Proposition for feedback: long term nouns engagement with bigshot toyworks


We would like to propose Bigshot Toyworks as a dedicated project design & development partner studio for NOUNs and NOUN partner projects . Under the name NOUNWORKS.


Bigshot would spend a year developing new digital and IRL Nounish project ideas, pitching, quoting and implementing the new projects, producing new collectibles and consumer goods of our own designs, and generally acting as a dedicated advisory and production resource for the Noun community, the DAO, the founders and select third party Nounish project creators who may need top-level assistance with design and development of their concepts.

Our many skill sets include ideation and concept development, product design, 3d sculpture, prototyping, sourcing, manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, B2C (ecommerce) sales, B2B wholesale, trade shows, social media engagement for all of our own IPs and projects, and full product life cycle management from end to end. We would be happy to discuss engagement for any of the above (we have no intention of taking over Nouns official social media).

It should be noted that the 3d files created by Bigshot can be used both to create IRL physical goods AND can be repurposed as either NFTs or as objects and wearables in the Metaverse. Our characters and objects can also be rigged and animated to provide immersive AR and VR experiences.


  • New projects ideation and review / product design / concepts / execution / manufacturing / deployment
  • Use of Bigshot as a braintrust - solutions to creative problems - assistance to Nounish partners & brands that wish to kick off their project ideas but may need help with the nuts & bolts, including concept development, art execution, creative problem solving, sourcing & manufacturing
  • IRL event projects: large scale sculptures, inflatables, event scenics & planning
  • Exploring opportunities thru characters design
  • Linking up Nouns with our existing partners and introductions to our long term entertainment and fashion brand partners/clients
  • Making available time for content review from 3rd parties
  • Connections with other creators and artists, brands like Fanatics , DesignerCon, Crocs & others, putting together proposals and strategy. Pitch and execute possible artist collaborations, toys merch coloring books etc
  • Management of existing physical inventory
  • Managing the online store / ecom presence (not limited to Bigshot products or store but building out a system to assist others as needed, using common and well known technology & systems)


The Klim/Bigshot studio time that covers project management, marketing planning, engagement with new partners and opportunities is still being calculated since this is a 12+ month process that requires constant work by Klim and 4 key team members and consultant/vendors for various tasks executions (as needed) .

Methods of compensation are open for discussion and can be staggered monthly.
Approx 30-40 eth a month over a year covers the cost of dedicated engagement of our team for creative development design asset creation (scope TBD) , allocated in monthly payments


While we are 100% committed to working with the Nouns community, the fact is that consumer products take 9-12 months to deliver. We would have to maintain the retainer / engagement / arrangement for longer than 12 months in order to keep the momentum going past the arrival of the first consumer product on US shores.


What are the DAOs expectations for Bigshot’s engagement? Product development, engagement, advisory role on various relevant projects? Noun proliferation?


Based on our experience and the impact that we have had on the community during the short time here, it is clear that we can bring some of our magic to NOUNS.


How can we trust these guys to do this crazy thing and deliver on this??

We are a small boutique creative agency specializing in the development of amazing characters, brand mascots and toys.We have been making high quality toys collectibles and activations with some of the biggest brands and IPs in the world for over 29 years

Our primary work is here:

In the past we have invented and produced many of our own original projects.

Some of our own IPs can be seen here:

We know that these projects are expensive and take a long time to ship, but we also have nearly a decade of experience running Kickstarters and preorders on projects. We have a really great track record of engagement throughout the process. You can see our 4 past Kickstarters here:

Lil’ Maddie: shipped in 2016 and is currently in development for other media:

Four Horsies of the Pocalypse: shipped in 2017 and is currently in development for other media:

Shi-Shi the Tiny Guardian: shipped in 2019 and is currently in development for other media:

YUNA and Dream Big Friends project created with David Horvath. Kickstarter was not fully funded due to ambitious scope but the project is still very much alive and news could be coming for this holiday season: Dream Big Friends 10-inch Articulated Yuna Doll & Kitty by Bigshot Toyworks — Kickstarter

As you can see from hundreds of updates and happy fans we know what we are doing and hope to bring all of our magic super powers to NOUNs and the NOUNish community.

Current activity on socials to help marketing and proliferation:
Acquired @nounworks twitter, instagram and .eth domains to be used in the promotion of NOUN related projects that we are involved with.
Created unique assets and a shop with goods available at low mark up to assist with proliferation.
Purchased an RTFK studios Space pod and LOOTPOD for a next level shopping experience location. Currently featuring multiple AR enabled 3D glasses and free downloadable content (3D files, ADR filters etc )
Nounish Links | Linktree

Please let me know if you have any questions or thoughts on this so that I can add anything i may have missed and include some potential costs.


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If NOUNWORKS will be creating Nounish Toys AND supporting Nounish creators in making their Nounish dreams actual tangibles I can get behind this!

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The big idea here is that we will be fully engaged to support projects and building with and on ours . Work with the Esports team to make sure that everyone has glasses and gear at events as well as swag, banners hats etc.
Work with the parade float team to make sure that everyone has glasses for their shoots and a full production run of special edition NOggles at the parade to distribute so that the whole float team has a uniform fit. as well as make versions of the parade NOUNS as mini figures and more. This is for us to be basically FT working and growing with the projects as a braintrust and resource

@joshuafisher @9999 @DAVID @4156 would love to get some feedback on this idea since it has been floated a few times prior in conversation.If this is a real opportunity I would love to discuss how best to approach and implement. The outline of deliverables and value in the above proposal is pretty clear but I would love to have a more formal talk if this is really a viable opportunity for us

maybe a good time to bump this up