Proposal: Nouns Comic

Nouns Comic

Nouns Comic: TL;DR

Comics are the perfect way to maintain “Memetic Consistency” that is the very base for NounsDAO. Through comics we’re able to share our interest over Nouns and their exciting world over specific events (i.e. Party Nouns) and also log NounsDAO’s history in an amusing comedic way.
Some much-needed adjustments and changes were applied to the original draft after “Nouns Comic #0” was published. Here’s the final version of the Nouns Comic proposal.

Nouns and Storytelling.

In a world where everything changes, humans have maintained one consistent feature and that’s the “art of storytelling”. Storytelling is and has been one of our favorite ways of communication, from cave-drawings and sharing tales of discovering fire to building the metaverse ~ we all want to share stories that we find interesting.

Why Comics?

Nouns Comic are that fun and engaging tool that we can use to share our interest for Nouns and their exciting universe to build upon. It’s a way to keep that memetic consistency that we so desire to maintain inside the Nouns community/universe. An event, if you will, to gather around and enjoy the things happening in the community with a mixture of my wild imaginations about Nouns and how they’d interact with each other.

Nouns Comic you say?

“Nouns Comic #0” is already out and available for the community and all Noun enthusiasts. The full version can be found below.

“Nouns Comic #0” serves as the “WTF? Handbook” which is a meme translation of the Nouns website while introducing different concepts like Noun o’clock, Nouns treasury, Nouns’ art on-chain and… in an amusing comedic way in “internet language”.

Moving forward, all comics will be available for free on the Nouns Comic website/archive to log the history of Nouns Comic. Everyone will have access to both .jpeg and .pdf versions of the comic and they will be accessible for everyone. Also, a very limited number of comics will be minted for collectors that are interested in owning a piece of Nouns Comic history that comes with the animated version of the cover.

Budget and Timeframe

  • 10 days per comic
  • 0.5 ETH per comic
  • Lasting for 3 months (9 issues)

That will bring the total to 4.5ETH for 9 upcoming issues over the span of 3 months (90 days) to be synced with Party Nouns (Nouns ending with 1).


  • The comics will be extended over the 3 months period if agreed upon by both parties ~ details will be discussed in a future proposal.
  • 25% of the initial revenue generated from “special editions” will go back to the NounsDAO treasury.

Proof of Work?

Undead Oracle here ~ Artist and content-creator focused on internet culture and visual storytelling through art. I’ve always been focused on sharing stories and content with others, from drawing comics and sharing them with my peers throughout school to bringing my collection (“The Undead”) to the main-net, I have always focused on storytelling and growing as an artist.

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