I have 2 years of experience on android and the rest of the team in game development, Bogdan is working on Ubisoft
  • I think that getting the name of nouns out there next to a nice game with no ads will help people subconsciously identify nouns the next time they dump into them. Plus there is a huge gap in ad-free games and nouns could expand on the game area too. Games on mobile are a huge market and I think it’s a good idea for nouns to be involved with a quality project
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I dont speak for the dao, but i suspect that you’ll have a better chance getting backing if you:

  • disclose actual products/games that you’ve shipped in the past
  • think bigger — start from nouns proliferation (how can it be max successful?) and then build the game on top of that to crack the proliferation puzzle (not the other way around)

sorry for being blunt, but its more efficient for everyone :sweat_smile:


Love this! As a parent of 4 little ones, my kids would play the heck out of this. I think we need to cultivate collabs with projects like this and the alphabet app someone else is working on. If we could do some marketing to parents and build a nounish kid’s brand, there’s plenty of room in that space to grow, especially as more parents enter the Nouns community.

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Thanks for the kind words fren. Definitely needs some marketing, but yes there a huge room to work with