Proposal: Noogles House v3

[Note: prop updated from previous posts:
1 - Proposal: Build the first IRL Nouns Villa
2 - The Noogles House - The first IRL Nounish building - #13 by fabioseva]

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Build the first Noogles House

Noogles as a concrete symbol of the web3 taking the real world, literally! This would be the first time a crypto/NFT brand has ever translated into the shape of a physical space, and forever be part of Nouns lore.

What I have we done so far in Nouns?

  1. Nouns in Rio proposal with leoclark.eth approved via Prop House kickstarting NounsDAO activities in Brazil
  2. NounsDAO and LilNounsDAO translation into Portuguese
  3. Co-founded a pioneer Nouns fork recognized by Punk4156 and Giancarlo Buy Tokens >>
  4. The very first POAPs for LilNouns

What do we want to do?
Make Nouns take the form of a real-life permanent building: the Noogles House on AirBnB

This is an inaugural venture for web3 history and would draw a lot of attention, paving the way to inspire new ideas around the world. Thus, all design, footage & photos to be added to the Marketing Studio cc0 stock.

Over and above the building buzz, the Noogles House will be the first extension delivering ‘Nouns as a Destination’, being an opportunity to aggregate Nounish creations: Nouns Coffee, Clothes, Coloring books, art… drawing additional attention and meaning to the ecosystem.

We also consider giving back to the community, reserving part of the available dates for Nouns community activities such as meetups, gathering, game streaming or prizes, providing a unique and memorable Nounish brand experience.

Aside from the obvious impact in the NFT market, Brazil tops on #2 source of Defi and #3 in Blockchain gaming activities according to Metamask. It is a huge opportunity to leverage the network effects with this immense community. Read this article: Brazil Has All the Ingredients to Be a Web3 Powerhouse - The Defiant

Cunha, SP, Brazil (Google Maps). A charming mountain region strategically located in the road corridor between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, serving roughly 40 Million people with a road trip. The place receives 100k visitors during its Winter Festival. And also very busy on weekends and holidays the entire year for being a key destination of the Estrada Real (a 1600km route created to transport gold from Brazil during the 17th century). The region is a cultural and adventure tourism hub, pleasing the most diverse interests.

The site:
Our 9-acre site is accessed by a pristine asphalt road, 11 minutes (8km from the city centre). It borders the main tourist venue of the region, and is gifted with the most scenic view and a spring on the land. We currently have 3 wooden cabins on Airbnb, a service house, and ready-to-build locations for 3 more cabins with similar size. The entire development was designed with low environmental impact and run by an experienced team in hospitality. The exact location of the Noogles House can be seen on this video where the tractor is: Noogles House location - YouTube

The Noogles Shed:
The initial concept is to build a 600sqf noogles-shaped modern house on the hill. With top-notch materials, furniture and appliances for up to 4 people. We want to build a world-class physical representation of the Nouns brand. As part of a running business, it will continue in Nounish operation forever while Ethereum lasts (if the contract permits).

Note: These are just for reference purposes, not actual representation of the concept.

When can this become a reality?
New cabins would be built in the predetermined locations for Q1 2023. We have the opportunity to start the Noogles House right away for the same agenda.

Why Nouns should accept this?
The proliferation ROI (return on investment) is comparable to other online & offline initiatives.

The Team:
Executive Production & Chief Nounish Officer: @fabioseva
Owner 1: Hospitality specialist with 30+ years of experience owning a hotel near the place.
Owner 2: FAANG Senior-level Employee
Architecture Firm

Grants request: ~75ETH Total, Sposorship needed
Design & Construction: ~55ETH
Photo & Video Crew documentation of the whole process: ~10ETH
Marketing activities (invites, journalists, PR agencies): ~10ETH

[this is a draft - please share your feedback and ask any questions. Please give your feedback]

Update version. Please give your feedbacks
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Everytime I read noogles, it makes me giggle. I’ve only seen them called noggles round these parts.

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Feedback on your prop.

This is such a wild idea. There are some that are crazy and I just can’t bring myself to support it, but I think I would love to see this happen. I like that the area gets traffic and I’m assuming brings in a good clientele to the area. What I think would make it truly worthwhile would be the documentary. If you can tell a good story, the visuals are obviously there already with the beautiful countryside.

I’d love to see a rough script breakdown because a story with the building of this house juxtaposed with the building of a decentralized future with Nouns throughout could be really incredible. Show me MORE and I’ll be rooting for you!


a documentary sounds very exciting if done right

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That is an amazing idea!

I think this is a landmark project. Do Nounders or Nouners get to stay with a discount??

As I said in V2, I like that idea. Would you build a structure from scratch or would renovate/modify an existing house?

It would be built from scratch

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We can consider this in the quota reserved for the ecosystem. However, it should not be understood as the greatest benefit offered by the project

Will change to Noggles. My fault

Nice Ideia, I know the area, could be a really great place to bring to real world the NounsDAO

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The architect will start working the concept next week.

Meanwhile, I took new pictures of the site

Dope! Also, please fix the name of this to be Noggles House.

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What a stunning place!

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yes definitely will change :wink:

Can you see the white building on the left side? It is a busy brewery, with a rooftop lookout. They will be surprised

Looking forward to seeing the updated prop!

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This proposal looks great! Super cool.