Small Grants: Nounish Jewelry

Nounish Jewelry

After several weeks of dwelling on the possibility to extend the collectible value of nouns in the physical realm, I teamed up with my wife and finally decided to give this a try.

But why jewelry?
Precious metals are one of the best ways to preserve art because they can last generations, and this collection is part of a limited run which makes the items highly collectible.

Why Noun heads as pendants?
Since we’re not using colors, the Noun heads are way more recognizable than bodies and are more efficient for the product to adapt in case it needs it (a pendant can be used in a necklace or a bracelet).

Requested Funds: 3.3 ETH (at the current rate of $1,500)
The funds will cover the following:

  • 3D modeling, testing, and iterations: 0.5 Eth (0.1 per head).
  • 3D printing, and post-processing: 0.5 Eth (0.1 per head).
  • Wax 3D printing and clean-up: 0.5 Eth (0.1 per head).
  • Master mold, handling, and storage: 1 Eth (0.2 per head).
  • Final samples (5 heads) made of solid Silver 950: 0.8 Eth.

5 Nouns heads ( ~28 mm² each ) made of sterling silver 950, which will be used as prototypes for this collection, all the necessary tests will be made for these items, to ensure we can deliver a high-quality product worth collecting during the next centuries.

If Small Grants accept the proposal and send the Eth during the next week (Mon 25 to Fri 29), we can schedule the production for these heads starting on Monday, August 1st, because I already reserved a slot for that week. And the production could take around 3 to 4 weeks starting that day.

If this proposal is successful, and the prototypes are good enough (which I think will be), we can make a bigger self-sustained proposal in which we can expand the collection and make the official products available to the public.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this.
Feedback is highly appreciated, have a great day!


cool! let’s do it. excited about you working on a new nounish project!

Yesserrr! let’s do this :saluting_face: