Proposal: "Retroactive Funding and Small Projects" Pool

tl;dr – Encourage creators (artists and devs) to build with Nouns by having a pool of funds held in a Safe for this purpose. The Safe will be used immediately to recognize existing creators in our community (see Retro Fund Now) while also allowing fast funding of small, one-off, or alpha version projects as they appear.

Past and Fast

While Nouns DAO governance works well for larger projects, the multi-step, on-chain proposal process is not ideal for encouraging small, one-off, or alpha versions of projects/tooling. Despite this, many Nouns community members have added to the ecosystem and it would be great to honor their contribution.

To solve both of these issues, I’d like to propose that a pool of capital (20 ETH plus an amount to retro fund the below creators) be sent to a Nouners controlled Safe. A Safe is much quicker mechanism to coordinate and distribute funds. The funding amounts are tbd by the pool committee (see below), but a suggested range might be in the 0.5-2 ETH range with the aim of

  1. acknowledging, through retroactive funding, past contributions to the Nouns ecosystem
  2. granting funds for the development of small, one-off, or alpha version projects
  3. encouraging building and signalling that retroactive funding is a viable way to build on Nouns

Pool Committee

This proposal asks a small group of Nouners (3-5) to become signers of the Safe that will administer this pool. In doing so, these Nouns commit to monitoring the builder community, retroactively funding previous work as it comes up, and receive informal requests/applications for small project grants. The projects and amounts will be at their discretion, but 0.5-2 ETH range seems to be right. If there are no Nouners who want to take this on, the Nounders have volunteered to help.

Who to Retro Fund Right Now

We proposal the immediate funding of the following creators with amounts to be determined based on feedback:


Love this idea and I believe that it’s a really good way to encourage builders and artist to get on-board without having to propose a β€œbig” project. Which means that the DAO will get to support a wider range of builders more frequently.


I love the idea of rewarding projects or contributions that were meaningful (if small) to the ecosystem despite not being proposals first. If NounsDAO develops the track record and reputation for rewarding these contributions appropriately, it could lead to a lot more contributions and innovation and lessen the burden on the proposal processs.