Nouns in San Diego Comicon, onboarding tonnes of artists

The importance of being Nounish


How Nouns took over San Diego

San Diego Comicon, the largest comics convention of its type, is July 19th to the 23rd, 2023. Nouns will have a presence at the Titan Comics booth (as well as a presence through BigShotKlim’s toys), but I wanted to come up with a way that Nouns can actively participate in San Diego, and in fact benefit from it.

A 24 page comic book, titled “The Importance of Being Nounish:” will be created. The purpose of this book is to explain what cc0 is in an entertaining manner, as well as what Nouns are. I see Nouns as creative building blocks, and find that while there are explanations on cc0, I want something that you can hand to someone with no knowledge or interest in Web3, and they will still fundamentally understand the purpose, as well as that of Nouns.

The entire book will be illustrated and lettered, along with musical numbers (featuring cc0 music!), guest stars (cc0 ones!), and a separate page for the reader to draw their Noun. At the end of the comic, we will list a web site, where we will post the entire PDF and PSD of the comic book, to let any reader that goes there to get their building blocks and get started!

At the San Diego Comicon hundreds of thousands of people will walk through the doors. They will seek out Marvel and DC, Sony and Microsoft. None of their obsessions will TRULY connect with them, though. These brands want you to love them from afar, but not touch them. We will practically dare those that show interest at San Diego to enjoy Nouns, but also do what they want with it.

We will print 5,000 copies and give them away at San Diego, to all those interested in reading up on Nouns and cc0.

San Diego will have one of the largest gatherings for artistic professionals in the comics, books, video games and movies space at any one time. We will take some copies (roughly 100), and connect with some of these veterans, getting them to draw a full page piece for Nouns, paying for the commissioned piece (and owning the artwork as a result). The book will stand as a reference for them, as well as a starting point for a discussion on Nouns.

Having these artists interested in Nouns can lead to future projects, but most importantly it can lead to fans of their work discovering Nouns as well. In the way that Bob Burnquist liking Nouns leads to others connecting to the space, if we get work done by Todd McFarlane, Neil Gaimen, or anyone of that type, it can mean their fan base will try out Nouns, as we get them to speak of it and play around in the sandbox in a public manner.

We will have access to these creative people through parties, line ups at the convention, and various side meets. This will be about bringing creators from different mediums together to read about and talk about Nouns. We will be there to ask any questions they might have, even discuss further ways of collaboration in the future!

As an added bonus, all the print files will be online, so should any other Nounish person want to print copies for their convention, gathering, household, etc. they will be able to at any time!

Creative Costs : $30,000 USD
Printing & Shipping : $7,500 USD
Payments to industry artists : $30,000 USD
Payment to person connecting with artists, as well as scanning artwork afterwards : $5,000 USD

Total cost : $72,500 USD

Deadlines will be tight, but completely possible. The proposed timeline is this :

1 week - script
3 weeks - artwork
1 week - printing
1 week - shipping

Assuming the prop passes June 14th, this places us at July 19th delivering the books to the convention. This timeline includes wiggle room for due dates, to ensure that we will be able to hit our mark.

We have been making monthly books for decades, and so have a firm grasp of what is and isn’t possible. We have the creative team assembled, have reached out to the printer and shipper, and have a comprehensive idea of what is and isn’t possible.