[SMALL GRANTS] Nounish FRENS Character IP - Launch of Animated Emoticon Packs

Nounish FRENS Character IP - Launch of Animated Emoticon Packs

Proposed by inuh


Nounish FRENS aims to become a leading character intellectual property (IP) by creating captivating stories and content. We will initially offer digital sticker packs to spread the Nounish love to a general audience. Our lovable characters, including P Jack, Pen Pen, Nine, Totha, Door, YEow, and Genie, will have broad appeal across different age groups. Through creative storytelling, engaging designs, and strategic partnerships, we will establish Nounish FRENS as a prominent player in the character merchandising industry.

In the future, we plan to expand our product offerings to include physical merchandise such as plush toys, apparel, accessories, stationery, home decor, digital stickers, and collectibles. Through licensing, product development, and brand collaborations, we anticipate significant market penetration and long-term success. By leveraging partnerships with reputable manufacturers, retailers, and brands, we aim to extend the reach of Nounish FRENS and establish ourselves as a sought-after character IP. This strategic approach will enable us to capture a larger market share and ensure sustainable growth in the competitive character merchandising industry.


P Jack & Pen Pen


A pack of 23 animated stickers + 4 special platform specific animated sticker (one each per platform).

Introducing Nounish FRENS our first product launch would be a pack of 23 animated stickers + 1 special platform specific animated sticker for the following digital messaging applications: Kakao Talk, Line, Telegram and WeChat. We were inspired by LINE Friends and Kakao Friends’ success and our aim is to create an appealing lineup of lovable characters targeting consumers who appreciate cute, relatable designs. Initially focusing on the Asian market, we plan to expand internationally as our brand grows. By leveraging creative storytelling, strategic partnerships, and engaging designs, we seek to establish ourselves as a leading player in the industry. Our target customers include collectors and enthusiasts, in addition to a wide range of consumers.

According to Kakao, 10 million out of 38 million KakaoTalk users use emoticons in their chats, with an average of two billion emoticons sent each month.

Line claims more than 10 billion stickers – an average of around 31 million stickers a day are sent per country (Taiwan, Thailand, Japan etc.)

Sample Product Mockup


Conceptualization and Character Design:

Research and brainstorming: $500

Character design and development: $4,000

Animation style exploration: $1,000

Animation Production:

Animation production (per emoticon): $300 (estimated cost per emoticon)

Number of emoticons: 24

Total animation production: $7,200

Internal testing and feedback iterations: $1,000

User testing and feedback iterations: $1,500

Packaging and Publishing:

Packaging design and branding: $1,500

Quality Assurance and Testing for publishing: $1000

Feedback iterations for Kakao and Line: $2,000

App integration: $1,000

Marketing materials (banners, promotional graphics): $2,000

Submission fees for digital stores: $500 (estimated)

Legal and Licensing:

Copyright registration: $500

Legal consultation and contracts: $2,000


Contingency fund (10% of total budget): $2,570

Total Estimated Budget: $28,270



Any revenue we are getting from the sales of the emoticon pack on KakaoTalk, LINE and WeChat marketplace will go to our multisig treasury to support promotion and development of new emoticons and merchandise. Telegram will provide the emoticon pack free of charge.

The sales price of the emoticon packages on platforms will be defined by the publishers (KakaoTalk, Line and WeChat on average around 0.1 ~ 0,5 cents per sale)

Thanks for reading - awaiting your feedback!

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