Small Grants: Nouns Jump - iOS & Android Mobile Game

I’m developing a casual Nouns game for both for the App Store as well as the Google Play Store.


I’d like to create more avenues for people to play with Nouns, and mobile apps have the potential to reach masses. Predicting the popularity of a single app is impossible, but the thought of people, especially those who might have never even visited Opensea or heard of a DAO, encountering Nouns through a cute and fun game is exciting to me.

Current Progress

  • The general framework for the game is built: Functionality for jumping, obstacles, coins, etc. as well as a ‘mint’ function to create & unlock randomly generated Nouns as new playable characters.
  • Created animations for all existing Nouns Glasses for the different states within the game
  • Designed multiple potential App Icons for the game
  • Currently playing around with different features, such as boosts

The Plan

Develop and successfully publish an initial version which is fun, rewarding & free to play. A game in which one is able to progress & which is enjoyable to revisit. Not optimized for screen time, ad views or In-App Purchases (although I’m not completely opposed to tasteful monetization later on). I’m aiming to build & publish that before the end of April!


I am requesting funding of 3 ETH through Small Grants to develop and release the first version of Nouns Jump, to be paid out once the app is published.

About me

I design & create mobile apps! One that is close to heart is the UMA Sticker Pack for iOS Messages, based on UMA, one of the earliest CC0 NFT characters around :slight_smile:

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