Nouns Studio 1: 2023 extension

Nouns studio 1 extension 2023:

Since the first extension, David Horvath via nouns studio one has:

Made introductions to and continues ongoing discussions with a top executive and now the CEO/founder of one of the “top two” animation movie studios based in the US: intent is development arrangement for co-production of animated content based on nouns.

Introduction to a well known motion picture director and producer.

Introduction to a leading children’s publishing author and his web team.

Pushed the Sofubi figure project closer to completion, and put together a nouns exhibition at a leading retail space in Shinjuku with the nouns sofubi in collaboration with 12 leading creators based in Japan, which resulted in cementing noun’s position with LOFT in Ginza and being invited to join “pop box”, an exclusive “traveling creator retail promotion” now in it’s 16th year, featured at all LOFT locations in Japan over a 30 month period. The above mentioned exhibition featured nouns accessory products, produced in small quantities in support of the sofubi project’s primary objective, which were well received and will continue.

Delays: Sofubi paint mask factory has seen delays due to covid restrictions, now back on track for paint mask to be ready 1Q 2023, with nouns sofubi hitting LOFT shelves in the Spring.

Proposal for studio 1 extension 2023:

David proposes to extend studio 1 for one full year:

  1. Continue the current conversation with the above mentioned animation studio,
  2. Discussions with an additional leading studio currently expressing interest.
  3. Pursue conversations with studio leads recently moved to new positions at top studios.
  4. In person on the ground in Japan to take efforts from this current extension to next steps, via in person meetings with potential high brand retailers and desired collaboration partners.
  5. In person on the ground in Seoul, to begin a modified version of the studio one approach for Japan, in the Korean market: including a similar collaborative artist exhibition, discussions with potential high brand retailers and desired collaboration partners.
  6. Initiate discussions with leading individuals, executives and firms operating in the character licensing business and consumer products arena. (example: meet with SPC in Seoul to discuss potential collaborations with their brands for the Korean market.)

Compensation: $200,000.00 USD equivalent for one year, start date Jan 4, 2023.


No extra expense for travel between US, Japan and Korea. Expected sofubi expenses:

Paint mask estimate has come in at ¥220,000 (about $1600.00 as of todays exchange rate)

per piece cost for nouns sofubi:

$10 blank, between $18-$30 fully painted, depending on paint applications

I would recommend starting with 50 pieces to go to loft, fully painted in the spring/ summer

So another $1500 usd (depending on exchange rate in the spring) for those first 50

Total amount:

Compensation: $200,000.00 USD equivalent for one year

sofubi mask and first 50 pcs: $3100.00


Info about studio one and myself for those not part of the initial vote for funding:

About David Horvath:

I am co-creator and producer of the Uglydoll brand, based on the best selling specialty plush toy line. Through Uglydoll and my other brands, I have worked with and signed dozens of global licenses resulting in projects with companies such as Coca Cola, Disney, Sony, Random House, Sanrio, Funko, Kidrobot and Hasbro.

Through the twenty years I have spent nurturing my own successful character properties, I have established relationships with many of the top producers and studio executives in the Hollywood system. The Uglydoll film was a project with Illumination Entertainment, lead by Chris Meledandri, before following Universal pictures chief Adam Fogelson to STX, culminating in the film’s theatrical release, with story by filmmaker Robert Rodriguez (Spy Kids, Book of Boba Fett) in 2019.

Produced with Sony Creative, my first animated television show “Littlebony” aired weekday mornings on NHK in Japan. I also co-managed the extensive licensing and consumer products program directly with Sony in Japan.

My second television animation program, on which I serve as executive producer, is based on my Disney picture book series and best selling toy line, Bossy Bear, and is currently in production with Ron Howard’s Imagine Entertainment and will air on Nick Jr in 2023.


potato sound but more on how we work and have built our own brands / plan on proceeding with nouns.
( but don’t miss the above )

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Many character brands run by big corporations are burdened with the need to perform at mass out the gate with very little room or time to spend on the thousands of “micro transactions” it really takes to become one with culture versus just market to it.

unfortunately, it’s increasingly becoming luck of the draw if you have a giant game or film, that a consumer product program would fare as well, even if the source IP is a hit …

We have found much more success in taking our time, creating context and meaning through specific points of retail, and at certain points of contact within pop-culture, so that we are discovered and not purchased, and making connections versus making a sale… but not in some catchphrase kind of way, but for real.

This technique is very hard to execute at the executive, or top managerial level at most companies of any decent size because it requires thousands of seemingly insignificant maneuvers which separately on their own would be deemed to be ultimately inconsequential, and have no measurable effect on an individual basis…
…. But without the need to perform through one’s career, and if you have the time, there are thousands of specific moves, you can make, which would result in having actual genuine impact over decades, if all things go as fast as they possibly can.

One giant white space out there where this can be done is right in the middle of Tokyo, where most incorrectly perceive the market as being “crowded “ when it comes to characters / character based intellectual property.

It’s just the opposite, you just need to know what to do and where to do it… and sometimes who to do it with.

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@DAVID love your work and enjoyed following your journey this year immensely. thank you for the love and care you put into everything. could you share just a bit more about the budget? is the compensation mostly for your time put into nouns studio 1 work?


Thank you for the kind words @noun40 , sure thing.
The 200k usd equivalent for one year ( all of 2023 ) is my previous 6 month rate ( at the time of the 2nd term / first extension , 60 eth was valued at 200K usd.)

Because the sofubi figure paint mask was delayed due to covid and Hollywood “shuts down” from mid November ( in general ), rather than break the time down as " 3 months added to this current extension, 2 months at the end of the extension far less busy due to holidays etc" I decided to set it in simple terms: The same rate I quoted for 6 months last extension, but call it “USD equivalent” as between my 2nd proposal and actual payment, the 60ETH I had asked for dropped from a USD value of 200k to 60k USD.

In other words, this is strictly for my time.

No other major expenses are anticipated other than paint masks ( estimate around $2500 ) and the per piece cost of each fully painted sofubi ( $4 to $8 usd each depending on USD to Yen exchange rate and requested paint apps )

and, if we are successful in setting up an in person show in Korea like the one we held in Japan during this extension, estimate cost around the same ( $5000 to $6000 or so, will submit a proposal for such funds at that time. Very well could occur in 2024. )


While discussions are underway, and more are set for the coming months, I hope to enhance my ability to be of service as my own experience in animation and related business opens wider. Thanks for reviewing my prop for extension, see you on chain.


I felt this was important to share… while 99% of my prop has to do with speaking with the top of Hollywood and getting a meaningful relationship established with those who get it…

I feel this is a big one:


Paint mask estimate has come in at ¥220,000 (about $1600.00 as of todays exchange rate)

Also, per piece cost for nouns sofubi:

$10 blank, between $18-$30 fully painted, depending on paint applications

I would recommend starting with 50 pieces to go to loft, fully painted in the spring/ summer

So another $1500 usd (depending on exchange rate in the spring) for those first 50

updated the proposal for on chain vote to include compensation and $3100.00 USD cost for paint mask and first 50 painted sofubi.
$203,100.00 total.

on chain!

will reply to any questions.

Thank you!

some thoughts on becoming one with culture vs marketing to it, not just as it applies to our own proposal and intentions, but in hopes of offering alternative takes on attempts at proliferation.

Getting attention from people vs being meaningful to the audience

Love what I am seeing here! Great work. Excited to see more of your story unfold. Would be great to get this into the eyes of Hollywood and beyond.

Thank you, and indeed, we are in front of the eyes in Hollywood now, have been ongoing talks since inception, currently narrowed down to top studios in the world, speaking with the CEO of the biggest one, and the people at top who run the others, but will still add on others.

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more info in regards to the approach in Japan, which we have put to the test with much success over the decades, and expect much progress in coming year+

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Awesome! Cant’t wait to see whats delivered!

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Korea to China:

This is not noted in any detail in the proposal, but increasingly looks like I’ll be able to have some meaningful discussions in regards to opening a nouns shop in Korea for the specific purpose of having impact with high end in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong. ( no cost to dao )

If I can pull that off successfully, and it works, and if we can avoid anything which appear as “ marketing” or advertising, in duration, should be able to see that through larger programs in high and department stores mainland. Many variables, but will have a solid feel on how that goes by Mid summer.


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Pardon the potato quality photos,

This was all at no cost,

we opened a very tiny shop in South Korea, in a very specific neighborhood for the purpose of reaching tourism from mainland China and Hong Kong and other surrounding territories.

The store was not opened in a random spot, but selected for its specific location, a default first stop for those new visiting South Korea for the first time or with a great interest in pop culture.

Thanks to the time we spent growing South Korea, we were able to go to high end department stores in mainland China and continue to grow through independent toy culture in Hong Kong, never overdoing it, purposefully scaling back when necessary, going back in with 2025 with Bossy,

I post here with the terrible photos only for the purpose of explaining what I hope to accomplish in a similar way, starting summer,

and we did the above with no cost, no reason why would cost something now .

Pardon the very terrible quality, but if you look carefully, those tiny little windows at the bottom of the department store, those are all our guys.

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