Proposal: Noun Poems

Hello Nowners, Nounders and community! I’m a big fan—unfortunately I don’t have a Noun of my very own yet, but I wanted to offer this proposal for discussion, and to invite any owners who support it to consider sponsoring it for an official DAO vote, or support from the retroactive/small projects fund if that is approved.

What: A poem a day, for a month, about each new Noun, minted alongside a picture of the Noun, and sent to that Noun’s new owner after auction settlement.

When: Every day, for thirty days.

What Else: I will also spread the good word of Nouns by sharing each day’s Noun Poem on Twitter and in the project’s channel on the Nouns discord server.

About the poems: Each poem is fourteen or fifteen lines long, and I try to stick to lines of three to four words. They are spare and economical, designed to capture the power and whimsy of the Nouns that are their subject matter. They have internal and external rhymes! Here are a few examples: #12 #22

Poems will come from my Noun Poems collection on OpenSea, and I’ll set resale royalties at 10 percent.

About the poet: I’m Margaret, a traditional and crypto poet and copywriter. You may have seen my work with the etherpoems collective or as the resident bard with Forgotten Runes Wizards Cult. I’m also the resident poet with the Bored Apes Ladies Club. My first print collection of poems, Singing In The Dark Times, will be published by Patrician Press in February 2022. You can find me on Twitter at MargaretLabour, and on Discord I’m PoetryAgainstFascism​:pencil2::notebook::nerd_face:#7948

Why do this? I love these things! Nouns are a delight, and writing about them is a wonderful challenge. Writing about them for a month will, I hope, bring the joy and meaning of Nouns to people that might not have heard much about them.

What next? If the community likes the poems, I’m happy to keep writing them going forward, and to catch up the back catalogue, so every Noun has a poem.

What if an eldritch serpent eats your computer or you get a tummy bug and miss a day? In this unlikely event, I will catch up as soon as I’ve rescued my computer/settled my tummy.

If the proposal is accepted, when will you start? Either at the beginning of the next calendar month, or starting with a Noun with a good number like, say, 70 or 75—whichever the community prefers.

Cost: 3ETH for 30 poems, payable at the beginning of the month. All poem gas and transaction fees will be covered by me.


I wanted to add a few benefits to this project—

  • Each Noun auction winner during the project is entitled, upon request, to a free physical copy of their Noun’s poem, shipped to them. Here’s a picture of a physical I shipped recently.

  • At month’s end I will compile the collected poems into an attractive PDF/paperback chapbook. Each owner for that month’s Nouns will receive an NFT of the chapbook with a DRM-free PDF as an unlockable, and a physical copy of the chapbook will be available to owners upon request, free of charge.

  • Rights—in keeping with the Nouns ethos, I’d of course release my NFT image and poem text under the least restrictive Creative Commons license.

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I think this is a cool proposal and I’m a fan of the poet’s fantastic poem about me (though I may be biased).

Also thinking this might be a good candidate for our Smaller Project proposal, should it get passed.


Agree with @noun22 , we’re already going in this direction and have laid the groundwork for it. Let us get that up and running and we’ll be back at you for this proposal and how best to proceed.

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Just wanted to update - the Small Grants Fund has funded me for the month! BIG thanks to the team and to everyone for their help and feedback


congrats fellow writer!