Hello all, I’m Adrienne Gates, founder of Stand Up Art. I’ve produced events including one of the main attractions at a convention called DesignerCon for over 15 years and I think Nouns would benefit from having a presence there in 2022. After being introduced to by Klim (Bigshot Toyworks), and after much research, I found the NounsDAO project to be ambitious and inspiring. Below are more details and I’m more than excited to share ideas, answer questions and get to know everyone here. Thank you for your consideration…

Stand Up Art x Big Shot Toyworks Designercon Booth Proposal

About Designercon
Designercon (Dcon) is a mecca of creators, builders, artists, and tinkerers in all mediums physical and digital, as well as leading creatives in the NFT and web3 spaces. With over 65K in attendance, It’s an event that shapes the future direction of pop culture, and entertainment. What started as a few friends getting together evolved into a curated landscape for the imagination, innovation and collaboration. Dcon attracts a great international mix of artists, designers, creators, investors and dreamers. We think that it is a perfect place to showcase NOUNs and the projects funded by the DAO, onboard potential creative partners, and engage with an audience that is building culture from the ground up.

Designercon is a place where industry insiders expand their connections, and serves as a launching pad for many sucesful brands. We believe this event has many elements that will benefit NOUNs and help introduce the project in a grassroots, personable manner. A booth space at Dcon will help grow the NOUNs’ community by fostering relationships with respected industry insiders.

About Stand Up Art & Bigshot Toyworks
Adrienne Gates and husband David are Stand Up Art. Combined, we have over 30 years experience event planning, organizing, and creating as graphic artists and DJ/producers. David is also a Silicon Valley tech-head working in DNA sequencing. Together we utilize our skillset to provide a customizable event template on which visions can be built. We’re able to curate notable lineups with world famous artists and DJs, and have hosted convention booths, day parties, nightclub events, and fundraisers, including full scale festivals. We vision within our wheelhouse to provide gear, create content including animations/infographics, and apply multi-media aesthetics depending on location, partnerships and theme. Foundationally, we handle event logistics, integrating desired multi-media with an inviting, dynamic atmosphere.

Bigshot Toyworks is an award-winning creative agency focused on the design, development and production of unique characters, experiences, toys and art objects. Their work can be seen in national print and TV advertising campaigns, toy stores, and art galleries around the world. Klim is the Bigshot at Bigshot and has been building and onboarding with the NOUN community since day one.

Designercon Photo Gallery

NOUNs Art At Dcon

• Curated NOUNs Art Related Projects Will be Prominently Displayed Encouraging Onboarding

• Creation of Blank “BASIC” NOUNs Character by Big Shot Toyworks for Artist Collaborations

• Showcase NOUNs Art Collaborations at Dcon & Call To Artists/Creatives for Future Events

NOUNTOWN IRL! A showcase of creativity and imagination…

  • Introduction to NOUNs, NOUN-ish Culture & Projects
    Displays and presentations of funded projects, physical and digital Q&A with builders, NOUNers IRL/URL

  • NOUNs Art Show
    Featuring a collection of commissioned physical and digital artwork from creators

  • Coloring Contest
    Prizes & giveaways, sticker packs, pins, toys and glasses etc.

  • Platform for Sponsors/Partners/Collaborations
    Engage with fans through NOUN branded experiences (Crayola, Crocs. Bliks art supply etc)

  • Collaborate With World Renowned Artists
    NOUNs characters designed by artists at Dcon for meet & greet plus signings

Booth Engagement

  • Digital Displays Showcasing Animations/Art

  • Coloring Pages & Coloring Book

  • Blank Paper Toy NOUNs to Customize

  • Surprise Guest Performances

  • Instagram*able/Immersive Spaces

  • Large Paper Toy Displays (Scalable)

  • Live Art & Attendee Art Station

  • Social Media Building & Engagement

  • Promotion of Future NOUNs Events

  • Augmented Reality/Video Mapping

Press/Media/NOUNs Proliferation <3
Stand Up Art has been featured prominently on the front page of Designercon’s website every year that we have hosted a booth, ensuring millions of views, brand recognition and website click-throughs. Additionally, our talent lineups offer free exposure and promotion via their established social media channels. We are always highlighted on news clips about Dcon, shown in publications like LA Weekly and more. Bigshot Toyworks has been the recipient of designer toy awards and his involvement guarantees coverage by industry related blogs, podcasts and email blasts.

Stand Up Art & Bigshot Toyworks will work closely with NOUNs to create a press kit spotlighting altruistic works and future projects.

The nature of this project is scaleable depending on final vision. Once the Proposal is approved, the booth space will be secured. Once plans for execution are finalized, a budgetary milestone framework can be provided. Detailed outline of estimated costs below are available on request.

  • 31K … Booth

  • 10K … Multimedia

  • 4K … Printing

  • 4K … Talent

  • 14K … Fixed Crew/Booth Total

  • 63K … Minimal Event Estimate (~20 ETH)

Thank you,
Stand Up Art


Hey Adrienne! glad to see you get this up for review. Dcon is the best possible place to engage with builders and creators and I hope that the NOUN community backs your proposal and we can build a fantastic experience together that will onboard thousands of new creators and builders to Nouns. Out of all o f the industry events, Licensing shows, Comic Cons and Toyfairs Dcon is the absolute best place showcase new work and Ideas Hope that everyone can get a good idea of what the show is like by looking at some of the pics here : DesignerCon 2019 | Flickr

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Thanks Klim! I really love what’s being done in web3 and very much appreciate your invite to get involved. I agree, Dcon and Nouns is a perfect match, all things considered.

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Thanks for sharing, this seems really interesting.

Would the pieces made for this show be re-usable at other conventions/events?

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Hi @joshuafisher, thank you. For displays 100%… In fact, by participating at Dcon, I believe audio/visual content and booth decor should be utilized for future Nouns events. We can make scalable displays that disassemble and will be maintainable/transportable quite easily. Blank Nouns characters can be used over and over again for projection mapping and so on.

For custom artist collaborations of Noun characters and other art pieces commissioned, the short answer is yes, Nouns can keep the customs done by well known artists for their collection. The pieces could be auctioned off, used for future events, given to the artists for their own proliferation etc. The goal here would be to create different platforms and share existing projects elevating Nouns into the fine art world as well as cross pollinating with the world of sneakerheads, streetwear, music and beyond…

Existing Nouns projects/products should be showcased and each of those will serve as examples of successful CC0 concepts. Project heads (Nouners) can meet/greet Dcon attendees and explain their plans for their own ideas and proliferation. It would be up to project owners and Nouns to determine if they would like to showcase such items at future Nouns events.

Art pieces & Nouns collaborations for Dcon should definitely be showcased at future Nounish events.

Blank Nounish Rendering Showing Basic Concept For Custom Pieces

Paper display by Stand Up Artist Toygami, scalable, transportable, reusable for future events. These could be done with scalable Nouns characters as well…

Display pieces and the overall scope of the booth will depend on available space (show sells out quick a year in advance) The budget will need to be developed once we have an idea of the space and create a full proposal that would cover a broad range of possible showcases. The current proposal covers the base cost of space crew , materials and equipment for Adrienne and her team to do their magic. We will further define some of the ideas in the next steps once the booth is secured. Standupart will have robust active areas with many cool things to do see and talk about, Bigshot will have a “booth in a booth” where we will showcase our glasses, toys as well as some other items related to NOUNs and create and produce any large reusable display items related to our projects
here is an example of some large solid wood figures we made for the event in 2019

Our booth in 2019:

4’ tall ape derivatives I designed at DCON last year

To be clear this will be a StandupArt show with an area allocated to “NounWorks” where we will have a much more curated focus on projects, giveaways and onboarding. (scope of our display TBD will depend on booth size and budget)

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This idea will 100% bring massive numbers of meaningful eyeballs and minds to nouns, but the booth has to be super simple and bold ( see pic ) , with no curtains and not much product.

Super minimal. I would say, IMO, zero sound ( no DJ ) and no kids attractants.
When building a brand like this, you do not want others to see kids with crayons.

It has to serve as a simple point of education, like nouns X apple store, IMO.
Then this is probably one of the very best in person based proposals so far.
DCON is a culture staple. Experiences there are remembered if they are done right, and much to grow from there.

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Thank you for your input David, I think we have yet to meet in person but I’ve loved your booths at Dcon in years past.

This idea will 100% bring massive numbers of meaningful eyeballs and minds to nouns, but the booth has to be super simple and bold

I agree which is why I tried to make a mockup of a very plain booth concept. The photo of people drawing and our DJ presentations in the past are definitely not the aesthetic that would work for Nouns-related projects. Stand Up Art’s booths are prominently featured by Dcon and media because we bring a crowd but that is not necessary for a successful experience by any means.

It has to serve as a simple point of education, like nouns X apple store, IMO.
Then this is probably one of the very best in person based proposals so far.

I agree 100% and thank you, looking forward to discussing more!

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@joshuafisher @DAVID @9999 Is it possible to get some more concrete feedback or communication on this prop. We are trying to secure a prime space at the convention in order to better plan what we can put in it and how to approach the overall theme. This convention sells out a year in advance and it is nearly impossible to secure a booth so we need to make a commitment soon before there is no more available space and it becomes too late to plan anything substantial.

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