Small Grants: Collectible Recycled Plastic Art Toys


Hello Everyone! I’m a Chicago-based artist with a love for cute character lifestyle brands and toys. I am asking for a small grant of $8,000 to create 100 art toys of one of my characters wearing a pair of Noggles.

The toys will be sold in person at DesignerCon, the largest design/collectible toy convention in North America with 65,000+ attendees.

I believe this is a great way of putting Nouns in front of a large and highly receptive audience. Through this collaborative effort, I believe I can bring lots of attention to not just the Nouns name, but also highlight Nouns’ collaborative culture and appreciation/support of small artists as well as fun, bold, and unique ideas.

Recycled Plastic
I anticipate there will be many challenges when creating collectible toys made from recycled plastic materials as it is very uncommon and not cost-effective. Despite this, I believe there is much significance in pursuing this harder route to create a more eco-friendly plastic toy. However, if it turns out to be too difficult or time/labor intensive to create art toys using recycled plastic, I will go the more conventional route and create the toys out of PVC/vinyl, which is standard for art toys.

Asking for $8,000
Potential Price Breakdown:

  • 3D modeling fee (500)
  • Mold fee (3000)
  • Packaging fee (250)
  • Material cost (1500)
  • Shipping fee (250)
  • Personal labor (500)
  • Miscellaneous/Reserve (2000)

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love this! great idea…would you be interested in exploring opportunities to collaborate and explore distribution/access into the Australian market?

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Hi Agi, thanks for the support! I’m definitely open to any potential opportunities for entering the Australian market! I’m just concerned because as a small artist I don’t have deep pockets, so I’m not sure of the financial feasibility of such a move. If the opportunity arises though I’d be so down


sounds like a plan - did you wanna have a chat via WattsApp? +61478834818 – I’m on AEST let me know…
Definitely think if we can get some support from the nouns community via a grant we can definitely create a movement

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sadly it doesn’t seem like my proposal will get accepted :frowning: I’m unfortunately not able to finance this project out of pocket so if the nouners don’t approve, I can’t make anything. Perhaps in the future!


that’s a shame, seems like a good opportunity…do you know why?

It seems like the community just simply isn’t interested in my proposal, but I hope there will be more exciting opportunities in the future of Nouns! I’m still new to nouns and the crypto/nft space and I came across it almost randomly, but it seems like the community just isn’t as active as it used to be :frowning:

Love the concept.
Unfortunately I share the perspective that the capital investment currently required may exceed expectation, especially if they are being sold. It is unclear where the revenue will go, and how it will be utilized beyond marketing at the conference. There may be a priority on projects with more direct impact, and understanding of who the partner is. I may be on the less educated side of things being unfamiliar with the Dunu fox, but from a relatively outsiders perspective I believe it may be beneficial to express the mission and intent the project your project you are seeking to collaborate with.