Proposal: Build the first IRL Nouns Villa

[this is a draft - please share your feedback]

Proposal: finance the construction of the first Nounish building in a tourist region


  1. Make Nouns take the form of a real-life building: the first Nounish villa
  2. Build trust and credibility with the general public
  3. Host events and meetings with holders, supporters, influencers providing a unique and memorable Nounish brand experience.
  4. Create a model venture for future similar ventures around the world
  5. Leverage the paradisiacal setting of the location (see photo), the future venture and the contrast with the Nounish universe to create shareable content that can help attract more public attention
  6. Put the Nouns brand into AirBnb

We already have:
• The Site: we are located in a charming tourist mountain region receiving 100k visitors during the winter season, but also very busy on weekends and holidays the entire year due to the strategic location. The region is famous for its state park, craftsmanship, peaks, waterfalls, food, beer, local producers and scenic landscapes. Our 9-acre site is a close neighbour to the main tourist attraction. We already have 3 cabins on site currently on Airbnb, with enough room for 3 more. The entire development was designed with low environmental impact. There is also a spring on the land.
• The Service: provided by an experience team of hospitality business owners (30+ years)

What we want to make:
• One Nounish Villa/Cabin: A noogles-shaped home in the middle of a mountain! Top-notch construction and appliances. We want to build the most amazing Nouns Brand Experience you can think of
• cc0: the architectural blueprint, BIM files and everything else will be public domain to be used further for IRL or Metaverse developments
• marketing activities with influencers, journalists, PR Agencies (to be defined)
• high quality content sharing: from concept, construction, grand opening and ongoing visitors (sketches, blueprints, renderings, 3d models, drone shots, professional photography, movies, etc)

Grants request: ~75ETH Total
Building (~600sqf): ~55ETH
Marketing activities: ~10ETH
High Quality Content Creation: ~10ETH

Other considerations:
• Use the place as a showroom or point of sale for other Nounish products
• Share a small stake of the revenue for a limited period of time

[this is a draft - please share your feedback and ask any questions. Since there is already a business in operation and there is strategic information involved, additional details of the location and development will only be revealed in the proposal. Please feel free to contact me to request a more detailed presentation.]

Finally: this is your view when you’ll wake up at the Nouns Villa


Can we see a budget breakdown? What are the chances this will cost like 2-3x your initial estimate?

Can you generate revenue that flows back to the dao?

More details on everything please :pray:

A VERY ROUGH breakdown would look like this:
Building (~600sqf): ~55ETH
Marketing activities: influencers, journalists, PR Agency, etc ~10ETH
cc0 High Quality Content Creation: sketches, blueprints, renderings, 3d models, drone shots, professional photography, after movies, etc ~10ETH

Still early to say it will cover everything because of volatility. On today’s price it will.

With this budget we aren’t planning any revenue flow back to the DAO.

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