Nouns CC0 Story Foundations & Development

Let’s create CC0 Story Bibles and Develop ideas that can be the foundation for future stories and inspire creatives to create their own stories, animations and Nouns content.

When Blockbuster DAO recently proposed creating a Story Bible for Nouns there was hesitancy to fund the project for fear of establishing Canon.

Through a series of conversations with various Nouners there seems to be consensus that rather than fund only BBDAO we want to fund multiple groups to create great CC0 Story Bibles for anyone in the community build off of, fork, animate, draw, etc.

I’ve spoken with BBDAO, Sam Ellis and StudioDAO who have all been following Nouns from the beginning, have great accomplishments and want to pursue this idea.

We will begin the process of creating Nounish characters, story explorations and series ideas that can lead to more and more diverse worlds built around Nouns.

We propose to create a Multi-Sig and start by funding 6 CC0 Story Bibles at ~20E each (120E total) all by accomplished writers. This seems to be a bit above industry standard but takes into consideration the CC0 requirement for this experiment.*

Creative Teams (click names for more info)

  1. BBDAO 1 - Animated Series - Scott Albert & Will Bryan
  2. BBDAO 2 - Feature Film - Van Robichaux & Garfield Lindsay Miller
  3. Sam Ellis - Animated Series
  4. Studio DAO - Mixed Media Noun O’Clock Series
  5. Greidiens / Keenan Thompson Group
  6. TBD Group - will be sent back after 4 weeks if no group appears

A story bible typically contains a cast of characters, some story ideas, maybe a season 1 arch and is delivered in a fully fleshed out document with drawings, text, etc. Some examples can be found below:

Example Story Bibles:

Deliverables: Based on this thread we expect each Bible to include a general world/universe outline, 15-20 Characters w/ illustrations and character descriptions, 10+ story/episode ideas. We expect these to be illustrated and 20+ pages each.

The multi-sig would pay the writers on a schedule of 30% Up Front, 20% Upon Rough Draft, 50% Upon Completion. For this first round we will be focused on writer/creator teams that have high level credits and a history of delivering professional works on time.

SharkDAO Multi-Sig (5/7 signer wallet)

Story Foundation & Development Lead
Jawshua Fisher
I’ve been actively working with the teams, Nouners and Nouncil members on creating this proposal. I want to continue advising and consulting teams and basically providing an oversight over the whole project.

My goals for this project:

  • project oversights - payments, deliverables, DAO updates
  • advising and consulting the creative teams
  • active outreach to writers, animators and producers for consideration
  • phase 2 planning - reaching out to additional teams for production, illustration, animation, etc as well as exploring alternate ideas to create Story Foundations.

I anticipate this project drives a lot interest and this comp will cover other activities that arise such as general Noun advice (I get a lot of questions and offer support for folks looking to get into Nouns or make proposals) and overall Noun Creative support/activity. For this I am proposing a compensation of 6ETH/month for trial period of 3 months.

As a creative manager by trade I have experience helping creatives deliver while holding them to high standards and helping with ideas. I’ve also been here paying close attention since Noun 3 and feel I have a good foundation for many of the fun moments and underlying themes that have been embraced. Finally, I’m a multi-sig signer at SharkDAO and am active in the community.

Legal Fees
I don’t have a legal quote but think we could create a simmple agreement with writers with a great lawyer for 10E or less, the high cost is due to uncertainty about DAO, CC0, etc. We will send back any unused funds. Will also use this fund for reimbursing the set up of the multi-sig.

Total Funding - 148E to Multi-Sig
Creative Teams - 120E
DAO Oversight - 18E
Legal Fees - 10E

*To be clear if a great creator with passion shows up and wants to participate we would condsider them in this group or could support through Small Grants or other mechanisms, we want all creators of all levels to work on Nouns including potentially non-CC0 interpretations.


I have a story concept/characters that would be perfect for this

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Love it! It’s a well written and well conceived project - I think it will be inspiring to see so many different takes on the Nouns story. What common elemtens will connect the various approaches? Where will the all differ? It’s an amazing creative experiment that I’ve never seen anywhere else. Super exciting, and I would be honored to play a small role in it.


The whole BBDAO team loves this idea. We can’t wait to develop stories alongside other amazing writers and see this creative experiment flourish.

Over the last few weeks we have worked with and spoken closely with Joshua and many other folks in the Nouns community, and these conversations have helped shape our work detailed here. Our proposed contribution to this collective project has evolved from our previous proposal into two pieces of this much more exciting, expansive whole. We welcome any feedback or questions; thank you!


Love this and would support. Also happy that you included compensation for your own time as well.