Proposal: Nounify Alexa

Inspired by the amazing alternative client proposals from Nouns Clients prop house, I came up with the idea of creating a voice interface client for Nouns. But when you start thinking about the possibilities, you’ll notice that this is just the beginning… :eyes:

Introducing Noun Assistant, a collection of Nounish skills for virtual assistants.

What could it do?

  • Answer questions about Nouns current auction, proposals, treasury, secondary market, …
  • Provide notifications and reminders for proposals, auction updates, announcements
  • Tell you a daily summary of noun-news when you wake up in the morning.
  • Provide integrations for you to create routines and nounify your other smart devices. :eyes::bulb:

Project details

For now this is just an informal proposal to bring up the idea and gather some initial feedback and suggestions. If you guys like it, I’ll provide a more detailed proposal with a proper roadmap. I plan to start shipping a PoC that supports only Alexa, but the underlying integrations could be used to implement support for other assistants (Google, Siri, …) in further projects.

Who’s building it?

Me, @danizord. 10+ years experienced fullstack developer.

What can I do?

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This is great!!
I use Google Home and love being able to save time (by not looking at a screen) and get the info that I need.

One suggestion:
We have talked about how hard it is to keep up with the discord channels.
So, a very useful tool would be to have a summary of some of them.
Even if just a filter of which posts had more reactions for instance.
And to have that delivered via Alexa would be killer IMHO.

“Alexa, please give me a summary of the Nouns #general channel in the past 24 hours”

All the best!

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Oh man. My kids would use it every single day. Any idea for what your budget would look like? You should really consider this under the new Prop House round that is upcoming!

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Thank you guys for the suggestions! Here’s a prop for the initial proof of concept: Prop House

All feedback is welcome. I’m on Discord as Danizord#0001.

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Awesome! I’ll be watching out for it in Nouncil voting!

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