The Noogles House - The first IRL Nounish building

[prop updated from Proposal: Build the first IRL Nouns Villa]
[this is still a draft - please share your feedback]

Proposal: finance the construction of the first Noogles building in a tourist region


  1. Make Nouns take the form of a real-life permanent building: the Noogles Shed
  2. Build trust and credibility with the general public by making Nouns enter the traditional real state market.
  3. Host events and meetings with holders, supporters, influencers, providing a unique and memorable Nounish brand experience.
  4. Pave the way for future similar ventures around the world with a fully cc0 design.
  5. Put the Nouns brand on AirBnb


Cunha, SP, Brazil (
A charming mountain region receiving 100k visitors during the winter festival. Also, very busy on weekends and holidays the entire year due to the strategic location in between São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Paraty, and for being a key destination of the Estrada Real (a 1600km route created to transport gold from Brazil during the 17th century). The region is a cultural and adventure tourism hub, pleasing the most diverse interests.

The site:
Our 9-acre site is accessed by a perfect asphalt road, 11 minutes (8km from the city centre). It borders the main tourist venue of the region, and is gifted with the most scenic view and a spring on the land. We currently have 3 wooden cabins on site currently on Airbnb, a service house, and enough room for 3 more cabins/sheds. The entire development was designed with low environmental impact and run by an experience team in hospitality (30+ years).

The Noogles Shed:
The objective is to build a 600sqf world-class noogles-shaped modern shed on the hill. With top-notch construction, furniture and appliances for up to 4 people. We want to build the most amazing physical Nouns Brand Experience to date.

Spreading the Nouns Universe:
Aside from the visibility brought by a Noogles-shaped building in the middle of the mountain born from the web3 space, we want to make some additional noise by introducing the Nounish Universe on the media with the help from influencers, journalists and PR agencies. Partnerships with other Nounish merchs are also welcome (i.e. Nouns Coffee, Nounsvision…)

Public Domain Design and Documentation:
In order to contribute to the spread of new Nounish ventures in the real world or in the metaverse, the entire design will be on public domain (cc0). That means sketches, Floorplans, BIM files, Renderings, 3D Models, Interior Design, drone shots, making of, professional photography and videos and everything else will be available to the general public for use and display with no restrictions.

The Team:
Executive Production: @fabioseva (LilNoun#125)
Business Owner with 30+ years of experience in hospitality and construction
Business Owner (FAANG Employee)

Grants request: ~75ETH Total
Building: ~55ETH
Marketing activities: ~10ETH
Content Creation: ~10ETH

Sponsorship needed.

[this is a draft - please share your feedback and ask any questions. Please feel free to contact me to request a more detailed presentation.]

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@krel @toadyhawk @Sam @Coralorca @Evil Here is the updated prop for the Nouns Villa


Video of the site before the construction of wooden cabins: Noogles Shed location - YouTube

The Noogles Shed will be on the exact place the tractor is working on.

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I think that this is a pretty interesting idea. I would suggest that you ask for small grants to fund a design exploration of the structure first so that it is clear what is being built. I would consider that it may be a good viable idea to design a structure for this site that can be replicated on any site around the world so that the same iconic structures can be put in various exotic locations? I can see this being something significant if this was an attractive, low cost high quality structure that can be placed anywhere

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I did the sketch myself :slight_smile: gonna prop the small grant idea to fund the design.

Primarily, we are looking for Nounish proportions. Full replication is secondary for this particular shed as location is ready and manpower/supplier limitations, but it is certainly an item considered in the project requirements.


Here in the US a shed is a small structure to do some light gardening or store tools in so the name itself is not be as welcoming. Perhaps a Nounish Dwelling or something else clever? I think the idea has potential bu tneeds to be explored in forms of models and design elevation drawings. This could be an amazing structure made out of 2 shipping containers or one cut in half, Cant wait to see your ideas

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Good point. In the end we dont want be perceived as a “shed”, neither a “container”. More of modern tiny house that fits into the development concept. I attached some images sent by the owner. What would you call these?

Mountain Retreat?

these images and a name change totally transform the proposal in my opinion. Using this as a basis you can evolve the idea from a small grant to something bigger. and maybe make the plans CC0 so that other builders around the world can use them.


Architect with 12 years of XP here, worked for F.Ghery, Z.Hadid, and Norman Foster.
Yeah I love the topic and agree with Klim that :

  • Needs to be modular and replicable in different locations (although also should fit each site in regards to materials and construction methods)
  • Plans should be CCO.
  • the concept is interesting if we create a network of villas/retreats around the world.

The downside or me is the location is a 4h drive from Rio and 3h from Sao Paulo. I feel like the retreat would benefit being closer to an airport, and in general closer to a small city/crypto hub.

Nevertheless it is an interesting idea. I think there might be a few of us interested in this topic, so we should organize a working group about Nouns retreat/villas. I think its such a good idea in general that we really want to take our time and do it right. As Balaji said “cloud first, land last”.

As a general inspiration, I feel like Eames and the case study houses of LA are nounish.


Thanks for the input.

The location is fine for Brazilian distances, and the access roads are pristine. Not a big deal for most of us here. Rodovia Presidente Dutra (the most important road transport corridor in Brazil) provides direct access of 40 Million people from greater São Paulo and greater Rio de Janeiro. The overall reach would be probably larger than most crypto hubs, with a very few exceptions.

Add some marketing activities to it and increase the reach:

  • crypto influencers talking about Nouns
  • travel influencers talking about NFTs (and Nouns)
  • real state influencers talking about crypto (and Nouns)
  • everyone creating free content
  • temporary residence for artists of all kinds
    and the list goes on and on

Don’t get me wrong. The idea here is not making a business for the DAO, or a larger global network, yet. New cabins will be built in the predetermined locations anyway. We have the opportunity, tho, to experiment with the Nounish look & experience and make Nouns a destination.

Will it pave the way for a future network of Nounish retreats around the globe (similar to CabinDAO)? I guess it’s already doing it. And I love your proposal to initiate the discussion.


We have been discussing something like this for a few years here in Asheville NC now with NOUNS we also have @Aubtoshi and @FOODNOUNS here in town so I think we may all be on to something

Ah yes, a stray CAT roaming the barren lands , this is amazing hahaha

Another important information that might be missing for most of us.

Brazil is top 3 in Defi and Gaming according to metamask.