Small Grants: Nouns Cosmetic in Game

TLDR: We need a bit of funds for the final feature of our game. As an appreciation for the Nouns DAO, we will make the Nouns glasses a prominent appearance in our game by making it the only base cosmetic that’s unlocked for everyone, along with the standard fighter skin.

Hi Nouns!

I’m David, the founder of Stumble upon Rumble. Over the past two years, my team and I have been working on an arcade-style fighting game called Stumble upon Rumble. It’s a hyper-social game with gameplay happening in servers of 30+ players, all watching each other fight and chatting with each other. For the older crowd, you may feel a resemblance with the old Zelda and Punch-Out games :slight_smile:

If any of you would like to try our game, send me a DM and I will send you a early access code for the Epic Games Store!

What an average game server will look like, a mix of social and fighting

The economy in the game revolves around Player-to-Player betting, which is completely legal thanks to our skill-based design. It’s also the last feature we still need to finish before we can launch the game. We have already handled most of the logic on the game side, but still need to have an On-Chain betting smart contract made, integrate a wallet SDK, and have it all work together smoothly.

Betting in the game

Unfortunately, we have been stranded without funding. It’s such a shame because we are SO close to launching the game. That’s why we have turned to the Nouns DAO for help.

What’s the benefit to Nouns?

If the Nouns can help us finish and launch our game, we will do our part in spreading Nouns among our players! Currently, we only have the base fighter character unlocked for all new players. If this proposal succeeds, we will make the Nouns glasses the ONLY hat cosmetic that is also unlocked for every player. This means that EVERY new player will only see the Nouns glasses in their hat folder, and will probably choose to wear them. Even players who have bought new cosmetics may still choose to wear the Nouns glasses on top of other character skins. The combinations are endless:

Our own base character wearing the Nouns Glasses, this is what 90% of free players will look like

A Chad Fighter Skin wearing the Nouns Glasses

NeoTokyo Nouns
A Neo Tokyo Community Member wearing the Nouns Glasses

A Zooverse Community Member wearing the Nouns Glasses

Of course, the impact of this depends on the success of the game. But as a Free-to-Play game that is set to launch on Android and iOS, we will probably be able to get more eyes on it than your average AAA game that is only available on high-end PCs.


  • Smart Contract: $4750

  • Wallet SDK: $0

  • CTO hours spent: $2000

  • Game Developer hours spent: $1600

  • ** Total: $8350 / 4.13 ETH**

    • Current ETH price of $2024
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