Small Grants: 24-Hour Nouns Crusade

TL;DR I will do a 24-hour live stream of a Nouns Crusade in the grand strategy role-playing video game Crusader Kings 3. The entire event will be sponsored by Nouns and will feature me attempting to spread the Nouns religion across the entire world.

It started out as a joke. But I think that there is a ton of value in the Nouns community supporting weirder, one-off events that could attract external attention and mix up the brand. A lot of what gets funded is very serious and high ROI (which is great), but maybe we need to test the boundaries of what gets funded. Let’s consider this an experiment.

Also, Noun22 turned the joke into reality.

I will start in the year 867 and consider myself successful if every single county is converted to the Nouns religion by the year 1492. If I am successful, I will start again but with spreading the Nouns culture (much harder). If I am unsuccessful, I start over.
I won’t use game-altering mods or techniques that are counter-intuitive / hacky.
I will use audience feedback to make decisions.
I will market the stream before it happens to try to get as much interest as possible.
The stream will start Friday August 26th around 10am PT and end 24 hours later.
I will spend most of the time discussing Nouns, maybe even bringing guests on to chat while I play.

Funding Breakdown
0.95 ETH - Gaming Computer
0.05 ETH - Red Bull & Meals

As discussed with Noun 22 and confirmed via DM, I will receive 1 ETH after the stream is completed. I am buying a computer for the purpose of this stream (my Mac can’t run the game well enough to stream).

I am super open to all feedback and criticism.

Also, hey I’m Martin!

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can’t wait to see you nounify the world

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by any means necessary

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Hey @mrtn Love this. If you’re looking for guest I’d love to join and talk about out Nouners Pilot coming out soon and help you spread the nounish word!

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This sounds amazing. I can’t wait to see what you (+chat) come up with for the Nounish tenets and holy sites.

lol, this is great

im a videogame freak and happy to come on and chat for a bit if you need help staying awake

Martin do you have a link to the crusade video or a highlights reel?